• Josie: hey how's it going?
    Fran: Oh, it's going so swell but mother is going on a tantrum.
    Josie: shopping?
    Fran: How'd you know?
    Josie: oh you know, it was black friday
    Fran: My dear, you know me so well.
    Josie: lololol like about you hearing funny videos as music
    Fran: Stop it, I love that.
    Fran: By the way, want to come with me in the mall?
    Josie: hm.. no thanks because i feel like i would just ruin a daughter and mother moment
    Fran: Not really, she chooses and I hold the clothes like i'm the dad or something.
    Josie: speaking of dads, i have to clean the house before dad kills me
    Fran: Haha, well bye.

    I turned off Skype Chat and checked at the clock again. It was only ten. Woah, that was fast.I closed the computer and walked to my drawer. I really don't care what I wear I just see and take. Making me look like a big buffoon but I don't care. So I just took a black shirt and jeans and rushed to the shower. After, I was done i walked out of my room and saw my mom dressed up as a hipster.
    "Nice outfit," I lied.
    "Really?" Mom questioned happily.
    "No," I said.
    Mom pretended to look hurt but I know she was only joking.
    "Come on, it's eleven," Mom stated.
    "Okay," I said.
    We grabbed our shoes and stepped outside. You could smell the flowers and see the sun blazing the apartments, stores, and houses in our neighborhood.