• Okay~ So this is my self-made story. . .
    Feel free to tell your suggestions etc.
    Go easy on me~ This is my first time
    making things like this (Can't blame me, Boredom Kills)

    I probably won't make the following chapters, but
    If somehow this first crappy chapter of mine gets successful which
    I rather doubt, I'll probably write some more...

    Chapter One : Awakening (Okay so this title has no title,
    Sorry 'bout that too lazy to think.
    Anyway suggest a title if you mind)

    In the land of Xatum, a small village known as Arikk can be found.
    Arikk is known by its skillful blacksmiths, but at the same time criticized by other well-known cities and villages for it's weak warriors and mages.
    Peace reigned over Xatum until a neighboring land, Leziah (pronounced as Lezya) declared war over the peaceful lands of Xatum.

    One by one the cities and villages of Xatum fell over the hands of the 7 group
    of men who singlehandedly erased many villages in existence. The group calls themselves The Seven Lords of Chaos. Even Xatum's best armies were easily wiped out by the Lords. Even children, woman, and the old were ruthlessly murdered.

    The village of Arikk was lucky enough that their village was hidden.
    But the leaders of the town couldn't rest assured knowing the Lords wants
    pure destruction for their land. The towns people decided to end the Lords madness, weeks of hard-work and perseverance was needed in order to create the weapon for a counterattack. At last the weapon was almost created, but alas!

    The Lords heard of the village and was now in the small town, as the leader of the group, Lucifer, delivered a blow towards the town. The smiths used the weapon to counter the incredible magic, the weapons power parred with Lucifer's magic. The Lords enraged when they realized that a mere weapon
    was able to withstand their powers.

    Lucifer went berserk, creating a mass damage in Xatum's land. Surprisingly, Arrik stayed intact when the high energy mass was released. The weapon broke into fourteen fragments and circled around the Last Standing Lord, Lucifer. The fragments formed into an orb and produced a blinding light! Lucifer was swallowed by the light and was sent into the depths of the Abyss.

    After the light a voice was heard saying "Find me for He will comeback''. Though it was a faint voice, many believed it wasn't true. Then the orb shattered once again into fourteen pieces which scattered all over the land of Xatum. Later on the weapon was called ''The Orb of Elements''. Xatum, then on slowly revived during the years. As for Arikk, it became the main city, Yes, a city! And peace reigned over the land of Xatum once again. . .

    IT'S DONE~!!

    BTW, again guys this is only the prologue, so comment
    in and request for the REAL beginning~