• It was a sunny Friday evening in Mableton the birds tweeting and students returning home excited for the weekend to come and hang out with their friends. A girl with hair as brown as the earth below her with eyes as blue as the sea . This girls name is Scarlett, you may think shes a average junior in highschool, but soon she will find herself on a dangerous journey. This journey she will have to learn who to trust and who not to trust for if she trusts the wrong person or creature it could send her to her doom. It will include dangerous creatures from tales told many of times before this day. It will be filled with traps to keep Scarlett from completing her journey. There will be help along the way; a friendly smile, some cunning tricks, and games that she will have to take part in.

    The young adult, Scarlett, heard a whisper carried on the wind "Your journey is soon to begin" the wind said blowing through her hair. Scarlett looked around confused "What in the world was that?" she said with a creeped out feeling as if some one was following her. Scarlett was spaced out of it to notice some one was yelling her name. Scarlett turned around to see her friend Blake coming up behind her "oh sorry I was spaced out" she said rudding the back of her neck. Blake was a boy with short black hair and brown eyes he was in good shape since he was on the soccer team in their high school. Blake shook his head at Scarlett "Scar you need to be careful" he said with a chuckle as he looked at the street that was infront of them it was the street that so long ago a girl was hit by a car and killed, yet no one found her body. The poor little girls name was Angel she was about nine when she was throwing her ball around it rolled into the street she ran after it Blake tried to stop her ,yet it was to late. Blake never knew where the body went he covered his eyes before the car had hit her and opened his eyes to not find a body. Everyone in the town had thought that the driver of the car dumped Angel's body into the river so they wouldnt be charged.

    People around walking passed by Scarlett and Blake it seemed like the world was moving in slow motion in the eyes of Scarlett and Blake they both shook their heads as their sight returned to normal. Scarlett waved bye to Blake as he took off running which was normal for him since he needed to stay in shape for soccer. A strange man met Scarlett at her door and quickly rushed out in a hurry Scarlett looked at the man then shook her head and went in her house and throw her messager bag by the steps. Scarlett stood there listen to what should be her mom and dad welcoming her home and asking how her day was. Scarlett waited untill she ran through the house "Mom, Dad!" she yelled running up and down the stairs to each room then the back yard they where no where to be found. Scarlett went to the kitchen to see if they left a note which they do when there going out ,yet there was no note on the table. Scarlett give up looking after a few hours running around the block to see if anyone has saw them she thought back "that man" she said talking about the guy who rushed out of her house. Scarlett sat on her couch at home and thought she didnt know what to do the police where no use they where lazy bums in this town and no one would probably believe her.