• It was on a hot summer day, I was walking to the icecream shop, when I hear running behind me I truned around to see who it was and I saw my friend. I stop and wait her, and her name is Lilly she is a year younger than me. "Good thing I found you," She said.
    "Why were you looking for me ?
    "I need help with an essay I have to do. They said that your best subject is History."
    " Yes, History is my best subject and your wost subject." I was laughing after I finsh talking.
    "It not funny"Lilly said with a sad face.
    "Ok, ok i will help you but first I need to get icecream or I won't think."
    So we contiune walking to the icecream shop. I look up and I saw a cloud shape as a elf, I look down they back up again it gone i look ever where for it, but there was no tracie of a cloud in the sky. I was deep in my thought when Lilly ask. " What are you looking at ?"
    "Hmm oh sorry I was thinking." I was conitue on walking, I cann't tell her that i saw the elf cloud she porable think i'm going mad.
    Finally we got to the icecream shop. I order cone with Choclate icecream and Lilly order a cone with Strawberry icecream. We were walking to the big tree to eat are icecream cones, when I thought I saw an elf. I stop and whisper to lilly "look do you see that elf over there?"
    "What elf, where ?" She whisper back to me. I look at her and when I look back the elf was gone. So I whisper to Lilly, "oh never mind i think this heat is getting to me."
    "Yeah and why are we whispering ? your not going mad on me are you ?"
    "Of coruse not going mad on you !" I said with shock. "Let's eat are icecream before they mealt." We went to the big tree and we ate are icecream without saying a word.
    We got done eating are icecream cones when Lilly ask "Are you going to help me now ?"
    "Yeah, sure I will what do you need to know?"
    "About are history and the war between the mens and elves?"
    "OHH WHAT" I said Jumping to my feet as i contiued my sentece" why do you need to know that?"
    "oh sorry it my essay I need to know."
    "ok well here hows the stories goes,
    Long time ago there where elves and mens they live togther in peace. Until on day John didn't want to live under the Tombob king of the elves he declare war on him and every men and elf went to war. The war lastest for 50 years until Marryana got trier of the war she was the princess of the elves. One day she ask the men if they want to live in peace again instead of this fighting. The men accteped the peace only if they have there own King and Queen. So they they both had a King and a Queen to rule the land." That how the story went.
    "Oh that is very instering story,but is your name Marryana?"
    "Yes it is, and to anwer your next qustion I am the princess and now i am Queen but all my peolpe die and i don't have peolpe to rule under" I said as a couple tears went down my cheek.
    "That is sad but don't yo"As she was interupit by someone in the back of us
    "There you are my dear Queen Marryana, I have be looking for you I thought I saw you but I was not sure." Lilly got on to her feet, and i truned around to see who it was. It was an elf, when Lilly saw him her mouth was wide open.
    "I though all they elves where died?" I said in a wondering tone.
    "No, but some of us did we found a safe place please come home my Queen we need a queen to rule us."
    "Ok I think i'm ready to go home now" I said I was turning to see Lilly her mouth was close now and I could see the tears running down her cheeks for we where best friends. I hug her as said "I will see you every week and you can tell me on how you did on your essay." As I step back I give her a smile, and she smile back at me.
    I turned and I saw that he had two horses with him one was black and the other one was white. He got on the black on as I was getting on my horse I saw Lilly crying and we both knows that if I go back we will never see eacher again, but I will always rember her.