• I ran faster and faster through the dark, dew smelling, dead tree infested woods. Running through thorny bushes and jumping over fallen logs. He was coming. He always, no matter how much I hid, he would somehow find me. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked forward. A lake. I took a deep breath and turned around. Keep cool I told myself…calm. I can see the outline of his ragged cloak. I can see his bright eyes glow through the dark.
    He stood right in front of me, all tall and powerful. The one….the only Death. His boney fingers, concealed under his raggedy sleeves. His disgusting face hidden by the thick darkness in his hood. His fingers decade, aged, and killed anything they touched.
    “Why didn’t you swim?” his voice boom in my skull.
    “Eh… can’t swim” I lied.
    “Neither can I. It was hell during Titanic” he chuckled lowly “So you’re giving up?” he sounded excited.
    “No, not really” I chuckled “I just wanted to see that beautiful face”.
    “Ha…Ha…Ha” he Said slowly.
    “Enough with the god dam chit-chat! When the hell are you going to leave me alone?!” I growled.
    “Wish I could, really, you’re a pain in the neck to track down” he said getting a bit too close for comfort.
    “Alright lets make a bet…its… 11:50” I looked down at my watch “if I make it till 12:00am without you catching me, you give me my immortality?”
    “Hm…what in it for me?” he said.
    I backed up so the sole of my sneakers with in the murky water. “Ill be your eternal servant” I said with a sigh backing more into the water.
    “Deal!” I could tell he was grinning.
    “3….2….” I turned fast and dived into the cold water, I felt his fingers curies across the sole of my sneaker, decaying it.
    I swam pushing myself ahead. I went underneath the water surface so he couldn’t see me, which was useless. I stoped in the middle to see where Death was. To my surprise he stood hovering over the murky water as a fog of thick smoke followed. His arms opened as if to embrace me. I swam faster, clumsily stumbling on land and running into the forest again. I dodged low branches and jumped over bushes. The flesh on my legs being cut and ripped.
    I stopped behind a tree to catch my breath. I looked down..his fog! I turned around the tree to be face to face with Death. His hand reached from his sleeve. I felt my soul being sucked out of my body…. I couldn’t move….i couldn’t breath. MOVE. Somewhere deep in my thoughts I heard the word MOVE. I glared at Death. MOVE. I jumped back…adrenaline ran through my blood stream pushing me futher. I stopped at a small rocky mountain and looked at my clock 11: 56… four more minutes.
    I started to clime, grabbing and scratching upward with my palms and knees. I winced every few inches, as blood ran down my elbows and legs. I felt rocks digging deep into the flesh of my shins. I pushed myself up a ledge to look down. His fog was building up and I can see his red eyes glowing. I jumped back to look at the clock…11: 58. im going to make it! I started climing again….suddenly the fog is right underneath me. His hand reached up missing my foot by an inch. I pulled my foot out and climed. I screamed as a sharp rock stabbed and plunging deep into my skin. Blood and flesh ran down my leg as I pushed myself ontop of the mountain. 50 seconds. I started to limp weakly. He was watching me struggle…i could feel it. I fell to the ground and started to crawl…30 seconds. He stood over me.
    “Game over boy” he reached for my head.
    I rolled away from him trying to get away… just abit more! 10….i stood up and limped to a lone tree and looked at him..
    “ you –“
    my clock ringed 12am and I looked up and grinned.
    “I.." i took a deep breath " I win.."
    “…hmm…you win” he put down his hood revealing a boney old face “You get your immortality…when ever you do bore of it…you know who to call”
    He smiled “Good luck” and vanished like ash does with wind.
    I passed out and fell asleep. Finally.. I would wake up to days of pure of immortality.