• The boy ran, and ran, and ran. He didn't look back at the burning house, or his murdered parents. All he could do was run, as if something was pulling him. The cries of his mother echoed through his head. " Run Alex..." she had screamed. And so, he followed his mothers dieing orders, and never looked back, running till his legs gave way and he tumbled to the ground. Everything around him began to darken. The world turned black, and a sudden warmth engulfed him. Then all was gone. And for what felt like only a minute to the boy, their was utter nothingness.
    The boy arose, finding himself in a cave. As he looked around him he noticed a fox. This was no ordinary fox. The fox was white and orange, which seemed to dance in its stillness like a fire. Heat seemed to be radiating from the fox, covering the cave with warmth. The boy, still exhausted, went back to sleep, and as he drifted off, he herd an unfamiliar voice.
    "When you are old enough, we will meet once more." With that, the boy had drifted off to sleep. This is only the beginning of of a great journey to rid the world of the evil tyrant that had killed his parents, the man that seeks to rule the world with an iron fist, the tyrant known as Lord Zell.

    to be continued...