• Misery's pov
    I saw no point in living. Why would I want to be hurt? To feel the pain of a heart break, or the miseery of death. Some of the other elves wanted to be a human and truely live, while must never would think about it.
    20 years after discovering humans, I was born, along with another boy and girl. We were banished since our elf mothers had us by mating with humans. Making us part elf and part human. But sadly, we looked more human, then elf. We were not born with the skin of tears, or the rainbow eyes. The only thing that made us stand out from the humans were pointed ears. Pain, the other girl I was banised with, thought it was an honor to be so unique, While Alexx and I thought it was a disgrace.
    Pain's pov
    "You seem rather sad Misery."Misery's blue eyes turned dark as she glared at me.
    "I just got banished from my home, and I'm only 18
    "Yes, but look on the bright side. You have Alexx and I."I said cheerfully as I sat down next to her on the bench. Alexx laughed as he paced on the sidewalk.
    "Yes, this is awesome. I get to be with a control freak and someone who knows as much as I do. Gosh, what could be better?"
    "You dont have to be rude Alexx... We're all stressedout. It's not like we knew we'd be kicked out for being half human."
    Alexx rolled his eyes then continued pacing. Only now he was quiet.