• l l Alice's pov l l
    Normal teenage girls were frightened when they saw blood. I was only frightened that I may find myself lapping blood off a filthy floor when someone gets a wound from some sport activity. I guess I'm not normal. But, who wants to be normal? Normal people all look the same.
    The normal girls all wear pink clothes from DEB and the normal boys all have baseball caps on, with baggy (or in some cases tight skinny) jeans that basically showed their boxers off (like I really needed to know what color their boxers were today...)
    I was happy being the school freak. The only fledgling that is addicted to the taste of any blood, or the one with short hair that barley touched her shoulders. That was life and, even though it sucked a**, I would live through it.
    "Ali?" Locke's head was tilted to the side slightly as he, Cinder, and Jinx stared at me.
    "Are you okay? You've kinda been..."
    "Spaced out a lot lately." Jinx finished for her brother as they continued to stare at me. I shrugged my shoulders nonchalantly.
    "I'm perfectly fine. And I don't think I've been spaced out at all." Jinx rolled her eyes as Cinder let out a laugh.
    "Okay, right... Well.... I think I should be going. Normal humans don't stay out 'til 3am." I let a growl escape from my mouth. Normal... God I hated that word...
    Locke gently wrapped his arms around his little sister, Jinx, said his goodbyes and left the coffee shop to return home.
    "Are you guys ready to go back to the house of night?" Jinx asked. I noticed that the her eyes were focused on me, just like Cinder.
    "Would you people stop looking at me like I'm some ******** science experiment?!"` Jinx looked down at the table while Cinder acted like she was suddenly interested of the painting on the wall. I let out a sigh, as I stood up.
    "I'm going... I'll see you later..."