• Meet Raziel

    “Where are you show you’re self” I said

    “Why I’m right here” replied the voice

    “Where’s here” I said

    “In you’re your head, your soul” he replied

    “Who are you” I continued

    “The name’s Raziel” continued the voice.

    “How did you get inside my head” I asked him

    “The same way you got them marks on our neck, “wait a minute what do you mean ‘our’ neck.” I interrupted him then he told me that he is now a part of me and that we now share everything our mind, our heart everything. “Do you know anything about the project” I asked, Raziel then replied

    “Why don’t you ask your friend after all I was put here because of what she worked on?”

    “Yeah thanks I’ll do just that.” I said then all of a sudden Raziel said “Good then wake up.”

    “Wake up” said a worrying voice, I woke up and saw that it was Lucile standing over me with a very worried expression on her face “Are you okay? You was tossing and turning in your sleep” she said

    “Never mind that now, Lucile could you tell me how you made the project” I asked, she said that it would be a long story but I insisted that she tell me. “Ok I’ll tell you all I know” she replied “Have you ever heard of the story of the demonic being know as Raziel.” I answered with

    “Yeah but isn’t he just a myth?” She continued with her story “That’s what we thought too until one day we found some DNA inside this temple when we ran diagnostics on it, it came back as blood belonging to Raziel.” she were then telling me that twenty-six people were injected with this DNA however twenty-five of them became monsters . “Then the whole place became abandoned and I was left here alone then I met you.” After the story had finished I got more of an insight of how the virus worked “Lucile how come I didn’t become like these monsters?” I asked

    “That’s easy you got injected with a different type of DNA as the first one we used was stolen, all at the same time Wesker disappeared” she said “I’ll tell you more as we leave this place.”

    As we got out of the building she told me that before the RAZIEL project they did one called the CHAOS project. Just then Raziel’s voice echoed in my mind and told me that his enemy was called Chaos; suddenly a load of people rose up in front of us I had wondered if they were survivors also, until I got a glimpse of one. The person had blood trickling from his mouth and had bites and scratches on his arms and legs Lucile then shouted “Don’t think, just shoot” and then started firing rounds from a magnum, as I was about to reach for my gun a sharp pain grew inside of my stomach and I fell to the floor with a thud, my vision started to grow weary and in the distance I could barely hear the sound of Lucile shouting “26 no, get up”. When I came to I saw that my whole body has changed Raziel then told me that I am now in his body as he takes care of the foul beasts “Now prepare to die spawn of Satan” bellowed Raziel in his gruff voice.

    Raziel then walked up to the creatures in a kind of western fashion and drew a sword which came to his side like shadows appearing in the day and started to slice the creatures in half or any other way possible. Then when one of the creatures scratched him he yelled “Oh no you don’t”, then he started to spin his sword through his fingers and he shouted “Slice and dice” which turned out to be more painful than it sounded as he dismembered the monsters left arm, then both legs starting with the left and then the right arm in a anti-clockwise direction, finally he threw his sword up into the air and caught it in a spin decapitating his victim. After the battle everywhere you looked was blood drenched as Raziel told me that his job was done, I saw that there was no scar from where the creature scratched him somehow it had healed I then heard Lucile cry with excitement “The experiment it worked, I didn’t think it would be this great, how I wish Wesker could see this”