• Proluge
    Once the world was an endless Darkness. Then a big explosion made the cosmos separate in small pieces of different worlds called dimensions. Small crystals went on each planet and gave magic. All the universe and people live happily until the darkness conquered some people and wanted to spread the darkness. Light and darkness, dark magic, light magic all of them crashed and its victim was two planets. One was Evagelion. Evagelion was in the center of the universe and seemed to be the center of magic. When the darkness conquered the people of the nearby planets they were accusing Evagelion of ruling with ought democracy. So a massive war begun and Evagelion sunk in the space. The other one was Earth who was cursed when the people of it tried to find Evagelion. Now Earth doesn’t have any magical powers. The battle between light and darkness will continue for millions of centuries but in all cases, light wins most of all.
    Chapter 1
    Whispers all over the place.
    I am doing a step closer; terror is mirrorized in my eyes.
    “Your name?”
    “Natalya. Natalya Ferreira.
    “I am the father of magic, the great wizard Conocora.”
    “I am p-pleased to meet you, your m-majesty.”
    “Me too. Let’s see your Aura.’
    Τhe floor shone a little. It was kind of a shock to me as I wasnt expecting it.
    “So you are from Earth and you have magical powers? Very strange...”
    “I-It was an accident, I met two students that you passed to the academy a-and I saved them from villains with ought knowing I had magical p-p-powers.”
    “I would like to see how you are going next year. In other words you pass!”

    Chapter 2
    With the pass of months, the headmasters of the school understood that my magic is the second most strong than other 1st2nd year students. So I was entrusted with the title of a team leader where I can train a group of students so they will develop their skill. Right now I am a 2nd year student and most people say they find such a kind of power in 1.000.000 years! Indeed the magic I have , the mirror magic, was extinct since the sunk of Evagelion into space. I try very hard in order to develop this power more and more so I can be a strong magician. A new date came and my teammates where fighting and training once again.
    July my best friend was fighting Tampa another good friend of mines. July has the power of the hairdoom so she has incredibly long hair as her hair is alive and she controls it as a weapon!! At the other side is Tampa with the water magic. She isn’t such a powerful student but she is trying VERY hard to keep up with the others. Putting a great powerful student with a weak student isn’t the best idea but water is weak against hair and I am training my team in order the weak to win the strong.
    Right now I have a boy to train the boys, Yang, who happens to be my boyfriend. He is the strongest of the boys so he trains the boys when I am away or I am busy with the girls. As it seems Tampa isn’t doing well the excersize. Next fight we have Yukamami (Yuki for short) to fight Yin my second best friend who has the power of transformation. Transformation is weak against Ice which is Yuki’s power. However Yuki happens to be a princess of dimension 76 and she is very selfish and has a great ego that you can’t keep up with her and she gets on your nerves. I have told her NOT TO come in the training with high heels and dress but she doesn’t even LISTENS to me. And that’s why she always looses, even because she trips over her dress or high heels or because she has a “bad” landing with her high heels. There is also another
    girl Clover, who has the power of luck doesn’t fight anybody because she has special permission from master Yo the
    vice principal because she is extremely powerful because of the power of luck.
    However the most powerful of all is me as I am the leader of the team. However there aren’t only girls in my team. There are boys too.First of all Josh. He has a power of time space. Yang (whose my boy friend)has the power of fire. Two other boys are also in my team. Perry with the power of platypus (weird power?) and Zmart who has the power of super intelligence (for his age) whose is also Tampa’s brother. Those people live 100 years and in 100 they will know EVERYTHING! (Creepy….)
    That day I couldn’t get my head off Yuki. She really pisses me off and I and Clover understood that we must talk to Master Yo so he would think if it will be ok of her to stay at the academy.

    Chapter 3

    “This is how the story goes Master.”
    Master Yo looked his paper and then us.
    “I understand your problem dear. I will come to the training tomorrow to see how she is going.”
    “But sir...”
    “Off you go. Natalya! You must go to master Conocora tomorrow after training, he wants you.”
    What? Master Conocora wants me? What should he want? So the next day came. I gathered the team, in other words my friends, (instead of Yukamami who isn’t my friend but she is in the team).
    “Hear that. Today Master Yo is coming. And I see Yuki doesn’t wear trainings……..OOOPS! Sorry dearrr!”
    Ha-ha-ha now she is super angry. Ha-ha-ha I enjoyed it. Master Yo came in.
    “Hello children. I am here of a little check up. First of all, Yukamami Patrisanov, Step in.”
    Yukamami stepped and started her little show of her magic. She was watching her self every second not to trip over. At last she made a jump in order to make an ice punch and she landed stepping on her dress and of course she tripped over. Everybody laughed. Master Yo didn’t (ha-ha-ha-ha). I guess she will get kicked out (YAY!). Then all the team did a spectacular show. I was ready to leave when I remembered I had to go to Master Conocora I quickly ran into the room where he lies but Master Yo stopped me.
    “ Natalya , my dear you were right. She cant keep with the team. It will be a great disappointment for her father to know that. She be in the best school academy and this IS the best. She…..cant leave or she will be a great disappoint mean a great disappointment for all the mages in all dimensions to know that she was the only kid
    Who quited her studies as mage.
    If the same story continues after a year I am afraid I must kick her out. But not now. Wait a little. Oh! And forget about Master Conocorra. I’ll make a meeting for you , Tampa and Yang tomorrow at my office. You and Yang doesn’t make special training to Tampa correct?”
    “Yes correct.”
    “See you tomorrow my girl.”

    Chapter 4

    “Natty!” would you please make me a special training to ME! PLEASE?”You are doing special training to Tampa and I want tooooo!!”
    Josh was begging me for training over a month.
    “No Tampa is an exception.”
    I couldn’t continue the conversation and ran to Masters Yo office and I saw Yang and Tampa there.
    “Hello. I am here to discuss a VERY VERY important thing. You know about the bank of elements right? Could somebody tell us why the bank of elements is that important?”
    “Because it keeps the elements safe?”
    “Correct! And what happens if an element is stolen?”
    “The people who have the power of that element; their power will be lessen.”
    “Correct again. And what the government does when an element is stolen?”
    “They put a power base to keep their powers but their powers are weak.”
    “3 points so far! Great and what happens if the power base is stolen?”
    “The powers of the people of the stolen base and element are as weak as useless.”
    “Indeed. And we have an alive example. Tampa.”
    Today wasn’t Tampa’s day. That’s the only sure thing.
    “Yes I was just informed that the power base of yours was stolen and your element 3 years ago.”
    That was Yang.
    “And were we training HER for NOTHING? She CAN’T BE HERE! SHE can’t keep with US! She needs special training for nothing? Will we shook a magic wand or something and POOF! MY POWERS ARE BACK YAY!”
    “Yang please.”
    “NO WAY NAT!”
    “I am so sorry. I put you all in trouble.”
    She left the place crying.
    “That wasn’t very polite.”, I and Master Yo told Yang.

    Chapter 5
    Dear Mum,

    I don’t know what to do! I told you in my last letter about Tampa and the meeting at the Master Yo’s office. But cheering her on doesn’t helps. I tried to suggest her and explain her that she will get over it. However that doesn’t helps. And she doesn’t even open her door to anyone. She doesn’t goes to breakfast nor lunch nor dinner! Clover came to sleep with me because Tampa doesn’t let her in. The worse of all, she doesn’t comes neither to training nor lessons. That’s tragic. I and Tampa grew up a special relationship. Not like the special my best friends have but it is special! I remind her everyday her worth, after and before the robbery. But she doesn’t hear me. I wish we could bring her element back. However, the robber continues his moves. Now the fire element is stolen! Master Yo told me. How I am going to tell Yang? OH MY GOD! Mum please helps me. You are psychologist! You know what to do!

    With love,

    Chapter 6
    Dear Natalya,
    I am so sorry to hear that from you. Things aren’t going well for you and I see and your boyfriend too. The case seems serious and you and your team must find the robber and the stolen elements before something terrible happens or more elements got stolen. About Tampa, I thought your problem very much. It’s a very difficult season for her. Maybe only with talking you won’t achieve everything. Maybe doing something physical will help. I don’t now what, but I am sure you will find the answer. You should prove her the special relationship you are telling me you are having with her. The risk may be big, but the results will be worth the try. Now, about your boyfriend. You should go tell him quick you know it’s very important from him. In the daily universal newspaper the school is sending me, I learnt the fire base was stolen too. If he hears it from a 3rd person everything will be all wrong. You are risking your relationship, dear, if you don’t tell him. And then you will be like Tampa’s condition then. Trust me.
    Write back soon,
    From your mother, Denise

    The words physical and special were spinning on my head. Suddenly Yang got in.
    He came and hugged me.
    “What is it Yang my dear? You freaked me”

    He showed me his hand. He tried to get a flame out of it but a small fire got out, around an inch and then it disappeared.
    “What’s happening to me?”
    I looked him with my eyes full of tears.
    “Baby, I have to tell you something important.”
    Chapter 7:

    “Tampa. Please open.”
    “We gave up our powers until the Christmas Holidays in a week.”
    Deadly Silence.
    “Look Tampa. You... Didn’t cause any trouble to us.
    It was just a thought from Yang’s brain, you know him.”
    Nothing again.
    The door was open. I went in. Tampa was gone. I got crazy. I saw a letter. It said:
    Dear friends,
    You are right. I can’t keep up with you. You are so strong and I am a weakling. Sorry for causing trouble. I am going back to my home planet.
    Good luck with your training.

    That was the final blow. I ran to my team’s table in the dinning room. Well Zmart went shocked. All of them went…………….mad.
    “We have to find her.”, Zmart said.
    “With which powers you freak?” Yuki said.
    ‘We have to with magic or not.” I said.
    Oh not again!
    “Tampa is still a member of our team! It’s our duty to save her.”
    Some people went with my side. Few, few Yukamami was the only one who was outside the rescue team.
    “Ok, ok I will? Geez.”
    Ok now that Yuki was in the team everything was ok. So we left the academy. Automatically we went to the portal to see her. The guards didn’t see a thing, so we got out of clues. But then I thought an idea. I told my teammates to leave and go to school. So I went to the waterfall near school, the only place we are allowed to go. Tampa usually goes there to relax and think. It will be a good place to hide. It has fruit trees, shower (water from waterfall) toilet (there is a bathroom for the tourists) etc.
    And I was right. She was at this wonderful paradise.
    I got a step closer.
    She looked me with a crying tone in her eyes.
    She couldn’t speak at all. I slapped her.
    “Why you left us? We all got into danger by leaving the academy!”
    “I-I d-id thi-“
    I slapped her again.
    “Because with ought your element you are USELESS? No Tampa, no. I disagree, you are worthy of living in this world. Because of a little magic lost you make such a big thing? In Earth we thinκ as magic as fairytale that entertain us. Now here it’s a reality. Tell me how did I lived in my planet with ought magic for 12 years? I am 2 birthdays outside my place. And I can survive with magic or not. If I can, cant you Tampa?”
    “I d-don’t know.”
    “Let’s go.”
    “I am so sorry.”
    “You didn’t have to. Let’s go back before Master Yo notices. Right?”
    She nobed affirmative. I was sure a new bright day will begin. However half of this thought was a lie. A new relationship began with me and Tampa, but however I had to face the robber myself. And then all of my team got involved into a fight for everyone’s magic and sake.

    Chapter 8
    Christmas holidays at least! It’s weird that my friend is all Christians! That doesn’t matter because after 4 months of hard training and developing, I, July, Yin, Yang, Tampa and Zmart are going to my home planet earth. July’s mum agrees of having holiday on a faraway planet. Yin and Yang are hiding from their father’s anger when he learns that Yang has lost his element. Tampa’s and Zmart mum is poor and so when she learnt that she can live at my place her children thought it will be nice visiting their new home. So all of us went into the portal to go home. The guardian was very happy to hear the dimensions name because he has years to press the button to go to Earth. So we all of us went home. At first they all went confused as nobody was using magic. I remind them not to use magic because they might thing they’re freaks (ha-ha-ha-ha). We arrived at my small house and everyone took their beds and playing Christmas games. We where eating happily, all of us enjoying our Christmas holidays until a big blackout. After the blackout I saw the robber. The robber was a female teenage girl around 19 she looked very familiar to me
    She came closer and closer.
    A step closer she came.
    Another step closer she came.
    “I just greeted you? Why not greeting me too? That’s not polite ya know?”
    “What do you want for us?”
    A step closer again she came.
    “I know you want to catch me right?”
    Her gray eyes lit a little.
    “So I came to inform you that I don’t have bad causes.”
    Tampa attacked her from the back.
    “Element steale-“
    Back kick from the robber.
    “I told ya I didn’t have bad causes to ‘borrow’ your magic.
    Everything will be back. All I want is to take revenge for the sunk of my precious homeland dimension 55, Evagelion. And to do that I need power!”
    “And about the people who will suffer with ought to reason?”
    “Everything happens on purpose my dear sibling.”
    I was confused once again in my life.
    ‘I am not your sibling.”
    She looked my in the eye with those fearful gray eyes. Her hair was darker than black.
    “Did you already forget me, sister? My dear Natalya. Of course in the day of the sunk you were a baby and I was 4. How is your twin?”
    Confused and again confused. How could I be her sister?
    A step closer she came to me.
    “No my dear. You learnt to live with no magic. That was because mother wanted to protect the most precious treasure of Evagelion. The mirror element. This is very basic for me to revenge. She put it inside you and sent you me and our sister to three separated dimensions. I was the oldest and I managed to survive. Putting you in Earth is safe; nobody believes in magic ANYMORE!”
    It wasn’t true I thought.
    Another step closer she came.
    “Yeah mother stayed with you in order to protect you from magic. If you haven’t known now my revenge would be complete . But Now you are taken to the greatest magic academy of all in D. 99 and you live in the darkness. Our reunion isn’t that good. How different, I want to revenge even with force, you want not to do anything to remain good. And why you to be the last with this element? Why not ME to take it. I am graduated with my natural power. Not even a secondary power because they knew my true indentify. It’s me Natalya. Arania your sister. Please join me.”
    I didn’t want to be a bad guy.
    “Then I will take the mirror element by force.”
    She blowed a web like a defense shields not anybody to get in our fight.
    She started throwing spiders. Spiders were everywhere and I tried dodging her with mirror defenses. But I could not harm her. I had to get closer to her. But how I thought. I remembered I had a secondary power the requip machine!
    A quickly equipped to the speed power that makes me run faster, then I ran very fast, dogging every spider she was sending me. And when I came close, I reequipped to the power buster that lets me increase my magic power. That’s how it went. And I was doing this again and again like the videogames that you must hit the boss tree times and then he’s off. Well it took me longer. But I did it. (Few, she was hard. That’s natural, she is graduated.) Ιn a pain she was fallen into the ground.
    “Want some hel-“
    She touched my chest.
    “Elemento Miro!”
    A small thing like a ball thing came out from my chest. The mirror element. She had it for good.
    “Bye bye, my dear sis!”
    She left. I requiped again and started chasing her. Well we were jumping from roof to roof. She is fast and I realized I could tag her for a while in this condition. I needed to update the speed power but now I couldn’t .My power is GONE! I was running and running but still I could touch her. So requiped something else. The super Jump power! It was updated so it could be a fast BIG jump. And I jumped with ALL my power to her. She understood how close I was and backed kicked me but I dodged her and I requiped my Today-updated Dynamic PUNCH! So I punched her and took back my element and putted it in my chest. It was drained again in it. I came back to my house. Everyone was worried and relieved to see me but in the back of my mind I always think the hard true.

    Chapter 9
    Dear Natalya,
    I am really sorry for what happened in the Christmas holidays. School is again out and you are aware of your very power inside you. Sometimes people cannot tell the truth by talk and I thought it could be better to write you.
    All of what robber said its truth, you are her sister. I was surprised to see her do such a things. Your dad is … the darkness himself. Its truth the government was unstable. You are a princess of a no active planet yes. I as the queen tried to convise your dad not to spread his darkness to his daughters; not as he did with the people of nearby planets. What the history book says is not true. It wasn’t the dark people who sunk Evagelion. It was Evagelion itself. It was its converment. Or its monarchy? I can’t really tell that. I didn’t could have any speech in your father’s monarchy. HE WANTED TO CONQUER MORE AND MORE PLANETS. I couldn’t do anything. His ruling was unfair. And your sister, Arania took from her father. I couldn’t let you and your twin become like her. The darkness of Arania is very big. She herself didn’t want a secondary power. She didn’t need it. Her power was so big that you yourself got tired of fighting her. And when she fell down you didn’t win. She tricked you. You must train harder to win her for real. That’s not our point now. I took all of my kids and left. Arania didn’t want to leave. I thought if I took her with me it would be ok and the light would go to her again. But it was too late. I couldn’t leave her die with her father in this true disaster, so I left her and your twin in different homes to grow up. I don’t know your twin’s name. I gave you your name after moving here. I gave you the element because of to live in a planet with no magic so this strong power won’t be abused. It was wrong of me to leave your twin in another dimension. I am ashamed of my decision. This is the truth and you must learn it. I hope I didn’t hurt you feelings.
    With much love,
    From your mother, Denise

    Well thanks mother. Thanks for saving me. I love you.
    Chapter 10

    As it, knows that my sister was evil, so was my own father I felt like I was the danger. She wanted me! Everyday after the event, there were element robberies. Everyday all the teams became weak and weak some of the students useless. I showed Master Yo the letter and later to Master Conocora. Soon I was the main gossip subject in all school. All of them, friends and non-friends were looking me with a questioning stare. I could read what was mirrorized in them. They were a confused trying to find an answer. “Why, she is such a good person…”, “she showed us our true self….”, “It wouldn’t take long to understand what kind of person she is….” Other ones went like “It wasn’t her fault, she don’t deserves it”. But instead even in crowd of different option I could see an “I don’t care Natty, you were always a friend of mines and I don’t care what the others say. You are not evil….” Those are the only people I can know that I can trust, Yang, July, Yin and Clover.

    Chapter 11

    “You are gorgeous !”
    July was guiding me in the main lobby to the stadium.
    “Come on! It will be awesome! Let’s forget whatever happened right? It’s the end of the school year! Be happy!”
    I wish I was. The end of the 2nd school year came and everyone was very happy to hear about the ball that will take place in the stadium. Still it will be a singing contest and a dance contest. I really have no interest anymore of a silly school ball.
    “Come on we will be late! Remember? Our band’s career starts! Don’t you really wanna win the contest?”
    After we heard about the ball, I, Yin, July and Clover decided to make a band called “Charmz”. The girls wanted so much so I promised them I’ll sing for the band. So Yin goes with the Keyboard, I rule the microphone and electric guitar, Clover the bass so July the drums. However it’s not sure if we would make it. So we got in. “Hey girls!”
    Yang came hug me and kissed me in the neck.
    “Go quick and sign up!”
    “I’ll go!”
    July started running fast to sign up. She came back in a second.
    Yin and Clover showed up.
    ‘Yo, Natty.”
    “Ready to rule the crowd?”
    “I wish...”
    They laughed.
    ‘Come on let’s go on the backstage to get ready!”
    “I’ll be watching you from the crowd!” Yang said.
    “Right lets!”
    So we went in the backstage and practiced a little. But not everything was going right. While we were singing Clover complained that Yin lost the tempo.Yin was embarrassed.
    “We are all counting on you Yin! If you lose the temp then we will lose it too and the music won’t be right!”
    “… I am working on it...”
    “Yes but we don’t have time to. We are getting out in half an hour! How are we going to win?”
    I lost my temper.
    I sat down on the floor nervously and tears fell down.
    “What’s going o-“
    They looked me question.
    I wish I didn’t have this ability to read what’s mirrorized in their eyes.
    “What... The?”
    “Could it…be…?”
    Clovertalked first.
    “I don’t know about the others, but I don’t understand what you mean.”
    “ We don’t care who people think you are. We will enjoy being a band only with a vote. Because we enjoy teaming up with you. Because you are our best friend.”
    I smiled and hugged them
    From the microphone Master Yo’s voice said that it was our turn.
    We went on the stage. I gave the signal. One. Two. Three. We
    Started. Cool music. It becomes harder and harder when drums go fast and harder I start. It went good. In a minute the crowd was moving. In 5 minutes the crowd was going very fast and fast and danced until no end.

    The crowd was screaming. They liked us! They did! Awesome!
    “I think we have a winner. The “Charmz!”
    Clapping everywhere.
    It went so good. All my team was screaming and went out of the stadium with the sense of victory like the days BEFORE Christmas holydays. However SHE came.
    “Very nice song, my dear sibling.”
    Oh-oh. Arania landed .
    “Why you?”
    “I came for it.”
    I whispered “Elemento miro” and showed her the element.
    “You want that huh? Go and get it. I won’t hit you”
    She ran toward to it. July attacked.
    “You said I won’t be attacked.”
    “I didn’t. July did it.”
    “Silly girl”
    July’s hair which was holding really tight Arania was cut by Arania. She knew the weakness of the ones who have the power of hair doom. To cut their hair loses their power. Shorter hair means more loss of power.
    “Don’t worry about me. Fight her.”
    “I will help.”
    “Me too.”
    “WE TOO!”
    Tampa and Yang came a step closer.
    “B-but you are...”
    “It doesn’t matters us if we are weak. We are your friends. And we will battle for you.”
    “What a bunch of pathetic friends you have Natalya. Its ok they are messing with the big guy.”
    I was watching the whole scene with ought saying a thing.
    Chapter 12

    I was watching all my friends all one by one being defeated. Tears fell from my eyes.
    “Its time to beat for you to beat her.”
    It was Master Yo.
    “How did you get here?”
    “ Go , dear, now’s your chance!”
    “But Master Yo why don’t you do it?”
    “I know you want to pay back. So if something goes wrong I’ll help.”
    I nobed.
    “Stop messing with THEM.”
    She looked me like a disturb her.
    “You want me right? Then come and get me.”
    She came. Then I reequipped my SUPER MIRRORIZED ARMOR and then the fight begun! We were fighting and fighting.
    “Sis don’t you want a payback?”
    “I don’t need one.”
    We continued to fight when we where talking.
    I ducked to her attack.
    “I didn’t grow up there.”
    “I don’t have any feeling about Evagelion because I don’t remember anything from it. But anyway, father’s monarchy was unstable. The nearby dimensions didn’t have to sink it, I agree. But think of the innocent people who will die because of a revenge of someone. And all the nearby dimensions where innocent. The guilty was Evagelion, itself.”
    “ Lie!”
    I dodged her.
    “Mother told me.”
    “ Mother didn’t tell you the truth.”
    “That’s the truth!”
    She slashed my leg.
    I fell down and I saw my leg bleeding as the slash was big and deep.
    “ Then you will die and I’ll take your element.”
    I closed my eyes and gave up. I wanted to die. I wanted to die because I caused trouble to my friends. I heard a long “nooooooooo!” and I opened my eyes. It was Yang. Yang was slashed for me!
    “ Yang answer, me ! Yang!”
    “ Na- ta – ly- a…”
    “ Yang hold up!”
    A deep silence came.
    “Why? Why are you risking my life… for me?”
    I looked him.
    In his eyes I could see himself praying to make me live. At least he closed them…maybe forever.
    “ No it cant be.”
    I looked Arania.
    She killed him.
    “ How pathetic.”, she told me.
    At that moment I felt a total hate for her, wanting her dead right now this moment. Or. myself dead that caused trouble to my boy friend because of me.
    “ That’s none of your business. And you killed him. You b***h. Only because of that ******** element.”
    I took out the element.
    “Big power, everyone is seeking it.”
    I dropped it in the ground.
    She was confused.
    I slashed the element. Small shards the remainings of it…were flowing in the air. I wish Yang would see it. But suddenly it froze. It went directly to me. All the shards. They went where they belonged. In me.
    “ Sorry my Arania. But this is the last time we will ever see each other.”
    I put the knife in my chest.
    “ Bye….”
    And I left the life with the power I carried with ought learning who my twin.

    Chapter 13 - Epilouge-

    I was staring the Master’s Conocora’s Academy for Mages and Alchemists, in Dimension 99 the school were I almost murdered myself. However I was saved and I will be the only person who will have the power of mirror in the whole universe. My evil sister was put in prison for the rest for her life it seems.
    “ Natty!”
    It was Yang
    “ Yang!”
    We hugged.
    “How is the therapy going Yang?”
    “Very well. I will still have a big mark of a slash in the chest but its ok. In a few days I will be ok.”
    “ Thank God.”
    “July! Yin!”
    “ How were your summer holidays Nat?”
    “ Never the same with ought you.”
    “ Hey guys!”
    “ Clover! Tampa!”
    “ Did we miss something?”
    “ Nothing.”
    The bell rang.
    “ See you at the training boss!”
    Everyone went into their dorms.
    I am sharing my dorm with July.
    “July I see you hair grow up fast!”
    “ Yes , Master Yo gave me a medicine so they will grow up faster. They are very long actually for my age!”
    So we finished preparations and went to the training hall.
    I was happy that the new school year came a chance of me to forget what happened next in order to continue to live my life.
    “ Yuki-! You are wearing training clothes?!”
    “ Indeed. I was bored. And after all I didn’t want to get them dirty.”
    “ So enough with the chit-chat. I welcome you to our training hall. As you know for 3rd year in our 3 years of our training I am your leader as because I am the strongest. But that’s why we are here. To become STRONGER! So I wish to everybody a happy 3rd year of hard training in order to graduate with flying colours and be the tomorrow’s hero against evil!”
    Clapping all over the place.
    “Thanks team. Now lets go to the opening ceremony for 3 years!”
    Everybody left quickly to the stadium for the ceremony.
    “ So lets go”, I said to the rest of the people that left in the place.
    My gang. Yin, Yang, July, Clover and Tampa. Plus me we’re six!