• Waking up, I saw my reflection in the mirror on the other end of the bed. I crawled out of my blanket and put on my vapsil that my meurnau made for me before she died. I put on a blade holder and arranged it to fit near the bottom of my thigh, then set of to the outskirts of the GreenLands of Sunija, away from my ‘makeshift’ shelter that I constantly used. I knew I had to find my meal before the spirits came out, so I ran as fast as I could towards the center of the lands, Yotur. To my dismay, spirits were leaving early, and death near them would cause them to fight against me until my death. With my remaining Zuksih magic I had received from my daily blessing, I skipped the daybreak’s hunt.
    Walking among the Yotur area, I heard a large animal approaching, and hid behind a tree so that it wouldn’t see me. It stopped and walked over to my direction. I looked around the tree and saw a strange specimen, a human! Considering the complexion it was male and seemed around the same size as me. It wasn’t scared, I could sense the pheromones if he was. I took a step forward, caring to let myself step on some leaves that had falling. He turned around, suddenly startled at the sudden movement. He spoke in a language I remembered hardly. I didn’t care to listen, but I sensed that he wasn’t lost here. I held my hand out. With no weapon he would be of risk of falling to the spirits. “Upi morf sumu jeraq?” Even with lack of communication, he quickly shook his head up and down quickly, showing he was saying yes.
    He followed through the woods in strange garments I’ve never seen anybody wear. He was civilized, but in the GreenLands for no reason. “English?” I looked at him, knowing he probably knew I didn’t speak it when I was around RedLand people, or that I didn’t want to pronounce my accent. “Little.” I walked until we saw the trees in the distance. “What’s your name?” I looked at my hand. “None.” He looked at me but thanked me by shaking my hand. He gave me a satchel with various goods in it and opened the gates. I watched him go then stood at the gates for awhile. Why did he thank me when I was from the GreenLands, the place his people feared the most? Full of curiosity held within, I went back to my little home and got ready for the noon’s hunt. Possibly he would come back so that I could ask him some things about his homeland.