• I was looking out of the generally open window, seeing a blur of trees and houses. Today is my birthday, and I just turned 17. We were heading towards the aged chipped Catholic Church, which took about 1 hour to get to. My mom forced me to come to this terrifying place; it’s just me and her because my father died from an accident. However I tried to stay awake to make sure that my mom doesn’t overlook a turn. However, my eyes lids started to disobey me and closed shut. Then, my head got heavy and it slowly completed its approach to relax itself on my hand. Finally when I woke up there was a cool breeze that splashed on my face waking me up. We were here, at the Catholic Church. Pieces of paint were chipping off, and the windows were fogged up with fingerprints. I walked inside with a nervous face on. We walked through a isle between the assembled benches. Every step gave me a frightening chill on my spine. As my mom sat down in a bench, I followed and did the same. On my right was my mom, and on left was a boy that looked close to my age. I glanced at him, and didn’t stop. There was something about him, that I was very attracted to. He looked at me in the eyes for 5 seconds and looked back at the priest. He didn’t look like he was enjoying his time there. I looked at my mom, she was putting on some make up and looking into a mirror. Then I turned back to look at the man, surprised, he was looking at me.
    “Yo,” he said smiling while looking at me.
    “H-hey,” I knew I was blushing; my face was burning so much it made my cheeks hurt.
    “So, what’s your name?”
    “Drystan and you?” I was happy that started out with easy questions because answering them will be easy to do.
    “My name is Noam. Hey, Drystan, I want to ask you something…. Do you like this area?” This question wasn’t so easy as the first one. I didn’t know if I should say yes or no. What if he likes this place?