• Rarity slowly crept through the forest,looking around and suddenly entered a hunting crouch,stalking a young snow rabbit.She pounced,but the sound of the rustling leaves startled the rabbit,making it look at Rarity and run off."Mouse Dung!"Rarity hissed
    ."I would have caught that rabbit if whatever made the leaves rustle wasnt interfering!!!" She growled. Suddenly the bush behind her rustled roughly.She turned around and a fox jumped out.

    Rarity woke up looking around.She was in her house.Her sister Snowball looked at her and yawned."Are you ok, Rarity?" She mewed. "Er.....Yah...Im ok Snowball.Dont worry about me." Rarity meowed."Ok?..." Snowball mewed wearily.Rarity stood up and looked around, then walked outback.Rarity climbed onto the fence and jumped off the other side of the fence. She crept into the forest.Her dream of catching a rabbit would come true soon.She stalked a rabbit and crept down.She pounced and the rabbit ran.Rarity chased it and suddenly, she froze like a statue in terror. A cat jumped at her and attacked. She struggled under the cat and Rarity bit her, letting the young cat yowl a shear screach of pain.She glared at the she cat as she scrambled out of reach.

    "Well done,kittypet!"The shecat purred."My names Snowdrop.Whats yours?"she asked.
    "Im Rarity....."She grunted anoyingly."Nice to meet ya, Rarity." Snowdrop mewed.Snowdrop heard a noise in the bushes."Mouse Dung!"Snowdrop whispered."My leader Owlstar is coming!!!" Rarity suddenly copied Snowdrop and bowed.Owlstar appeared along with the deputy,Littletail."Snowdrop...."Owlstar hissed."Look me in the eyes when you bow..."She growled."Sorry, Owlstar."Snowdrop mewed.Owlstar looked at Rarity and smiled.I saw you and Snowdrop fight.you are very strong.Would you like to join Iceclan?"She asked."Owlstar!This cat doesnt have wave warrior blood!" Littletail hissed."It doesnt matter about warrior blood."Owlstar mewed.You may come with me.If you want to join Iceclan ..."Owlstar mewed."I do want to join Iceclan..." Rarity mewed feeling honored. "alright,Pumpkintail..."Owlstar chuckled. "Ok Owlstar..." Rarity mewed.Rarity finally began the journey finally began with her new friend Snowdrop and many journeys ahead...