• Sequel to Hawkstone Road

    Following my return home, I was lost. All I knew was the war. I had no family; they had all either died of the influenza or had left me when I decided to join the war. I had no friends; I'm not a social man. No children, no pets, I was alone. Left to sit in the new found darkness that would forever be my life.

    I had one soul to talk to: My caregiver, Ethel. Such a sweet woman. She would never seem cross when I would lash out in a rage.

    That happened very often, ever since I had fallen into my old drinking habit.

    Now I was by no means an alcoholic! Oh no, sir! I simply drank to make the pain go away. I had seen my best friend be blown into pieces- that takes a toll on a man, you see.

    But you know that saying "the dead are never truly gone"? Well it became true for me a few months after I had returned to my home.


    "I said scotch you useless old bat! Just become I am blind does not mean I cannot tastes!" the dragon slurs to the thin brown mouse as she rolls her eyes. "Go get me another and make it properly!" he throws the glass he had in his claw-tipped hand into a wall and grins when he hears it shatter.

    The mouse sighs then nods. "Yes sir, right away, I apologize for my mistake." She scurries to the kitchen.

    "You really should be nicer to her, you know." A deep voice floats into the room. "She's only trying to help your sorry a**. I mean, really Hill? Drinking? I thought you had quit that disgusting habit."

    The dragon sits up in his bed, alarmed by the deep voice. It seems familiar, but he can't put his claw on hit. "who's there? Tell me your name." his voice is a bit slurred from the alcohol.

    The deep voice laughs "oh come now! Don't tell me you've forgotten your best friend already! Don't make me beta some sense into you like I did last Christmas!" The deep voice laughs a familiar laugh.

    The dragon smiles "By god! Reichen is that really you?!"

    The deep voice chuckles once again "who else would it be? Unless you have another best friend." this time the voice was teasing and playful.

    "Ethel! Ethel! Get in here!" the dragon shouts, over-joyed to have his best friend back in his life that had seemed to be filled with nothing but darkness.

    The soft sound of the mouse's small clawed feet of the linoleum is audible as she scurries in "yes sir? What's wrong? Did you cut yourself on the glass? Oh, I knew I should have cleaned it up."

    The dragon grins in the direction of her voice "no, you crazy woman! It's Reichen! He's here! Don't you see him?"

    The woman sighs "sir, I think it's time for you to go to bed. You're hearing things."

    There is a whistles "damn, my friend she is quite the looker. You ever get your claws on her?" the deep voice is low and seductive.

    The dragon laughs "no of course not! She is my caregiver, not a hooker."

    The mouse gasps "well I never! Who are you speaking to?"

    Covering his dead eyes with his hands, the dragon laughs "Reichen! He's right there, woman! Are you as blind as I am?"

    There's two sighs. One gruff and one soft. The dragon could tell whose was whose

    "Mr. Hill I think I should let you sleep now." The soft voice of the mouse coos.

    "Yeah, you should let him sleep. With you!" there's a loud laughter as the deep voice laughs at his own joke.

    The dragon chuckles "you never change, Pratt, you never change."

    END FLASHBACK----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    So, I had gotten my best friend back. Although no one else would admit it to me. I was admitted to an institution shortly after that episode with Ethel. She felt it was for the best.

    While I did not agree, there wasn't much I could do.

    Now, I sit in a room in the darkness, while this would drive most people mad, it does not bother me so.

    "I have my best friend here to pass the time."

    "You're damn straight you do bro! I got your back! No matter what!"