• The wind howled whipping along the wall as the rain slashed along the filthy windows in the dark gloom of the large room full of bunk beds and cots with hundreds of kids of all ages some blending with the white pillows others standing out and many ranging in-between the two. The kids slept laying under their thin sheets on their cheep bunks and cots all but one slept soundly. A girl lay stirring restlessly curled up in her bunk under the thin sheets unable to sleep in this dark gloom as she slowly rolled over onto her stomach propping her head up on her elbows staring out the small window above her head as it cast a small square of faint light on her pale white skin as the dark blue hospital gown given out as a cheap alternative to real robes stretched and ruffled. The girl stared out the window her light grey eyes matching the clouds flowing overhead as she stared into them her body motionless as she stared through the flowing haze of the rain flowing down the dirty and grimy window her long silver hair flowing down her back and hanging over her shoulders to the bed as she laid her head down slowly drifting into a restless but deep dreamless sleep as she softly mumbled to herself,
    "One day we're gona leave this place..." she trailed off as she slowly drifted to sleep a single tear streaming down her face and falling onto the pillow.