• L sat in is self-proclaimed chair in the hotel as he ate his sweets and played with the glass chess set. Watari walked into the living room.
    “L, would you like to stay in Japan until we need to move again?” The older man asked the young man. L nodded not even looking up.
    “Yes, that would be nice.” Watari nodded and left. Out of the corner of his eye L saw something fall onto the balcony of the hotel. Curiously he stood and walked over to the sliding glass door and walked outside. In front of him on the balcony floor was a black notebook and it white writing on the cover it said Death Note. He picked it up between his thumb and index finger and went inside. He sat back down in his chair in his infamous sitting position and looked the notebook over. He opened the notebook’s cover and looked at the inside.
    ‘These instructions are in English…’ He looked at them. He looked at the first thing listed.
    “The human whose name is written in this note shall die?” He thought for a moment. “No, this must me a joke.” He put it on the table and went back to his little chess game. In the middle of a move as he held the chess piece in his hand in the air he eyed the notebook.
    ‘What if it works? The only way to find out is to try it…but who do I use for the experiment?’ L looked from the black notebook to the laptop next to it. He put the chess piece down, opened the laptop and grabbed a pen. He looked though data for a minor murderer, someone whose death that would not seem suspicious. He found one and wrote down the name.
    ‘The second rule listed states that the person whose name is written will due in 40 seconds and if the no details are written with it the person will die of a heart attack.’ He watched the clock until it had been 40 seconds. He refreshed the page that saw that the criminal was…
    “…dead…” his eyes widened as his voice was not even over a whisper. He looked under cause of death. “Heart attack…” He looked from the computer to the notebook, his thumb near his mouth. “It works.” Thoughts rolled though his head about how this could help the world. Criminals would die and crime rates could possibly go down. He looked it over again, going through all the rules. He smiled.

    One week later
    L sighed as he looked at the computer. Another criminal behind bars. Watari nodded at the detective’s success and left the room. L took out the notebook and began writing in names of criminals from his laptop.
    “Work is never done.” He said with a slight smile.
    “You seem to like the notebook.” L looked up to see a demon like creature. His eyes went wide and he shouted falling off his chair.
    “What are you?!”
    “Me? I’m a Shinigami.”
    “Sh-shinigami?” L repeated slowly getting to his feet but never taking his eyes off the death god. “Shinigami actually…exist…?” He was hoping he was dreaming.
    “Well, if we didn’t I wouldn’t be here now would I?” The Shinigami stated.
    “Do you…have a name?”
    “Ryuk.” The Shinigami said smiling. L nodded, still a bit shaken. He sat back down and gave the Shinigami his emotionless look.
    “So, Ryuk…” The Shinigami looked at the human. “…what is the cost for using the Death Note? Do I give it back to you and die?”
    “No, once the Death Note touches the ground of the human word it belongs to the human that picks it up. So, that note it yours. The consequences are different. No human that uses a Death Note can go to heaven or hell. Once you die what awaits you it nothing. And I will be the one to write your name in my Death Note when you die.” L looked at the black notebook.
    “So this is mine but it was originally yours?”
    “That’s right. You’ve written a lot of names in here. Most humans don’t write too many because they are too scared.” Ryuk picked up the notebook and looked through the pages.
    “They are all criminals. I plan to kill every criminal in this world to make it a better place.” Ryuk nodded, still flipping through pages. “Criminals will be too afraid to commit crime ever again and people will be too scared to even think about it. Little by little I shall make the world a better place to live in.” L said as he scooped up some ice cream and ate it.User Image