• My Personal Pet

    Chapter 3: The Contract


    All this seemed like a dream, like it would all disappear and end up being just a dream. Who would have ever thought I'd get to ride in a limo? And not just any limo, Leon Phantomhive's limo, with Leon Phantomhive himself. The sight of the wealthy people still disgusted me, even if it may have been one percent better seeing them from the window of a limousine.

    "You can take a nap if you're tired; it's a while before we get back." Leon, who was sitting next to me, suggested.

    I ignored what he said and continued to stare out the window watching the well-dressed people and modern-looking buildings as they passed by. After a while I must have gotten bored and dozed off since Leon was right; the way back to my so-called 'home' would take at least an hour anyways since we were still in North-town. Besides, he wouldn't do anything like kidnap me, right?

    "Hey! Wake Up! We're here!" Leon announced once the car had stopped.

    I woke up startled only to find that I was leaning on Leon's shoulder - his mesmerizing sky-blue eyes staring down at me. My immediate reaction was repelling to the other end of the seat as furthest away from him as possible, my heart was racing. By the time it had calmed down, Leon had already gotten out of the car and was waiting for me to come out. I looked out the window only to find that I wasn't home. The limo was parked in front of a giant beige door and there were two guys dressed in formal-wear standing on either side. We were at the famous Phantomhive mansion...

    "Are you going to come out?" Leon mouthed to me since he was outside and I couldn't hear him.
    I shook my head furiously and backed away from the car door. This only made Leon smirk as he flung the car door open. A guy wearing a black tux was blocking the other door so I couldn't get out.

    "If you're not going to come out, I'm going to have to carry you out!" he threatened.

    I made no attempt to get out and in the end Leon had to carry me out. I was kicking and screaming at first, but when he opened the door to living room, I could only open my mouth in awe.

    There was a gigantic flat-screen television attached to the wall, which was a pearly white color. The velvety cushions on the sofa matched well with the walls, as well as the carpet which was a mellow, sky blue color. There was a humongous glass window, on the opposite end of the room from where we were standing, that had the most spectacular view of the garden filled with tropical and rare plants from all over the world.

    Leon placed me sofa, but I immediately jumped up and backed away from him as far away as possible. He chuckled.

    "Relax, I won't do anything. Just sit and wait here while I go and call the guests I want you to meet."

    I sat back down on the sofa as Leon left the room, and let out a huge sigh, what was I doing here? Before I had the time to gather my thoughts and think clearly again. The other door the door that was adjacent to the window and opposite to the television flung open. Two young men walked in, they were conversing and didn't seem to realize I was there yet.

    They were about my age, maybe a year older but they looked like sophisticated, rich young men. The one with the tanned skin and jet black hair that seemed to cover his eyes suddenly stopped talking, he was now aware that I was there.

    "Ah! Hey! Look at that, Cedi! Leon's brought a girl back?" he exclaimed, loudly and completely surprised.

    The other guy, with the dark brown - almost black hair, just shrugged. He must be the silent type, that doesn't talk a lot. The weird thing though, was that he had crimson red eyes that didn't seem like he was wearing contacts. The noisy guy walked up to me and stared at my face, examining it for a while. I could now see that his eyes were a mysterious dark green color.

    "Hmm. So this is Leon's type? She's quite cute but plain-looking. I'd never think the talented and handsome 'Leon Phantomhive' would fall for such a normal girl" he said, to no-one in particular. I was about to shout at him but just then, Leon walked in, looking a little annoyed and out of breath.

    "Dom, didn't I tell you to wait in the study? Ah! You..." Leon started, but stopped when he saw that I looked slightly annoyed as well. "What have you done now?" he sighed and mumbled to himself.

    "I got tired of waiting and was a little hungry so I wandered off to the kitchen with Cedi. It's your fault for taking so long! Also, why didn't you tell me you have a girlfriend? And why is she just a normal and plain-looking-" the noisy guy started. He was interrupted by Leon clearing his throat as if to warn him I was still there. It was too late though, not only did he misunderstood but he also insulted me without knowing who I was.

    "Well, sorry for being normal and plain-looking!" I yelled, glaring at the noisy guy. Leon just looked away and the silent guy paid no attention to us; the noisy guy retreated behind Leon.

    "Before we start fighting, talking, arguing or whatever, why don't you introduce yourselves? You can start." Leon said, pointing to the noisy guy who was now standing beside him.

    "Ah, Okay! My name is Dominic Daniels, you can call me Dom. I'm 'Leon Phantomhive's' best friend" the noisy guy said, cheerfully.

    "Cedric Michaels" the silent guy said, and then remained silent.

    "You can call him Cedi!" Dom filled in. After a moment of silence, Leon nodded at me urging me to introduce myself since he didn't know my name either.

    "Phantomhive family butler, since Young Master Leon was born. I'm eighteen, a year older than Leon and Dom." Cedi continued to explain.

    "Don't forget the fact that the three of us are best friends, even if you serve us!" Dom added. "Cedi lives here as Leon's butler, but I just came to visit." he continued but was cut short when he heard Leon clear his throat.

    "I believe it's her turn" Leon said, pointing at me.

    "I'm Yuki Yamamoto." I said, hastily.

    "Heh...So you're Japanese? That's interesting" Dom said, turning to face Leon.

    "What?" Leon asked, looking very uncomfortable with Dom staring at him. Cedi turned his attention back away from us. Dom only chuckled then grinned before he whispered something, which I couldn't hear, into Leon's ear. Leon blushed and shouted, frustrated.
    "Eh? No! What the-! You! She's just for my plan; she's just working for me! You and your perverted ideas…"

    That just made me even more annoyed at the two of them. Why couldn't they all be like Cedi and just remain silent for most of the time?

    "Aww...I thought 'Leon Phantomhive' finally fell in love." Dom joked. "I've known Leon since we were three, so I know everything about him. If you want to know anything, I'll be happy to tell you; especially, Leon's biggest secrets." Dom whispered the second part to me so that only I could hear; maybe Cedi heard, but Leon sure didn't.

    "Dom, What did you tell her?" Leon yelled at his best friend, frustrated.

    Cedi looked like he was deep in thought and ignored all of us.

    "We keep getting off topic! The reason you are all here is because we're going to make a contract." Leon announced.

    "Hold on! What contract? I just agreed to work for you. Don't I just have to cook and clean?" I yelled.

    "I'm afraid it's not that simple, Yuki. I'll explain now." Leon smirked.

    Cedi suddenly looked interested, while Dom stared laughing evilly. I just sat there staring at them, completely confused.

    We all sat on the sofa as Leon started explaining, what my 'job' was.


    "Dom and Cedi probably already know why I've hired Yuki; if you think hard enough, you can guess." Leon said, looking at both Dom and Cedi at the same time.

    "Yes, the reason is crystal clear, if you think about it" Cedi added. I was staring at him with wide eyes, since he must have figured out what Leon was planning.

    "I've known Leon since we were three, so I know everything about him. If you want to know anything, I'll be happy to tell you; especially, Leon's biggest secrets." Dom whispered the second part to me so that only I could hear; maybe Cedi heard, but Leon sure didn't.

    "Dom, What did you tell her?" Leon yelled at his best friend, frustrated.

    "Yuki, you're going to be my 'Personal Pet'. You don't have to do much, just entertain me when I'm bored. There are, however, some requirements that I'm sure you'll gladly agree to but all you need to know is that I'll be paying you. If you do a good job this summer, I'll continue to hire you but if I ever find you unfit for this position, I'll have the right to fire you at once, without having to pay you" Leon said, seriously.

    "Don't you think, you're being a little too harsh? I mean, what about her family and school and stuff" Dom interrupted.

    "That's exactly what we are going to discuss! We need to make a contract and we need your help to come up with some points." Leon explained, smirking mischievously.

    This can't be good...but I can't back away, I've already agreed and by the looks of his mansion and friends, I'll probably earn more money doing this than any other summer job I'll ever have.


    We sat down on the marble floor and started discussing the requirements and circumstances as well as points for our so-called contract.

    "Yuki should obey my every command" Leon stated, boldly.

    "Yeah…" Dom replied.

    "Agreed" said Cedi, firmly.

    "Fine" I said, since I didn't dare disagree with all of them.

    "I won't make you do anything illegal or inappropriate, so don't worry so much!" Leon assured.

    "Yuki should stay here with Leon for easy access." Cedi suggested.

    "That's a good idea!" Dom immediately agreed.

    "I like the easy access part." Leon commented.

    "NO WAY!" I yelled. "I'm definitely not staying here with that rich brat! Besides, I have to go home to look after my little sister and half-brother. Don't forget the fact that I have a sprained wrist either."

    "Sprained wrist?" Dom asked, confused. Then he looked down at my left hand, which was wrapped in a bandage. "I didn't realize…what happened?"

    "Why don't you ask Young Master Leon, over there?" I continued to yell.

    "Yuki, here, made a dent in my car!" Leon shouted back.

    "Hey, hey! Stop fighting. Leon, you should apologize-" Dom started, but was interrupted by Leon.

    "So now you're taking her side?" Leon shouted. "Fine, I apologize! Happy? Good!"

    He stomped out of the room, angrily.

    "Are you okay, Yuki? Why don't we take you to your room and you can rest?" Dom asked. "Cedi, take her to the guest bedroom. I'll go talk to Leon."

    After that we walked out of the living room and headed upstairs. Dom went to find Leon and left me with Cedi, who led the way to a guest room.


    The walls were a light violet color and everything else in the room was a darker purple color. Probably, the theme color for this room was purple.

    I was exhausted but decided to call Will and Ally to tell them my whereabouts. I had the Evergreen's phone number remembered. The phone rang three times before Ally picked up.

    "Hello? Who is it?"

    "Ally, it's me."

    "Yuki! I thought your house didn't have a phone!"

    "I'm not at home"

    "You have a mobile? What?"

    "No, I'm staying at someone else's house"


    Ally listened silently as I explained what was going on. She called her brother over to talk to me, ignoring however many times I pleaded her not to. Will's voice was comforting to hear and made me feel a lot better.

    "Hello, Yuki?"

    "Hey, Will"

    "I heard from Ally. You're really staying at Leon Phantomhive's mansion?"

    "Yeah, it's surprising because I didn't know who he was before and now he's hired me for this job."

    "If you need anything from us, make sure to call anytime!"

    "Thanks Will."

    "If Leon does anything to make you cry, I'll come over right away and make him pay! Even if he's Leon Phantomhive!" Ally added.

    "Thanks guys! You are the bestest friends ever!"

    "We know" the twins replied.

    After I hung up, I was too tired to do anything and instantly fell asleep on the extremely comfortable bed. I had a dream about a prince that rescued me from the evil wizard. The prince was probably Will, but why did he have raven-black hair and sky-blue eyes?