• I slowly sit on my wooden chair near my desk. My computer screen slowly brightened and opened Google Chrome.I wonder what's new. I typed in Facebook in a narrow and long box. It quickly went to my account. No new messages. No friends adding. No nothing. Boring. So I typed in Deviantart and looked at new art until I saw some art from yesterday that I already saw. Then, I clicked on a blue shape that has a bold S text and saw nobody was online. Only four friends in Skype. Lonely? Not really. I clicked the red circle and closed it. I went to youtube next and no new videos. I sighed and got off of the computer. I wish I had an adventure but if I keep expecting it, "it would hurt me", not really. No bruises or pains. Also, boring. I looked out the window and saw buildings standing tall like statues, staying still. Should I do my homework? Well it's not worth it. I'll do it on Sunday. Sunday I have no plans. Just another boring day like today.
    "Honey!" I hear that voice every single day. Mom. She opened the door really quick and loud. "We're in a apartment, remember that," I said.
    "There's only like two people downstairs!" Mom yelled.
    "Well, we're on the third floor, the highest," I complained.
    Mom just shakes her head. I could tell in her face, "what kind of daughter do I have? I thought she would become wild and crazy just like her mom!"
    "We're going shopping again!" Mom announced.
    "Oh not again, we already shopped yesterday in Black Friday," I argued, "waiting for so long, my head might explode!"
    "My dear, we have insurance!" Mom noted, "get ready at eleven!"
    She slammed the door so hard I almost fell off my chair. I got back on the computer to check the time and it was nine-thirty . Also, I noticed someone is online. Ah, Josie is here.