• “Consider the human brain. You may erase your memories, but no matter what, you can’t erase what you have done.”
    Ethan looks over at the letter, feeling anger and hurt in his heart.
    “Even you can’t deny it.” A voice behind him whispers. “You’re going to die soon, isn’t that right?” Ethan shook his head. “My father left a note.” He began, but the voice cut him off. “The note is nothing! It’s a warning into your life Ethan. But you’re slowly dying, how will you still bear on life with some stupid quote? Come with me…you’ll find happiness.” The voice was wheezing, and Ethan could hear her breathing hard behind him. “You’re dying too.” He whispers. “We’re both dying slowly.” And there was silence.
    “It’s your fault!” she shouted behind him. “I’m leaving you.” Ethan closed his eyes, hearing her footsteps as she walks away from the garden. They had both made this garden ever since they were nine. Now fifteen, Ethan and Christian can’t understand the beauty in this world anymore. The flowers around him look poisonous. He sees scary things everywhere. Every look he makes, his heart beats fast. This happens with Christian as well…and now they’re dealing with something that can easily kill them instantly. Something that makes their heart skips a beat, and makes their world fall apart.
    Ethan walked home silently in the dark night from their garden, thinking about Christian. Christian was so innocent before all this happened. Now, she knows more than her own parents, her own teacher. She knows more about life now, even better than him. Wait, maybe not life, death. Death was the answer to this madness they’re going through. Ethan didn’t like this. Ever since the nightmare started to attack them, Christian now acts more like his leader than his friend. She seems to know things that she refuses to tell Ethan. Ethan arrived in front of his house, walked inside and closed the door. He went straight to his room, slamming the door behind him. His family was sleeping, and as usual, does not know how long Ethan headed out for. He was tired, and wanted to sleep. But if he sleeps, The Nightmare would come…
    Christian will die. So will you.
    He had remembered that from The Nightmare. It had repeated itself over and over, and made him go crazy. He knew this wasn’t just a nightmare, it was a horror story played over and over again in his life. Something wants them…something is trying to hurt their minds…Ethan couldn’t take it anymore. He doesn’t know what Christian does to get energy, but he definitely is not going to sleep tonight. Edward headed over to the computer and went online. He checked his e-mail, and gasped. He felt as if he was going to have a heart attack in his dark bedroom any second. The e-mail was under Christian’s name, but he didn’t think she typed it. It read:
    Ethan was breathing hard, looking at this email. Suddenly, he gave a loud scream. He fell on the floor off of his chair and continued to scream with fear and pain. “Ethan! What’s going on with you? We’re trying to sleep!” His older sister Teresa opened the door and saw Ethan on the ground, panicking. “Mom! Ethan’s in trouble!” she called, and her mother came in. “Ethan! What’s wrong?” Ethan got up quickly, still breathing hard. He didn’t want to bother his family about this. “Nothing….I’m okay now. Just had a panic attack.” He slowly got up and sat down on his bed. His mother nodded. “Are you thinking about your father?” Ethan looked at his mother. “Mom, did dad give me a note before he left?” he asked, remembering the quote about losing memories, but they could still be there. “No sweetheart. Your father never left any note.” Ethan pulled out the piece of note out of his pocket. “You sure he didn’t give me this?”
    His mother looked over it, and smiled. “No, but this is such a good quote for you. Someone must be caring.” Ethan sighed. “Don’t be so sure of that…” he trailed off. His mother soon left him alone, making sure he was okay before she did. Once he got some alone time, he quickly went back o the computer and typed a reply to The Nightmare who used Christian’s email. “What do you want? Why did you kill her?” he typed angrily. After sending, Ethan felt really tired. He quickly went downstairs and made himself a cup of coffee to keep him up. When he got back to his computer, he saw that The Nightmare had replied. “MEET ME. SEE ME TOMORROW, SEE MY TRUE FORM. I WILL MEET YOU IN YOUR GARDEN. IF YOU DON’T COME, I SHALL DESTROY YOUR GARDEN AND GIVE YOU THE MOST HORRIFYING NIGHTMARE YET. COME TOMORROW MORNING. I WILL BE WAITING.” And Ethan was panicking again. He never imagined that in his life, he would be emailing nightmares.
    The next morning, Ethan got dressed and left the house. He was frightened of meeting this Nightmare. It could even kill him instantly. But he had no choice, he needed answers. This can’t continue…him having those nightmares…Christian dead….
    I’m here. Ethan heard a voice once he stepped in his garden. Looking around, he couldn’t see anything but flowers. “Where are you? Show yourself!” he shouted. If you wish….Ethan looked behind him and gasped with terror and shock….

    No. That Nightmare…just because me and Ethan are in danger of dying doesn’t mean you can use my email to lie to him! Christian looks over at the emails, and gasped. It was true. The Nightmare must’ve been in her room using her computer when she was sleeping…why couldn’t she hear it? Christian knew she must do something. Ethan could be in trouble. He’s going to meet The Nightmare face to face, and that could be dangerous. The nightmares they were having were too real, and now he’s going to see it. Christian got up to leave her room. But before she could, she suddenly passed out. Lying on the floor unconscious, she didn’t know that a shadowy figure was right there, grinning.
    Could not let her go see Ethan, until he belongs to me.
    “Christian, glad to see you at church again! you haven’t came for weeks, what’s up?” Her church friend Caroline tugged her arm. “Tell me where you’ve been!” she said. It was clear Caroline was excited to see her friend again, but Christian really came just to talk to her pastor about The Nightmare. The pastor here knows Ethan too, maybe he can help them. “I’m really here just to see Pastor Thomas. Is he here today?” Caroline shrugged. “Didn’t see him. All well, he’ll show us sooner or later.” But suddenly, all the lights went out, and Christian could hear glass shattering. Everyone started screaming when they heard the glass, and Christian knew exactly what this is. “NO!” she shouted. Why is The Nightmare here? Why is he destroying the church? When the lights came back on, Christian and others could see that the glass windows were all broken. Everyone started questioning and running around, confused.
    Christian knew it was The Nightmare who was scaring the church. She knew it clearly. The Nightmare had sent her a dream about this, and then visions her with horror. “Who’s doing this?” cried Caroline. “Who’s this cruel to break the glass windows?” Christian knew she couldn’t answer Caroline. Even if Caroline believed her, it would just cause her to be more scared. ‘”I don’t know” muttered Christian. Suddenly, everyone stopped talking. Christian could hear a low moaning singing, and scary music. Also all from The Nightmare. The church didn’t have speakers, so if everyone hears it that means The Nightmare is scaring us. Everyone kept saying “What’s the scary music? Who’s scaring us? Turn if off!” But the music continued, the moaning grew louder and louder, and Christian knew she had to do something.
    Maybe something she had gotten from The Nightmare these days will help give her clues. She closed her eyes and tried to remember what other dreams she had from The Nightmare. Suddenly, Christian remembered. She gasped. The Nightmare isn’t doing this, Ethan is! And he’s on the rooftop.
    Quickly as she can, Christian ran past everyone and towards the stairs. “No Christian! It’s dangerous to not stay close!” She could hear Pastor Thomas yelling at her, but she didn’t’ need him now. She already knows the answer to what The Nightmare really wants. As she ran up floor to floor by stairs, she couldn’t stop thinking about Ethan. He was doing this, but not from his heart. The quote she had secretly sent him and pretend she didn’t, was wrong. The imprints are not always there, and either are the memories. His heart was now dark, and in despair. Christian got up to the roof and opened the door, and gasped. They were standing in the same position like the night Ethan was reading Christian’s quote: her behind him
    Ethan turned around, his eyes were glowing red with hatred and evil, which made Christian frightened. The Nightmare was controlling him, or rather, inside him. “Ethan!” she shouted, walking closer. But Ethan suddenly held out a knife, and points it straight at her. “Don’t come closer, or I’ll kill you.” He said, and Christian felt a pang in her heart. Her only friend…now belongs to The Nightmare..just what The Nightmare wanted. “No!” she said, and ran forward.
    The real story:
    THE NIGHTMARE is really the devil’s demon he sent to people to people and tries to make them evil as well. Making people evil gives him power, and that’s what he wanted. THE NIGHTMARE is the name of the demon, and he chose Ethan and Christian to be nightmares as well. He had sent them multiple visions, visions of their death. Visions so real, that you can’t move for hours after you see it. For Ethan, it happens at night. As for Christian whom Ethan didn’t know, it happens anytime. She could sleep fine in the night and have it in the morning.
    THE NIGHTMARE, once Ethan met its eyes, Ethan became controlled and defeated. He was now a nightmare as well. THE NIGHTMARE knew a church knows answers to this, so he asked Ethan to destroy Christian’s church before she could find out anything. After running towards Ethan and trying to wake him up, Ethan stabbed the knife through Christian’s heart. Since she would refuse to join THE NIGHTMARE, he placed a curse on her where it’s the opposite. Her soul would die, her body is still alive. She could never die, but she has a broken soul. A soul that cannot breathe for love, death, anything. Ethan was now a demon, and Christian is now immortal. THE END.