• Vaan Void, a short story I just thought up.


    “AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHH! GET AWAY!!!” The gun fired, death flourished, more screams, more death………

    “Frail! Frail! Wake up Frail, your dreaming again!” The screaming stopped, and I awoke to a boy with snot lodged up his nose staring at me with me concern.
    “It’s all right Alacrow, it was just THE dream.”
    “Oh, b-b-but that was two years ago, and you should just forget it, it-it’s just stupid to cry about it.”
    “Just go out and play and leave me alone right now”
    “Whatever MOTHER!” He said as he stormed out the house, sure it was childish, but who could blame him with a past like ours.

    Two Years Ago

    “Gosh! Mom’s really going to marry that dirty looking man”, I thought as I sat by the window inside our rundown house. I probably spent the next forty minutes picking at my toes when a car pulled in that looked as if a king owned it. My mom’s fiancé came out of his car with a kid about four years younger than me, he had dark hair and a face that said awkward.
    Knock! Knock! “Frail, come downstairs and greet your step dad and your step brother!” My mother called for me. Sighing, I got up from the bed to greet my family.
    I went out my room and started to go down the stairs…..when something whispered, “Cleanse”. I stopped to look around me. I shrugged it off and went to greet my family.
    When I came down the stairs, The dirty man was waiting for me, “Hello, my name is Mayjay Williams, and this is my son Alacrow Williams, and yours is…..?”
    “Frail, Frail Valentine.” I told him as a moved next to my mother.
    “Well Blair(my mother’s name), how about we go to the living room?” He said as he grabbed hold of my mother’s waist.
    My mother turns towards me smiling, “While we are in the living room talking, how about you get to know your new brother, and make sure you are nice.” After that the happy couple went into the living room laughing and holding each and another. Yuck!
    I turn to my brother to say, “You want to go see my room?”
    “Umm, sure.” Great he is awkward.
    “Well come on!” I said as I started to run up the stairs.
    He followed me up the stairs slowly as if he was uncomfortable then stopped at my room’s door. He tapped on his fingers lightly. “You never been in a girls room before have you?” I asked as he shook his head no. “Well come on, we’ve brother and sister now.” I said grabbing him by the arm and pulling him into my room.
    His face lit up when he saw all of the drawings in my room, “Wow, these drawings are cool, Did you draw them?”
    I look up and smile, “Thanks, I draw almost every day.”
    “Well your like a god at it.” He yelled. After he said that we just stood there having a awkward silence when he finally broke it.
    “Hey.” He asked me.
    “What?” I asked.
    “Where did you get that necklace, it looks like it’s worth millions!”
    I looked down at my necklace, it had a bright red ruby in it. My dad used to say I was like this necklace, bright red because of my harsh but caring personality, and a ruby because I am beautiful. Hey he used to tell me that all the time, when he was drunk, “Yeah, it’s cool huh, my dad gave it to me before he died……?”
    “You lost your dad? How?”
    “He was in a car accident.”
    “Really, my mom died in a car accident too.”
    We look up at each an another seeing each an’ other’s pain. Then my mom screams, “Kids, go to sleep!”
    I look up at Alacrow then point towards my bed to say, “You sleep on my bed.”
    “What, but its only 8’oclock.”
    I look at him, “Hello, a couple who wants to be alone during the night, why you think they want us to go to bed?”
    “What does that mean?” He asked totally clueless.
    “Never mind.” I told him, forgetting that he is only eight and he hasn’t had the talk yet, I got a piece of paper and sat down on the floor next to my lamp table to draw.
    As he climbed in my bed, he asked, “You’re not going to bed?”
    “No.” I said, too busy drawing to look at him.
    “Alright.” He said, and two minutes later he was snoring away with my dolphin blanket.
    I don’t know why but I drew people crying as a monster killed them while laughing. Then I zoomed out…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    While we were sleeping and mom and DAD were kissing:

    “This is a emergency news flash, a mass prison break occurred right now causing mass mobs of inmates to escape. Please remain indoors and to make sure you have locked all doors. These prisoners are considered dangerous and will kill without mercy, please remain indoors…….”

    My eyes opened to total darkness, guess I feel asleep. I was on the ground, so I pulled out my phone out to see what time it is, 2o’clock in the morning. Great, now that I’ am awake, I won’t be able to go back to sleep.
    Come to think of it, I never wake up on my own, I would hear something then wake up, and if that’s true then what woke me up?
    Bang! “What the hell are you doing? Be quiet!” A whisper was heard from the living room where mom and DAD were, but I didn’t recognize the voice…..Bang! A gun was fired, death flourished, more screams, more death and then the world ended.

    The End of the World

    “AAAAAGGGGGHHHH!!!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!!!” My mom screamed after the gun was fired. I stood in fear not knowing what was happening when a shadow rushed passed me, and ran down the stairs. It was Alacrow! I ran on after him.
    He was hiding behind a wall looking at two men dressed with orange jump suits, convicts. One had my mother pinned down on the living room couch while the other had a gun standing over…..Alacrow’s dad. He wasn’t moving, he was dead, unmoving like water. I noticed that Alacrow was about to leap in front of the convicts, so I grabbed him, then clasped my hand over his mouth. I looked up to see my mother, we caught each another eyes. She shook her head for me to stay and her eyes said good-bye. Then the world ended.
    I watched as the two convicts took turns raping her, they laughed, and my mother screamed. When they were done they shot her in the head, my mother, my caretaker was dead, the one I loved was dead just like that. It pissed me off that I couldn’t do nothing, and now I have no one nor does Alacrow who was trying to wiggle out of my hands, his tears falling down on my hands. The convicts left for the kitchen while I took the chance to sneak out the door outside.
    I turned to Alacrow, “Stay here.” I told him.
    “Were are you going?” He asked through tears.
    I turn to leave and he started to follow to me so I turned around, “Stay here, NOW!” This time he stayed. I walked back to the living room where the dead awaited. The convicts left the gun by my mother, so I went over get it. I picked it up then looked at my mother, closed her eyes and breathed, “Good-bye.” I said as a single tear left my face, falling down on her lifeless one. I then turned and went into the kitchen to face the demons.
    I don’t need to tell you what happened, I put away the gun inside my pocket after it was done. I walked back to where Alacrow was. I guess his moment of bravery was over because he was crying all over the place leaving a pool.
    Y-Y-You killed them didn’t you, I heard the shots.” He said as he wiped away his tears.
    “Yeah, but we need to leave, we can’t stay here.” I said calmly even after all that happened.
    He looked up at me, “Wait, but we….”
    “IT DOSEN’T MATTER! I’ AM NOT STAYING HERE, BUT IF YOU WANT TO, THEN BYE!” I yelled as I walked away. As I left I heard footsteps following me.


    We were street urchins for about two weeks after the EVENT, you know, stealing food, and criminal acts such as that. Alacrow and I were in the marketplace about to do our plan.
    “You know the plan right?” I asked.
    “Of course I do, watch this and be impressed!” He said as he ran on ahead to the bakers stall outside. Alacrow had lost all his awkwardness and was now a little snot nosed boy with lots of courage.
    He walked up to the baker and said, “Hey ya mister, I see that a lovely lady is checking you out.”
    “Really!” The baker said as he turned around. While his back was turned Alacrow snuck a bread then started to run back to me.
    “I don’t see a…..Why you, get back here kid!” The baker screamed as he picked up a knife and started to chase after Alacrow. Usually he outruns all the shop owners, but this time he tripped.
    “Got you now!” The baker said as he raised his knife over Alacrow.
    “Frail, Help me!”
    “It’s alright crybaby.” I said as I pointed the gun at the baker, He froze and dropped the knife. “Alacrow, pick up the bread and let’s leave.” Alacrow reached for the bread when a lady, middle aged, put her feet on his hand stopping him.
    “I think not, child, Drop that gun!” I don’t know why but I dropped the gun. It was the way she said it that made me, like she was of authority but had a caring persona.
    “Where are your parents?” She asked with a voice of authority.
    “They’re dead.” I told her.
    “Then that is why you are stealing not, Well then come with me to my orphanage where you can be taken care of.”
    Alacrow and I, “Really!”
    “Wait, hold on, what about my bread, They stole it, and now it’s on the ground ruined!” The baker shouted.
    “I’ll pay for that, Children, come.” That was it, we were saved.

    Two Years Later

    It’s been two years since the EVENT, Alacrow and I are now brother and sister, me fourteen and Alacrow ten. I got up from my bed to see where Alacrow went off too after my nightmare when Nana came in.(The one who took us in)
    “So this is where you’ve been child, Go eat breakfast with the other children.”
    “Yes, Nana.” I told her as she left the room. I made my way to the cafeteria where all us orphans gather around like ants to eat food. I walk around trying to see Alacrow, and of course he’s sitting with the girl he likes, Jessica. Humpf, What girl in her right mind would date a nose picker like him? I sat beside him putting my head down to sleep. Well, I didn’t really sleep, How could anyone sleep hearing is stupid pickup lines? This is what I had to listen to:
    Number Uno: “You’re so pretty, I could eat you!”
    Number Two: “I am having a heart attack: a heart attack of love!”
    Number Three: “I bet movie producers are trying to find you!”
    Number Four: “You are the definition of beauty!”
    And the best one: “You are so pretty, You make me have to go to the bathroom!”
    Right before I died from his stupid pickup lines, the caretakers of the orphanage came in and assigned everyone’s job for today. Unfortunately, Alacrow and I got the worst one: rake the leaves, which takes about six hours to complete.
    “Oh, man, Well, bye beautiful Jessica(by the way I rolled my eyes), I’ll see you soon.” Alacrow said as he and I left for the yard to rake the leaves.
    It turned out that the job only lasted about five hours instead of six, plus it was time for dinner. We sat down under the tree that caused all the back breaking work to rest.
    “Hey Frail, I never asked you about you dad huh? Well, how was he like?” He asked.
    “Humpf, he was a total drunk, a total drunk, he would come home scream and argue with my mom. The thing is, he never once hit my mother or me, we both knew he loved us, but he just had problems. Then he killed that woman and himself in that car accident….”
    Alacrow stayed silent for a while, then asked me, “When was the accident.”
    “Umm, about August 21, Why you ask?”
    “Cause a drunk driver killed my mom on August 21.”
    I took me a minute to sink in what he said, but then I understood, “I’ am so sorry…..”
    He stopped me, “Forget it.” He turned and left.

    The Cleanser

    After a little bit of emotional thinking, I went to go look for Alacrow. I started to look around the classes, then tried the cafeteria where I found Jessica talking with on of her friends.
    “Hey Jessica, have you seen Alacrow anywhere?” I asked her.
    She turns towards me to say, “Not since lunch.”
    “Damn, where is he?” I said as I left walking down the cafeteria hall. As I walked down the hall I heard, “Cleanse” well whatever, I have to find Alacrow.
    While looking for him:

    A orb of light floated in Alacrow’s room where he was sleeping due to sadness. Then a tiny voice asked, “Is he the one? Hmm, yes he is.” That’s when Nana walked in and screamed.

    Back to me:

    “AAAAGGGGGGHHHH!!!” I turn and run towards the scream without hesitation. As I sprint down the hall I realized that it was coming from Alacrow’s room. I open it to see Nana being pulled by some black portal. “HELP ME!” She screamed.
    “I’ am not losing no one else!” I screamed as I grab hold of her arm, the portal pulling me in with her.

    I woke up thinking that where ever I was, it was dream. It was a dark place filled with pillars or cords that ran around in spirals on the ceiling to the floor. I look up to see a giant mouth on the ceiling. It was motion-less, its mouth open showing big white teeth with a big dark purple tongue. It looked like something from nightmares. I look up to see a orb of light come towards me. A light flashes, blinding me and my-my…..
    “M-Mom? What are you doing here? What is this place? Where is Nana? Why are you alive….?” She put her fingers to her lips gesturing to be silent. She turned around and lifted her fingers telling me to follow. The thing is she looked like my mom, but she had a angelic glow about her. I get up to follow her.
    We walked till we came to a clearing were a bright light shone in the darkness were I saw someone lying motionless in the middle of it. It was Nana, and she was dead.
    “Nana!” I yelled running to her. Right before I got to her, the floor beneath her opened up and swallowed her whole. “Nana!!! Mom, what the hell is happening?” She just stood there, smiling. “MOM!”
    After I said that, I heard a loud noise that sounding like someone was going to spit something out. I looked up to see the giant mouth throw someone up. The body fell from the mouth all the way to ground less than five feet form me. I stared at it horrified. Then it got up, and it was Alacrow. He stood in a way where I could only see half his face. He looked at me, the shadows hiding his other part of his face, he too was smiling.
    He lifted up his hands and clapped, then my mother screamed, screamed like she had when she was raped and killed. The scream filled me with so much fear it made me go to my knees. I watched as she turned into a skeleton then into dust.
    “What the hell did you do to her, Alacrow?!” I scream at him.
    “I’ am not Alacrow. I’ am The Cleanser, Frail Valentine.” He turned his head for me to see a hideous face covering half Alacrow’s face, it looked like a demon. “I have been waiting a long time to meet you, Frail.”
    I interrupt him, “What are you doing to him!”
    “I’ am simply possessing him. You see, I need your help.” It said, its voice dreadful.
    “Just leave him alone.” I said.
    “Hmm, I think we can work a deal. You help me and he’ll live.” It smiled even more after it said that.
    “Fine, what do you want?” I replied feeling fear clench my heart.
    “You see, humans have corrupted the world so much that its about time they get disposed of. You see, they are about five people born into the world who are pure, pure meaning that they have special powers that I need to wipe out the human race. You are one of these pure ones. Not only are you a pure one, but you are the only one left. I have took all the others powers and with yours I’ll be able to bring about justice. You see I am The Cleanser because I am like a water filter, I take what is good such as the pure ones, then take all that is bad out meaning all of the human. Sure you’ll die when I take your power, but it will be for justice. You see the car accident, your mother being killed, and you coming to the orphanage all happened just so we could meet. So I could use your power to bring about a world of peace and justice.” He looked at me, awaiting my answer.
    I clench my fists, “You kill my family, take everything I love away from me, and you call that JUSTICE!!!!!!!!”
    The demon sighed, “A little sacrifice is needed sometimes for a better outcome.”
    “You’re wrong, and I won’t give you my power!” I said erasing my fear and standing up to it.
    “HaHaHa, you are the first person to resist, well this is too important. I guess I’ll just have to kill you.” The demon crawled out of my brothers mouth causing him to collapse on the floor unconscious. The demon’s true form was horrifying and in a split second it ran up to me grabbing me by the throat, picking me up. “HaHaHa, you can’t do nothing so stop moving and die.”
    screamed, and my dad’s ruby necklace lit up showing a powerful light.
    “What your power, but how…..!” The demon said letting go of me and stepping back showing fear in its eyes.
    My necklace turned into a pistol, a gun. It looked like the one the convicts had and the side of it, it said pure. I pointed the gun at the demon…
    “You think I was going to let you use your power?” The demon said to me. Blood seeped down from my mouths as I look down to see a demonic knife stuck in my stomach. I fall down feeling death creep on me. Is this it am I dead? The demon laughed as I felt something leave me, when…..
    Alacrow jumps on the demon yelling, “LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!” They started to yell and fight, struggling.
    Get up.
    Get up.
    You get up.
    You pull the knife.
    You heal your wounds…
    Don’t run…..
    You don’t run away…
    You don’t un away…
    You don’t hide.
    You don’t wait to be saved…
    You stand up.
    You patch your wounds.
    You stand up…..
    …You turn around…and you look at who you are.
    “Get off of me….” The demon yelled as he threw down Alacrow about to kill him. He stopped and looked at me.
    I pointed the gun at him.
    “Wait a minute….think about it, you can cause peace, why would you want to save the humans anyways, look what they did to your mother….”
    I stopped him, “No one should go through the pain I went through, and killing you is JUSTICE!!!!”
    The gun fired, but this time there death did not flourish and the screams were gone.

    Ten Days Later

    Alacrow never remembered what had happened(He thought it was a dream), I watched him as he flirted with Jessica. I sat on the grass, and for the first time I smiled feeling happy. No, that’s not I could explain how I feel. Umm….oh I know I feel