• Touhou - the Gensokyo Dalek invasion

    Chapter 3 - Trouble in Lake Magus

    *Durring that day with Aya and Momiji taking John across some area in the human village, John was riding his Nimbus 2001 while Aya and Momiji were airborne as they were scouting the place looking for a subject to practice on. So far, they didnt find anything interesting.*

    Aya= I don't see anything worth writing an article here.

    Momiji= I hope we can find something soon.

    John= Things have been quiet here. Why not we go somewhere else and look for....

    Aya= We will have none of that! Your the one who sighned up for this job, your not giving up so easally!

    John= YOU sighned ME UP for this! I was only voulenteering for Reimu's...

    Aya= ENOUGH! Dont be so negative. We will find something soon.

    John= But what about this evening? I have to help Reimu at 5:30.

    Aya= I know Reimu's little shedual. Your gonna be fine ok?

    John= Aya, I just wanna ask a question.

    Aya= Really? Shoot.

    John= Reimu showed me and the girls an old news article you wrote about her, calling her a "drunkard".

    Aya= Oh... that one. *chuckles* It was a pretty good photo wasn't it? Plus did you read that article?

    John= I didn't. I only had a glance at it. I couldnt read it cause she looked embarased.

    Aya= John, listen to me. A reporter and journalist can do what they can do. She was only a critic. And there will be people who will be shy and critisize your article whetherer there a subject themselves or not. I tell you what, why don't you take Momiji with you and see what you can find arround lake magus. I will have to run an errand or 2. Momiji, stay with him and make sure he dosen't slack off.

    Momiji= Gothcha!

    *Aya flies off somewhere, but she was too fast to see which direction she was flying too.*

    John= Sheesh.

    Momiji= Ok, John. Let's go to lake Magus. Follow me.

    *Momiji and John fly off to the magus lake, now...... while in magus lake, John cought sight of some farries playing arround in the corners between the waters and the parchment of land.*

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    Momiji= Hey, this looks like a good subject.

    John= I can take a few photos from here.

    Momiji= You should go closer.

    John= Nah, I don't wanna startle them. I think this is a good distance, let's start here first ok?

    *John took out his camera and adjusted the camera scope and took a few pictures with the farries.*

    Momiji= Boring......

    John= There, got some good pictures. Wanna take a look?

    Momiji= Hmm.... there....so so.

    John= Now to write an article.

    Momiji= Ok, but hurry it up.

    *John began to write in the tengu reporter book about what the farries were up too an what they were doing.*

    John= There, care to read it?

    Momiji= Hmm... so so. Oh well, it is your first day afterall. Ok, now get closer and take more pictures.

    *John quietly slipped closer and trying to take some good pictures of them. Momiji was right behind him, or actually sitting on his broom egging him to go closer.*

    John= I think this should be close enough here...Oww! What was that for?

    Momiji= Your still too far away.

    John= Too far away!? Do you actually want those farries to spot us, if they do, they will run away.

    Momiji= If Aya dosent get a good report, she will be angry.

    *Suddenly, Momiji's cell phone began to ring. She answered it and they talked for a few seconds. Then she hung up.*

    John= Who was that?

    Momiji= That was Aya. She said "change of plans".

    John= Change....of plans?

    Momiji= Now it's time to do the report on you! Your first reporter job. She also said to "chuck you in the fray"!

    John= What!?

    *Momiji grabbed John and tossed him right into the spot where the faries were and the faries were startled and stared at John while he was moaning and getting up.*

    John= urgh..... MOMIJI! What the HELL!? ...... uh?....uh oh.

    *To John's suprise, the faries didnt run away, but they looked pretty angry and preapairing to attack.*

    Fairy 1= Look, a tengu!

    Fairy 2= Looks like those stupid tengu got themselves a new reporter recruit.

    Fairy 3= More tengu to take perverted bloomer shots or hoping to get lucky to get any panty shots you pervert!

    John= Look, I was dragged into this. Wanna blame someone, BLAME HER!

    *John pointed upward towards Momiji, but it appeared that the fairies weren't listening.*

    Fairy 2= You tengu are all the same! Taking dirty pictures and writing lude articles. Why don't you go bother those humans instead of us?

    Fairy 4= Wait a minnute...... *sniff sniff* He's not a tengu!

    Fairy 5= Huh?

    Fairy 1= I mean, look at him. He's dressed up...

    Fairy 3= Smell him!

    Fairy 5= Just as you thought, he's not a tengu...he's HUMAN!

    John= I was dressed up like this by the real tengu. Momiji, the real tengu is up there pribably taking pictures of us as we speak.

    Fairy 1= What a sick trick! Now tengu are now hiring humans for their dirty work. Let's show that stupid white wolf tengu what happens when you cross fairies.

    John= Well, she's up there. Go get her. She threw me, im innocent.

    Fairy 3= Nah, we'll show her by beating the living crap out of YOU instead!

    John= You can't be serious!

    Fairy 4= ATTACK!!

    John= NO! WAIT! STOP!

    *The 5 wild faries began to attack John, then John pulled out his want and shouted "Immobulous" and 3 fairies were motionless but still concous.*

    Fairy 4= Hey! What did you do with that stick!?

    Fairy 5= He can use magic! He's a magic using human, just like that Marisa.

    Fairy 4= He must be Marisa's new boyfriend.

    John= You faries are impossible! I hardly know her! You assume too much.

    Fairy 3= We can't move.

    Fairy 1= WAHHHHHH!!

    John= Look, im sorry. That spell is only temporar I promise.

    Fairy 5= That's it buster! Call Sunny Milk now! We got ourselves another troublemaker!

    Fairy 4= Forget her, look, there's Cirno dead ahead. Human, you will be sorry you picked on us! CIRNO! CIRNO! PLEASE HELP US!

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    *Then, a human child sized fairy with crystal clear blue icicle wings appeared and she wore a bright blue dress, a blue har ribbon, and she had light blue eyes and hair. It was none other than the notorious ice fairy Cirno.*

    Cirno= What are you fairies babbling about.

    Fairy 4= That human dressed up as a tengu is messing with us!

    Fairy 5= Look what he did!

    Fairy 1= We can't move.

    Fairy 2= He stunned us with some kind of magic.

    Fairy 3= He said he can kick your butt too.

    John= Wait just a minnute now! (angrly) I never said any of that. She's lying!

    Cirno= Then go on and take cover. Leave this guy to me!

    John= It's a musunderstanding! You have to believe me. Attack HER! She did it to me!

    Cirno= Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the STRONGEST of them all?

    John= I have no time for riddles and rhymes.

    Cirno= Your right, let's just skip that and go to the part where I gyro freeze you with some english beef!

    John= Oh...s**t.

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    *John pulled out his want and called "Accio Nimbus 2001"! And John's broom flew right into his hand, and John mounted up and took off and tried to escape, but Cirno gave chase. Momiji didn't bother to help, she took pictures as Cirno attacked John. John pointed his want at Cirno and shouted "Flipendo", but it was no good, Cirno easally dodged the spells. Cirno pulled out a card and shouted "Ice sighn - Icicle fall"! Then a rain of danmaku ice bullets began to shower like rain but John switched to his other magic and casted (Haste) on himself and make himself twice as faster and quickly evaded the ice rain and darted upward, but Cirno still was tailing behind him. John then pointed his wand and shouted "Periculum"! A flare shot out from his want to the sky with red fireworks as a sighn, that he was in trouble. Then John pointed the wand at Cirno and shouted "Stupefy"! Cirno got struck and she fell back down towards the water, but when she hit the water, the water surface near her froze and she pulled another card out and shouted "Ice sighn - Perfect Freeze", and when John heard that, he knew he was in for it, there were colored danmaku bullets flying towards him and John evaded and then they stopped and then a shower of ice bullets began to shower at him, and John casted (Fire 2) shattering the bullets into splashes of water. But the colored bullets turned tan began to move and more colored bullets began to fly towards him, but John got hit a few times and John began to grow tired.*

    Cirno= I told you human.... im gonna freeze you for sure.

    John= I didnt want to pick a fight! Im telling the honest to god's truth!!

    Momiji= Got lot's of pictures.

    *Suddenly Aya came back to Momiji and checked on her. Momiji pointed towards John and Aya looking calm and pleased, and then instead of helping, she pulled out her camera and began to take pictures of John as he was being helplessly hit by the icicle bullets and casting fire spells to defend himself.*

    Aya= John, your doing great!

    Momiji= Were proud of you! Your doing exelent!


    Cirno= Now to end this!

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    *Suddenly, from a distance..... a womans voice shouted "Love sighn - Master Spark" and it shot Cirno and flung her a few yards and she fell into the bushes in the forest, and then the woman who shot the beam appeared, it was none other than Marisa Kirisame, and she scooped John and mounted him on her broom and flew away. Then she flew towards another blonde woman with shorter hair, blue eyes, and a white shawl and blue dress and she was hovering with a few flying dolls around her and both took off to the forest.*

    Momiji= That Marisa!

    Aya= Oh well, no matter. We got our story. But don't worry, we can let John go for now. But tommorow, will be a big day for him. Cirno was just a warm up for him.

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    *Meanwhile....in the magical forest..... John was lying down barely concouss, with the same girl with the dolls attending to him with a damp cloth, but John was half asleep and worn out from all the shock he had from the ice bullets. Marisa was on the phone talking to Rinnosuke about some items she was selling to him and about the accident with John.*

    Marisa= What about Keinie, not being at home?

    Rinnosuke (phone)= I tried to call her, but she's not answering.

    Marisa= Try her cell phone then.

    Rinnosuke (phone)= Keinie dosen't own a cell phone.

    Marisa= What about that Kaolla girl.

    Rinnosuke (phone)= I didn't think of that. Ill try to look it up in my notebooks. I can see what I can do, but im a shop owner, not an opperator.

    Marisa= Well, those 3 girls need to be told that their guy had an accident at magus lake.

    Rinnosuke (phone)= What happened?

    Marisa= Stupid tengu provoked a bunch of faries, including Cirno and they attacked John.

    Rinnosuke (phone)= You don't mean the human from the other day? Is he alright?

    Marisa= Alice sais he's suffering from ice shock and a mild case danmaku trama, but he should be fine.

    Rinnosuke (phone)= I wouldn't let him stay with you if I were you. You should take him to Eientei straight away.

    Marisa= Gotcha. Thanks. Bye.

    *The girl attending John was Alice Margatroid, the girl seen hovering at magus lake and who was with Marisa when she cought John and took off with him.*

    Alice= I would listen to Rinnosuke if I were you.

    Marisa= Let's get him ready.

    John= Kaolla.... Kaolla..... take me to Kaolla..... urgh....

    Alice= Don't talk. Your suffering from danmaku trama.

    John= Aya.... put me up to this.....

    Marisa= I knew Aya was gonna be trouble for him.

    Alice= I'll hold on to his broom and bag. We got to take him to Eirin right now.

    *Later...... Marisa was on her broom while Alice was on her side helping her hold John steady while passing the bamboo forest of the lost, then they arrived at Eientei, and then flew to the clinic building. Alice and Marisa layed John down on the ground and Alice ran in to get Eirin. A second later, Eirin appeared at the enterance of the building and she saw John, dressed in tengu wares with a pale complexion, cold and sweaty. She had dark grey eyes, long silver hair in a big braid, and a red and blue dress and cap decorated with star constellations.*

    Eirin= Indeed, he's suffering from danmaku trama. A sighn of those who are new to danmaku effects.

    Marisa= I found him when he was under attack by Cirno.

    Eirin= That stupid moron is at it again, attacking helpless humans.

    Alice= It's a mild case, but he should be fine now?

    Eirin= He's in good hands now. Leave the rest to me.

    *Eirin called her rabbit youkai and got them to get a stretcher and carry John to the emergency room where he would be treated.*

    Alice= We also need to inform John's company about this.

    Marisa= I'll call Reimu.

    Eirin= She dosent have a phone does she?

    Marisa= Ok, I'll fly over to see her.

    Alice= Tell Reimu "John will not be attending his duties tonight" and be sure to tell her why. Here's a note from me just incase.

    Marisa= Ok, thanks.

    *Marisa takes off in a flash and Alice was left with Eirin. Alice told Eirin about how Aya got John in trouble with the fairies and how Momiji threw him into the patch where the faries were.*

    Eirin= That was absolutely no excuse what so ever! To drag this guy into such a stupid stunt. It's very foolish to provoke fairies, especally that moron Cirno.

    Alice= And what if the tengu try to collect him?

    Eirin= There is no way there gonna get him without paying the medical bill.

    Alice= I will also contact Shikieiki Yamaxanadu, at the Gensokyo court house and make a court order and put Aya on trial. This shouldn't go unpunished.

    Eirin= Exelent choice. We got to put those stupid tengu girls and get them suspended before they drag this poor human into anymore trouble and end up getting him hurt worse ....or otherwise.

    Alice= I'll see you tommorow then. Thank you so much Eirin.

    Eirin= Don't mention it. He's in good hands.

    *That very night at the Harukei shrine, Reimu awaits for all the attendants all but John showed up. Keinie and Mokou were also there allongside Kaolla, Shinobu, and Nyamo. Everyone including the 5 men who attended gatherd up at the pavement in front of the shrine and Reimu allongside Alice and Marisa were in front about to give speech.*

    Reimu= Tonight, we have ran into an unfortunate turn of events involving one of our new attendants. One of our new attendants will be absent for the present time, Alice Margatroid will be filling in for John, who will not be here with us tonight due to a certain accident at the Magus lake.

    Keinie= What!?

    Mokou= What would John be doing there!?

    Reimu= It seems that the tengu Aya and Momiji are to blame for our new attendant being absent. It appeared according to Alice and Marisa, that Momiji threw John into a group of wild faries, carlessly following Aya'a instructions over the phone, provoking them into a frenzy and was nearly froze to death by Cirno.

    Shinobu= Oh my god.....John!

    Alice= Ill go on and manage the group. You need to go to Magus lake and talk to Cirno and tell her it wasn't his fault.

    Reimu= Hmmm.... now you mention it, it dosen't sound like a bad idea.

    Alice= I informed Shikieiki about it too. Were gonna try to put an end to this so called.. assistant reporter. I had a talk with Eirin about it too. She agreed to the terms. If we file a lawsuit against Aya and get her suspended, she can end up paying the medical bill too.

    Mokou= I knew it. Those idiots. I knew they were going to go too far with him, I knew it.

    Keinie= John is in Eirin's hands now. He should be safe.

    Nyamo= I hope John will be alright.

    Mokou= There's more to that then John to be just safe.... especally when he's now in Eientei. There's someone else im more concerned about who lives there, that might get a bit too nosey.

    Keinie= Not now Mokou.

    Shinobu= *sniffle* John......

    Keinie= We will help out tonight. At least till John is better, and when he testify's in court against Aya, and possibly Cirno if she dosent cooperate.

    *Meanwhile.... back at the Magus lake, Reimu flies arround the lake calling for Cirno. Cirno appeared and found Reimu calling her out.*

    Reimu= Cirno.....we need to talk.

    Cirno= Reimu, what a suprise to see you here tonight?

    Reimu= It's about a guy you attacked today.

    Cirno= You should have been there, he was dressed as a tengu trying to take dirty pictues of us.

    Reimu= That's not from what I heard. I heard you tried to freeze him.

    Cirno= He attacked me and a few faries.

    Reimu= Alice told me he was thrown at a group of faries by a tengu named "Momiji Inubashiri", by orders from "Aya Shameimaru", to get a group of fairies startled so they could do their stupid cover story of the poor guy. This guy, he's a forenger. And you can get into some real trouble assulting forengers. You know you could get taken to court for that do you?

    Cirno= uh..... really?

    Reimu= It wasn't his fault. Those tengu tried to sighn him up in my plans book and they literally dragged him into this mess, so it's their fault, not John's.

    Cirno= John?

    Reimu= John is his name. And since I know you very well and know that you have no money, you cant help pay for his medical bill. He's in Eientei right now, being treated for danmaku trama that you inflicted on him. If you testify in court tommorow, and plead guilty, then I will see if I can convince Shikieiki to go easy on you. And be sure to bring those 5 fairies too. They too will have to testify.

    Cirno= So....it wasn't his fault afterall? He did say that "it was all a missunderstanding" earlier before I danmaku'ed him.

    Reimu= Think about it. You could also go visit him and tell him your sorry. A companion of his suggested it, and they already know Keinie as well.

    Cirno= K...Ke...keinie!?

    Reimu= If I were you, I would think about it really good.

    Cirno= But what about Marisa!? She shot me with her mas...

    Reimu= THAT was an act of defense of John's part. Beside's, you should be lucky she didn't use full throttle on her master spark or you would be in Eientei, getting treatment yourself.

    *Suddenly, a dark portal appeared and Yukari appeared.*

    Yukari= There you are. I was looking for you. I was wondering why yur here in tis lake and not at your shrine attending you festival preperations.

    Reimu= We have a situation at our hands. That John guy you met, was attacked by Cirno here. Those stupid tengu who sighned him up provoked the faries on purpose in order to do one of their stupid articles.

    Yukari= WHAT!?

    Cirno= I didn't mean it, I swear. I thought it was some prankster, I didn't know.

    Yukari= Where is John now?

    Reimu= He's in Eientei.

    Yukari= He should be fine. He should get a full night's rest, but it wouldnt hurt to take a quick visit. Were going... all of us. So step in my portal.

    *Once in Eientei, Reimu, Yukari, and Cirno were in the clinic and asking Eirin to visit the paitent's quarters.*

    Eirin= Your kind'a late out tonight are you?

    Reimu= I like to see that John guy who was brought in earier please. I also brought the attacker who wishes to "Appologise" for the incident.

    Eirin= He's asleep, but just a quick visit, then you have to leave him.

    *Just a moment later....they were in the room where John was, Asleep and tucked in the hospital bed.*

    Reimu= Hey..... John.

    Yukari= Are you ok?

    John= ugh..... oooh... Is ...that you?

    Yukari= I heard that tengu gave you trouble. Were just checking on you.

    Reimu= Your lucky Alice and Marisa found you or you would be worse.

    John= Oh.... yeah...Thanks. I owe them.

    Reimu= Alice said that she's contacting the Gensokyo court house and sue Aya. Oh... I brought someone to see you.

    Cirno= Uhhh.... hello there..

    John= ......, *EHH!* It's her!

    Reimu= Relax. She's got something to say to you.

    Cirno= Look..... im sorry that I attacked you. I thought yu were with the tengu so I assumed thatyou were some sort of prankster. I didn't know you were a forenger.

    Yukari= You best be lucky you were stopped by Marisa, or you would have gotten yourself into deeper trouble. Not only that you attacked a forenger, you could have started an epidemic. Since it wasnn't all your fault....

    *Suddenly, Eirin appeared*

    Eirin= Time's up. He needs to rest. I'll send Aya the bill once she testify's and pleads guilty.

    Yukari= This case shouldn't be hard at all, dispite that we can use the photos as solid evidense. Alice took a look at those pictures John taken. Pretty nice. Momiji's pictures shown John as he was thrown in the spot and being attacked.

    Eirin= Thanks for your time. He should be much better in the morning.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Durring that night.....John was asleep. Suddenly, the door quietly opened and a figure with very long black hair, and wore a pink shirt with many white bows, and a long, dark burgundy skirt decorated in yellow with bamboo and flower shapes. It was none other than Kaguya Houraisan, poking arround the paitentes rooms un-noticed, currious about the latest paitent. She peers down at John.*

    Kaguya= Strange fellow.....forenger I see. Not likely for tengu to hire a human to do their senseless reporter work.

    John= Uhhh..... who is it?

    Kaguya= Why hello there.

    John= Your not one of the staff are you?

    Kaguya= No. Im much more higher than that. Im allowed anywhere as I please.

    John= So your specal?

    Kaguya= More than specal, let me introduce myself... I am "Kaguya Houraisan", royal princess of Eientei.

    John= ..... I never knew there would be royals here too. Im kind'a new here. Not HERE... but....you know, being here in Gensokyo. You know?

    Kaguya= You should be honored to be in my presence. Not many human men get to meet me, especally forengers. Where are you from, I wonder?

    John= Im from America. I was with 3 other girls, but there not from where im from.

    Kaguya= I was also told that you possesed magic too.

    John= Well...I wasn't born magical, I was sort'a... made into one. But.... I really need to go back to sleep...

    Kaguya= And to miss out on someone like you? Ha! Fat chance. Guards!

    *Suddenly, a few men in tuxedo dressed and wearing cloth masks covering their entire heads to conceal identity.*

    Guard 1= Yes your highness.

    Guard 2= You called us princess?

    Kaguya= Move this paitent to "my" quarters,... immediately. *giggles*

    Guard 1= Does Eirin know about this?

    Kaguya= What she dosent know, won't hurt her.

    *After John was rested in bed and treated for his ailememnts, he recieved audience from princess Kaguya, and for unknown currious reasons. As for Aya, what will be her fate after she gets called to court for endangering a foreginer, but what would Keinie and Mokou react if they descover that John had audience with Kaguya, or more concerned, if Eirin found out? Find out next chapter.*

    To be continued.......