• Chapter 1
    “Sweetheart, we are leaving for Texas for the wedding. Are you sure you’ll be ok for the month, being home by yourself?” Mom yelled

    I rushed from my spot in the kitchen to give them both a hug. “Ill be fine,” I smiled greatly “ I have all the hotel numbers and your cells are programmed on speed dial, I promise to call grandma and feed the cat.”

    They turned to me “ Faith, are you sure your all right by yourself. A month is a long time. Even for me!” Dad joked which made mom worry even more. “As a 10th grader I know how to be a responsible adult. I know what to do guys. Its not rocket science.

    Mom was surprised how well I was taking they’re leaving me for a month. “Well just be sure to call your grandmother, you know how worried she gets. She starts worrying everyone within a mile range of her.” Mom smiled as her memories drew by.
    “Ok well time to go. You guys will miss that so expensive flight that you paid for” I smiled at my watch. Home alone. I couldn’t wait to kick them out of the house.
    Dad laughed at my impatience for my freedom. He gave me a kiss and a hug and let mom do the same before he grabbed her arm and dragged her with him.

    I laughed at them while closing the door. This new Father of mine surprises me. When I was little, my dad was seriously injured trying to save me from a fire. He got trapped when a wood beam from our house fell on him. The firefighters came and rescued him from the fire. But when they took him out we saw what had happened. Dad had broken his spinal chord and lost his memory. I grabbed my daddy and he pushed me away was too much for my mother and me so we moved from California to Hawaii. Mom and I were the single ladies for 10 years until only 7 months ago when my mother met Jack. This wonderful, rich, and single man who adored her and had four boys was ecstatic about having women in his life.
    After that things got better. Jack has been a good influence on me and knows that I just want freedom from my mom. He bails me out when I get into trouble and softens mom.
    He’s a great dad but knowing my last dad forgot about me. Made it hard to trust anyone.

    I walked upstairs toward the attic, my chosen room of the house. 27 steps 10 cracks and 3 spider webs lined the wall. I smiled at the familiar purr of my kitten, phantom. I rubbed his head while I walked into my room. Dirty sheets scattered the floor along with pillows and colorful clothes. I smiled as I threw them in my closet. I turned my TV to Batman adventures. I jumped on my bed and smiled as joker plotted a new plan to capture batman with Harley. My eyes lazily closed.

    I awoke to gunfire. “You’ll never get away with this joker!” Batman yelled. I smiled at Phantom who hissed at the TV. “Oh phantom its only batman you know who to really hate,” he looked at me with those innocent blue eyes. “ Joker silly!” At the same moment both out stomachs growled. “I guess it’s chow time.” We both raced to the kitchen. I ran down the stairs laughing.
    “Ha I beat you!” I saw phantom trip as I touched the counter. He hid his black tail between his thighs and hid under the chairs. “Aww phantom, come out of there…. Aww buddy come on!” he came out and showed his little tail. I picked him up and held him tightly. “Ok Mr. phantom meow twice for ramen and once for milk and cookies?” Phantom meowed twice and I started our favorite meal on the stove. I took out the chicken packet and put phantom down so that I could boil water in a small pot. As I ripped the plastic package apart I began to put the hard noodles in the hot water.
    “Phantom you’re going to freak out on me but I had this dream that you could talk but hey when is that going to happen”

    “ Yah a kitten talking is crazy” The voice made me jump “Who the heck was that?” I looked at phantom as he jumped up to the table. “I’m telling you that anyone who hears a cat talking is most definitely crazy” Phantom licked his lips at me. “Phantom did you just-“ He looked directly at me and stared. “OMG!”
    “Ok my cat just talked to me! You are talking,” I pointed at my kitten that only stared back “I thought I was insane before but now this is to much” I wrapped my hand around my chin thinking. “Hahahaha you really haven’t figured this out yet.” I looked at the little black fuzz ball on my kitchen table. I couldn’t believe that a cat was talking to me maybe it was inception or something close to that. Suddenly a boy the age of 17 appeared from phantom. I gazed at him in shock and in wonder. He was cute about 6 feet tall and well built with black hair and blue eyes. Only he was transparent. I tried to speak but my lips did not move the boy was floating in air. He just floated in my kitchen unaware of the things besides him. I pointed at him. “Your trans- transparent” I felt drowsy and dizzy. I looked at the boy and suddenly fell to the floor.
    “ Faith are you ok?”