• I tilted my head to the side and gave the station an odd look; three weeks was a very long time considering the Olympians had transit vehicles. "Recon, flip him to the cells and hand me four." I told him and gave Archer, Candy Cane, and Aries the others and held the last. "Okay, now what is it?" I heard Archer ask.

    "What happened in Utah wasn't some accident like the media said. The Golden Devil is trying to kill off the Left Behinders. We overheard some Dog talking about it. The used charges and got the Home-bounders out so they were safe, but they killed six Families. They were too close to the point of origin and the rubble just killed them." He told us and sighed.

    The President, or Golden Devil, had no love for those who were not swimming in huge pools filled with liquid gold and he was now trying to kill us off. I glanced at my wife, my face remaining emotionless as my heart panicked. Did he not care about the fact that we were humans too? That we had a right to live, fight, and love just like the Home-bounders? I looked at my smiling love once more and then turned back. "Shark, did they pass the Burning Law yet?" I asked him in a hushed voice.

    The dreaded Burning Law. That made it not only legal to kill a Left Behinder on sight for no good reason, but also it would launch a full scale war on us. It was the law that we feared the most. "Pan said they are voting on it in one week. We need to stay and find out." I heard Bones relay.

    "You have my blessings. Stay safe and good luck." I heard Candy Cane tell them and the transmision ended, my mouth open at her in shock.

    Did she really not know, or care that if they stayed, they could be killed? Bones was a close friend from before the Tech Rev, I couldn't stand it if she was dead. She and Shades were going to get married next month. My fears didn't last long as Aries called us Skitter Boys in. "Skitter Boys! Time to move out!" He practically roared and we swiftly scattered into three groups of ten to find food, tech, and clothes.

    As I raced into the woods towards a complex of shops (I was in the Grub Group today), Shark's words kept racing through my head. I noticed a Gray Dog and hopped one foot on a wall and bounced bewteen two of them until I dropped down onto his shoulders and chocked him out. We raced into the alley and found roughly twnety boxes of perfectly good food that was only getting trashed becuse it was over two hours old. Yeah, Home-bounders are snotty jerks. As we carried them back to our Turf, I saw a young child on the rocks fifty yards off the trail and stopped. I didn't know or care if it was a trap, it was a child. I had to at least see what was up.