• Hey hello dear trainers how are you today good? With me is great and good today dear traners! I want to talk about the location of Sinnoh region, it's the legendary story about the mountain where you can catch the legendary pokémons of Sinnoh region named Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. So the mountains name is Mt. Coronet dear trainers. I want to talk about every legend and story about that mountain named Coronet dear trainers. So at the first, I will tell you about the mount Coronet. Mountain is so legendary for the Sinnogh region to make a perfect research it about. So the grandmother of Cynthia dear trainers. There at the mount coronet is the secret place and I want to tell you later at this research about the mount Coronet dear trainers okay, please be patient about it but I can tell you the location name it's Spair pillar (about that location, I will tell you later about it okay) dear trainers.Okay I want to start at the first floor of the mount coronet.

    Okay at the first floor at the mount coronet has 5 entrances to get inside and out from the mount Coronet dear trainers, these are the entrances at Route 207 (south west), Route 208 (south east), Route 211 (north west and north east) and Route 216 (north) dear trainers. So you can use this mount Coronet to train some of your weak pokémons at the first floor dear trainers. So you can have some evolution mothods at this mount Coronet dear trainers, I want to about that evolution methods later dear trainers. There is some trainers and there is at this mount coronet (if you visit it at the first time) you have at the top of the mount Coronet, you can find there the secret location named Spair pillar to catch there the legendary pokémon named Dialga, Palkia and Giratina (at the platinum version, you can catch Giratina at the secret location) dear trainers. This mount Coronet and Spair pillar is linked at the Lakes dear trainers and at the lakes are the spititual pokémons named Azelf, Meshelf and Uxie, they are the pokémons that gives the spiritual sense and the balance on the pokémon world at the Sinnoh region dear trainers so Azelf is the power spirit, Meself is the curage spirit and Uxie is the wisdom spirit dear trainers.Okay and now about the evolution methods at the mount Coronet.

    Okay here is the list about Pokémons that will evolve further at the mount Coronet dear trainers...

    Magneton into Magnezone.
    Nosepass into Probopass.

    »Spair pillar (top of the mount Coronet)«

    »Spear pillar« Spear pillar is at the top of the mount Coronet where the legendary pokémons named Dialga, Palkia and Giratina live. There is the most secret place and there is team Galactic with the leader Cyrus and other members of them. Cyrus summons there the two of the legenedary pokémons named Dialga (time) and Palkia (space) with the spiritual gems named Red chains of the gems from the lake trio and the copy of them, but the lake trio is the spiritual pokémons where befound there dear trainers. The lakes has a names, the names are Lake acuity, Lake verity and Lake Valor (I will tell you about that more with spiritual pokémons on the next story) dear trainers. That lake trio have the balance on the world and Cyrus want to counter balance to destroy the pokémon world with the power of Dialga and Palkia. The pokémon world was defeated and they came back after traveling at the alternative world named Destortian world where you can catch the Giratina origin form and enter the Turn back cave dear trainers!

    »Aviable legendary pokémons to catch at Spear pillar«

    Dialga (Pokémon diamond only).
    Palkia (Pokémon pearl only).
    Giratina (can be only seen at Pokémon platinum to enter the Destortion world).

    »Aviable legedary pokémons at Destortian world (Pokémon platinum only)«

    »The three lakes 'n spiritual pokémons«
    »Mesprite (blue)« »Azelf (red)« »Uxie (yellow)«That spiritual trio pokémons are called by the lake quardians and they are Azelf (red one), Uxie (yellow one) and Mesprite (blue one) dear trainers. They will guard the mount Coronet, Spear pillar and the lakes dear trainers. They have the power of knowledge, emotions and will power that the pokémon world and trainer must have for the balance on the world, team working and to become powerful dear trainers. Now about the lakes where that Lake guardians living...

    »The places where you can find the Lake quardians«

    Lake verity: Mesprit (he will ran away, must catch at the wild).
    Lake valor: Azelf (you can catch him there).
    Lake aquity: Uxie (you can catch him there).

    That's the spriotual pokémons called by Lake quardians live there, go there and find them dear trainers. You can find Azelf there and after you find him and talked to him and he will ran away to the wild world at the region named Sinnoh dear trainers.

    »Giratina at Turnback cave«

    This cave is not so easy to find something like the legendary pokémon named Giratina (you can see him at the picture) dear trainers. This cave is the maze and you can't find your way easily and you can better take move Dig with you dear trainers, because you can lost inside the cave named Turnback cave dear trainers. You can only find your way to Giratina (if you catch it) or items there, you must folow the pillars inside the cave named Turnback cave dear trainers.

    »Aviable legendary pokémons to catch at Turnback cave (Pokémon diamond 'n pearl only)«

    Giratina (normal form).

    That's all about mine research on the mount Coronet, Spear pillar, the Lakes and Turnback cave.