• " What do you mean you don't love me ? " spat Stacey .
    " I'm sorry Lucy , I'm far too old for you , and I don't have the feelings you have for me . " answered Mr. Holmes .
    Stacey stormed from Mr. Holmes's classroom , to later be found in the girl's bathroom , crying , and telling herself , why these things are happening to her , and only her . Stacey Youth was a unique 15 year old girl , not being popular amongst the " popular girls , " some say , because she was far more pretty than them , and that beauty was natural , not a smudge of make-up to be found on her face . She was schizophrenic , but she kept it on the down low , not letting anyone know about it . In fact , she had no " best friend , " she was isolated herself from the other teens , being " that one girl . " She had no other boyfriends , but that didn't stop her from obessing from Mr . Holmes . She absolutely was in love with him , or at least she thought . Mr. Holmes , was her English teacher , being the only teacher that would talk to Stacey , because he saw many things in her , like her way with words . There's not much to say about Mr. Holmes , he's a decent man , not being mean . He didn't take advantage of his female students , he respects everyone , as long as they respect him .
    " Poor girl , " muttered Mr. Holmes to himself .
    The school play was coming up , and Stacey had something in mind . Since it Mr. Holmes who was plans it every year , it was Stacey's chance to " win over " Mr. Holmes . He'd be running everything backstage . The play would be Romeo & Juliet .
    " I'd like to try out for the part of Juliet , " Stacey said with enthusiasm .
    After pouring out her heart into the part , she got it . It didn't matter to her who got to play the part of Romeo , as long as Mr. Holmes was looking at her the whole play .
    A couple days before the play , she saw Mr. Holmes making out with the art teacher . She was engulfed by rage and vowed to herself , that if she couldn't have Mr. Holmes , no one could , and that day , she plotted the murder , of John C. Holmes . The day of the play , she packed in her backpack , an Exacto knife , which she planned to use in the murder of her teacher , if everything went smoothly . She had a bloody murder in mind , and she would fufill her sudden thirst for blood . She , according to plan , put a loose rat , to distract everyone , except Mr. Holmes , who was far too worried about the success to catch a rat . When everyone returned , she had lured him to the planned place of his murder . With the knife behind her back . Little did he know , those would be his final moments of living . As the curtain was raised , she repeatedly stabbed him , causing him to die , almost instantaneously . Everyone in sat in awe , and she yelled with a nervous laugh , " HE CAUSED ME TO DO THIS , HE DIDN'T LOVE ME ! " She ran off , blood splaterred , and knife in hand .
    She was later put in jail , and would be for 30 years . To this day , she repeats to herself , " I loved him , and he loved me , the day his blood was on me , I finally felt his true love . . . "