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    Last night...

    "Today's agenda" I sat on my couch in my apartment. Sunny afternoon.
    I set my phone on my coffee table just relaxing. "nothing at all. How fun?" I question myself
    with sarcasm.

    My phone rings and who other than Zach is on the other line. I answer.
    "Hey Zach."
    "Yo man, you should totally come over."
    "Sure, whats up?" I asked.
    "we're gonna hit up a party going down at my girl's place. Wanna join?"
    "I don't know man."
    "Come ooon! It'll be fuuun." Zach halfheartedly begged.

    Last time I went out with him and the "crew" all I got was a hangover and a whiny a** girl in my bed in the morning..
    .. I hope it was a girl.
    "Fine. I'll be over in a bout an hour or two."
    "Oh damn guys Matts joining us!" Zach said to some guys and there was cheering in the background "Kay dude see ya then."
    "Bye." I replied shaking my head.

    Why do I have a feeling I'll regret this?


    I roll up to Zach's house in jeans, black button up, and my hair messy.
    I kinda don't care what will happen tonight but at the same time I do.

    I call Zach and he answer; "Yo Matt you here?"
    "Yup. Out front." I reply.
    "Kay dude come up. but come through the back."
    I hang up and go to the back. Sometimes he wants me to go through the back so then I don't
    get attacked by his obsessive neighbor: Chelly. She gets obsessed over guy too easily. Sadly, I'm one of them.

    I knock on the back door a couple of times. I look over to the neighbors yard and see a girl
    around my age come out dressed up to party. Their light came on; I seen her. Wavy brown hair,
    light brown eyes, soft pink lips, and a black cocktail dress that gently hugged her small yet perfect frame.

    So gorgeous.

    Some girls came out behind her but my eyes were only set on her.
    Her eyes caught my mine looking at her and she smiled.
    I hope thats good cause I grinned back.
    She waved her hand gently saying hi.
    "Hey" I said with the grinned stuck on my face.

    Then the door behind me creaked open and I was forcibly pulled into the apartments. With the door slamming behind me I was pushed against the door roughly.
    "What the hell?" I said loudly and quickly ran my hand up the wall beside me, trying to find the switch.
    The person who pulled me in was unbuttoning my pants.
    "Hey!" I said loudly pushing them away. I found the switch and quickly flipped it.

    It was Chelly.
    "******** my life" I huffed under my breath.
    "Hiiii Matthew. I seen you talking to my hideous neighbor. You shouldn't associate with her; She's a whore. And plus you already are taken." Chelly scoffed.
    "What? By who?" I questioned confused.
    "By me silly. Your ALL MINE!"
    She walked up me getting way too close to me.
    "Um. That's interesting but I um have to go." I slipped away running up the stairs up to Zachs place ran in shutting the door as fast as I could.

    Zach darted a questioning look at the door and sighed a breath of relief and asked "Dude! What the hell happened? You looked like you ran a race.", I shook my head looking at him , "Oh Cheelllly?"
    I nodded, locked the door, and walked to the couch "The chick is insane. I swear she said I was taken by her!" I fell onto the couch between Zach and Jake.
    Jake looked at me and said "At least a chick is hopelessly devoted to you. I mean come on a girl that hot doesn't me any amount of attention", Zach and I gave Jake a confused look, "I mean if I liked her, which I don't, but shes eccentric.." he chuckled awkwardly and looked away.
    "So! You guys ready to go?" Zach asked standing up rubbing his hands together.
    "Sure." I replied.
    We got up and head for the door.
    "As long as I don't run into Chelly again" I said. Jake and Zach laughed.

    **Matthew, Jake, and Zach walked past Chelly's apartment and she picked through her peephole through the door and watched them as they past. "Oh? A party? No invitation for me? I guess I'll be a surprise!" Chelly ran and got ready following the guy to the party.**


    We showed up to the party and there was a lot of people.
    "Whoo! Lets party!" exclaimed Jake.
    Then I got a gut feeling somethings going to happen but I shrugged it off.

    "We walked in and the people cheer,
    pass a cup fill it with beer.
    Party don't stop from night to day,
    Don't give a $#!% what the neighbors Say!"
    Blasted on the stereos.
    I had a few drinks and danced along to the song with some girls.
    "Party party don't stop,
    girl you make that booty pop.
    Make me, Make me lose control,
    Grab a girl and hit the floor!!"

    Then I looked over and made eye contact with a familiar face and smile. Oh its the brunette I smiled back at her and aimlessly walked to her not breaking our eye contact. Almost a few feet away and I said "hey --", Chelly jumped into my path and exclaimed "Hey baby I was looking all over for you" she jumped and tried to kiss me but i pushed her away. I looked over her and the girl was gone.
    "Chelly I'm not your boyfriend stop thinking that." i said her angrily and walked away.

    Then Zach walked up to me and said "Man I bet your going home with chelly"
    "I bet you I won't" I replied.
    "Alright bet. If you lose you go on a game show that I choose"
    "Alright and If I win you have to date Chelly" I replied.
    "Haha! Deal" he replied and we shook on it.

    3:45am the next morning

    I wake up with a throbbing headache, and naked in a unfamiliar bed.
    "good morning sleepyhead" Said Chelly with a big smile kissing me on the cheek "That was better than last time but I like your bed better."

    "Crap... "I huffed under my breath and think: What did I do last night.