• The rain feel as a tear went down his cheek.
    "Two years since she died, and i couldn't do anything about it..." He whispered as a black rose feel before the tombstone that inscribed 'Moving on but never forgotten'
    "It's not your fault. Lily was gone before you could do anything." Danielle said.
    "It doesn't change anything, i'm still the reason she's dead."
    "We have to move on. It says so here," She pointed to the grave, "She wants you to be happy and if anything to realize it wasn't your fault. It was her choice not your's. And the sooner we move on the faster we can focus on dealing with finishing what she started. Let's not let her die in vane. The Hive is still strong. Now let's go."
    "But Danielle...."
    "No buts! I've had enough of this! We need to go, Josh. Before they decide to pay us a visit. You've had your grieving time. Now I need the soldier back. The leader of our group that his sister back from that forsaken camp. How much more convincing do you need?"
    "Your right, let's go."

    His eyes burned with tears and his expression emotionless. In those eyes were pain yet a fire that could ignite a forest. Danielle walked over and gave him a hug then pulled him away from the grave. The two walked over to the bike. Danielle got on and started it up. Josh took one last look back to see only one ray of light on her grave. It was time to end it.