• After all these threats of leaving. Running away, never to be found. My time has finally come, OUR time. Lifes great, sure, if yuhh want to put eht that way, go ahead. But ehtz not, and we all know that. And thatz why thingz like this happen, because we arent ever good enough for this earth, for god, for anything. We can only sit in our sarrow for so long....before we snap...before thingz dont go down so great. Thatz just life... nothing we can really do or say to change that. It's become quite the sycal if yuhh ask me...Running; Running; Looking; Finding; Losing; Running........ Thatz all, no rest... no sleep. Just running, thatz what we as gods puppets are good for.....till we tear these double-knotted stringz and run for it...some he finds...some he keeps...some he kills. But some, a very few, but some, get set free...for ever, in the open world, away from this...this mess.
    -Nonii Renee

    9:23pm January, 30th, 2011 heart