• A thick, heavy fog had covered the canopy of the Embar forest. It was silent, except for the call of a crow hidden in the white mist. Few frogs chirped their songs, for there was little to sing of. Deeper into the forest the quiet babbling of a creek broke the air, though it seemed more heavy. And then a loud clash shattered the silence like glass. It was followed by the shouts of battle, the whispers of arrows, and the sparking of steel hitting each other.
    "For Melusine!" a deep voice thundered in the air. It was followed with the chorus of man, supporting their capital. "Fight for Lady Saga!" the voice called once more.
    The man who shouted banged his broadsword to his chest plate, his dark eyes sparking with hate.
    "We hear no more of your damned queen!" a tall, elven looking man spat, rushing towards him with great speed. The two contacted with the clang of metal.
    The two stared at each other, tension crackling the air around them.
    "Balto," the elf growled.
    "Mjolnir," Balto returned tartly.
    For a moment, the two captains stared at each other in disgust before Balto moved. He swung his large sword towards Mjolnir's neck but the elf dodged it quickly. He took several steps back while Balto stumbled foward, slicing the air. He whirled around and said viciously, "Quick on your feet as always. A good attribute for a coward."
    Mjolnir replied calmly, "And you still blunder around like a sack of rocks."
    Balto gritted his teeth and charged foward, his heavily armored feet thumping loudly on the forest floor. Mjolnir crossed his short swords in front of him, as if preparing for impact. But as Balto came closer he simply stepped to the side and the heavy man thundered past him.
    "Damn you! Fight with brawn, not wits!" Balto told him, turning around. A heavy sweat had broke on the man and drops of it dripped off his nose.
    Mjolnir gave only a smirk. "Then we will fight," he returned, bolting foward.
    "We fight for Lady Saga and our kingdom Melusine!" Balto cried.
    "And we for our Lord Sokki and Lady Rauni and our kingdom of Signy!" Mjolnir shouted.
    And once more, they were locked in combat.