• ~Tory~

    A kid of seventeen or eighteen with copper red hair ran past me, before he could get away from me I pulled him to stop by yanking his arm. He looked at me with his mouth open, about ready to mouth off to the person who dared stop him. Seeing me, he thought better of it but his grey eyes widened; in fear I don’t know.
    At least I know I was scary to the younger kids around here, I thought to myself.
    “What’s happening?” I asked, nodding to the running people.
    “NightDust are invading, they’ve actually broken through the front gate,” he answered robotically.
    It confirmed my worst nightmares, dread coursed through my veins making me felt light headed.
    “What? How?!” I shook my head. “Never mind just take me to the main control room.”
    “Yes ma’am,” he said then rushed off down the hall.
    I followed, twisting and turning after him through the masses of people and boxes lining the hallway. The boxes were filled with weapons, more weapons than I had seen in my life; I had never seen so many different ones and hell, some of them I didn’t even know what they were.
    We stopped, or he stopped suddenly and me barely stopping from colliding with him, at a door that was automatically opening for people.
    “Here, in there,” he said pointing to the doors.
    “Thanks,” I said as he scampered off somewhere.
    The doors slid open as I stepped up to them, inside was chaos with people everywhere, people talking a million miles a minute and people loading up for battle.
    I spotted Gabby in full battle gear; black everything with a gun on each side of her hips and knives tapped to her thighs, at one of the computer screens and walked to her.
    “What’s happening out there Gab’s?” I asked at her back.
    “Hell, hell is what’s happening out there,” she said back in a grim voice.
    “Let me see,” I demanded leaning my hands on the desk she was at.
    She touched the screen and the outside cameras came up, she was right about it being hell out there. I saw blood fly, bullets being let off left, right and centre and powers being used to the max. But it didn’t look like we were getting the upper hand.
    “Gab’s, we need back up now,” Seth said over an earpiece.
    “We have no one left, I’ve already called for more and they said they’ll be here as fast as they can,” she said into a microphone.
    “s**t! That’s not good enough, we’re getting killed out here and we need more people!” Seth’s voice was on the verge of panic.
    Gabby went to press the mic button and I pushed away from the desk. “I’m going out there.”
    She looked up at me. “No, Tor it's too dangerous.”
    I waved a hand at her. “Don’t worry about me, and just get more back up out there.”
    I ran out of the control room before I could hear her answer to my command, as I went past a box I grabbed a gun and holster, trying to put that on and running at the same time was the hardest thing I have done.
    Dodging people that had stopped or coming the other way, and weaving around boxes I finally got to the main door. They were wide open, as if there was no barrier for people to get in or out of the building. I couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing but my mind switched as I saw the outside.
    It was worse than I had thought, the camera I had looked at didn’t show the man slaughter that was happening and I hadn’t seen the amount of dead, lifeless bodies lying around out here.
    I lost track of where I was walking, ended up going down the stairs somehow, my mind lost in the slaughter that was happening around me. When my eyes refocused, I was at the fountain in the middle of the court yard. One question was stuck in my head: Why?
    In the back of my head, I heard a gun go off but didn’t register where it came from or who it was aiming for.
    ‘Move!’ the wolf shouted inside my head.
    Then I felt and heard it, the bullet that was about to hit me.
    I skipped backwards as another was set off. I flipped my body backwards, my hands touched the stoned ground of the yard as the bullet whizzed past my legs just as they came down on the other side.
    I landed in a crouch, staring in the direction the bullets had come from which was covered by smoke of an explosion that I, again, didn’t notice. Fine, if they really wanted to play like this than they were in for it.
    The wolf appeared at my side, flames alit, full with colour and I could actually feel the heat coming off of them. It knew that we were going to have some fun with these monsters.
    ‘Time to play fire user.’ For once I thought the wolf was right.
    I smiled as the fire shot through my veins, my eyes started to turn red on their own and heat was coming off of the palms of my hands; also smoking a bit.
    “Here we come,” I said quietly and dangerously.
    Smoke swirled around me in a vortex and low lying fog, giving me cover for my attacks. Dodging to the left, I let the ball that had formed in my hand fly. A scream rang out along with the gun shot noises, and then a sizzling sound of flesh burning was in the air. It was like all time stopped when they noticed the sound then it all started at once again.
    But this time the bullets were sent my way, dozens of bullets just heading towards me.
    My shield came up, the bullets hit it then dropped on the ground with a tinkling sound and I smacked my hands on the earth. A stream of fire went in the direction of the NightDust people, separating into four different lines at the last moment. The sound of multiple screams was like music to my ears, it actually made me feel better.
    I knew then that I was letting the fire control me a little too much, next to me the wolf was crouched and let out a growl. Someone moved to my right and swiped forward towards me; I skipped back out of striking distance and reached for the dagger at my thigh.