• I stood in the doorway of my apartment, the door on the ground broken into bits. I was scared but couldn't move. My feet felt like they had become one with the wood floor under me. There was a shadow to my left and I whipped my head to the side looking for the shadow, but nothing was there. Then I remember my room mate, Alyssa or Ali for short, was inside our room. I shook my head and ran inside without a second thought.

    "Ali?! Where are you girl!?" I yelled and ran all threw the rooms looking for her, getting more scared by the second.

    "Ali! Come on now! You’re scaring me! Alyssa!"

    I ran into the bathrooms, the bedrooms, the closets but still I couldn’t find her. Finally I reached the one room I haven’t been in, the living room. I pushed open the door and screamed. There where bodies of my friends all over the ground. I knocked over our little table that held my lamp from France and watched it fall to the ground.


    I hoped that none of the bodies were Alyssa's, I just couldn’t handle it. I slid down the wall and sat on the ground trying to breath. Then I saw a shadow again and got ready to scream, but I was too late and a hand covered my mouth.

    “Claire I need you too calm down and not scream...” Said a voice from behind me. I knew that voice, heck I knew it by heart, and did what she said.

    "Ok good girl. Now I'm going to move my hand and I don’t want you to scream, got it?"

    I nodded as she moved her hand.
    “Ali? Oh god Ali! I thought you where dead!" I said quickly and then started to cry, letting her hold me close.

    "Shh...It’s ok Claire. I can’t die that easily. Now sweetie I need you to be quite."

    I shut up and wiped my face and looked around, confused.

    “Why? It’s just us..."

    I looked at her but she wouldn’t meet my eyes. It’s just us right??

    "Ali...tells me what’s going on!"

    “I need you to shut up now,Claire."

    I kept looking at her but she would never meet my eyes. I looked around again and still saw nothing but knew not to make her angry.

    “So this is the pet you keep? She’s kind of skinny...”

    I jerked up the same time Ali did, scared for myself and for Alyssa. I looked around yet again and still didn’t see anything.

    “What the-" I was cut off by Ali's hand over my mouth yet again, and I was getting annoyed of it but my fear of the unknown was over powering my annoyance.

    “She isn’t my pet Destiny...”

    Destiny? So there is another person here? I looked at Ali's
    face and almost screamed again. Her face...it was beautiful yet scary as Hades.
    She had blood red eyes and pale white skin, it was almost as if she was….a
    vampire or something...but that can’t be true...she can't be something from a fairy tail, right?

    “She sure looks like it...she also looks kind of tasty. Mind if I take a bite?" The person said and I heard someone licking their lips, making shivered. I heard someone hissing but didn’t know who it came from.

    “She’s mine Destiny. She looks like she could be some fun, a new pet for me to have...” Said a male voice I've never heard before. His voice sounded like, well it’s hard to explain what he exactly sounded like in words. But he sounded like a man with a slight southern draw yet he also sounded poetic, almost like he belonged in the era with kings and queens but above all else he sounded dark and it drew to me, like prey to predator. To say the least it was breath taking and I heard myself inhale a breath.

    “No one touches her! Or else you die." Ali said and i looked up at her and saw her teeth, no fangs, extend. At that moment I knew for a fact that the same Ali I grew up with was not the same Ali that was protecting me, so I did what every other girl would do...I screamed. Ali looked back at me, surprised, and got knocked to the other wall by the guy.

    “Thank you for the distraction, my dear." He smiled at me and squat down, showing his fangs as well, “Now, come here my little pet."

    “She’s not your pet!!" I barely heard from the other side of the room I couldn’t make my body stop from walking, ok well crawling, over to him and laying my head in on his lap.

    “That’s a good girl. I promise I won’t break you...much...” He laughed and I was awed by the sound it made.

    “No! Claire, don’t listen to him!"

    I heard someone get up then knocked down again. Everything was becoming hazy and spotted with black. I heard someone call out for me again but I couldn’t move. All I could hear was the sound of the man's voice.

    “Don’t listen to her my dear, only me. I will be your new master. My name is Victor and you are?"

    “Claire..." I heard myself say.

    “No Claire!! Stop it! Don’t listen to him!" I heard someone say but then it stopped with a thump on the floor.

    “Well Claire I welcome you to being my personal slave..." He smiled at me then lowered his head until his was breathing hot air on my neck," I will treat you well and never let anyone else touch you...only my fangs are aloud to puncher your body. I am the only one aloud to touch you."

    “Yes master" I heard myself say.

    "No! Claire! Run away!"

    “Good..." I heard him say then felt the sharp pain in my neck and a hand on my mouth. It hurt so much. I wanted to scream and run away, but then the pain faded along with the world. I opened my eyes, not remembering when I closed them, and could only see Victor, everything was Victor.

    “Your blood tastes good...” He looked away from me and I wanted to scream but couldn’t find my voice. ," You picked your prey well Alyssa. But alas I will be taking this one. I really hope you haven’t tamed her..." His eyes sparkled and I almost cried out in joy from seeing it.

    I tried to look around but couldn’t, but I could still hear the curses someone was shouting. I couldn’t stand the noise and finally maganged moved my head to look at the person shouting, it was Ali.

    Ali! I thought with a start. How could I forget Ali!? We basically grew up in the same crib and in the same room, with all of our sleepovers and such. I tried to move, to get away, or something but found out I was being lifted up. I looked back to Victor and almost cried out in longing.

    How could I ever live without him? He is my everything now, and as I let the memories of me and Ali fade away to nothing.

    “Time to go home my love." He told me. I nodded in agreement, not listening to the curses that Ali said to my Victor.

    "Anywhere you are is my home, my master." I said without thinking. He smiled at me then turned to the door and left, caring me with him and leaving my memories behind with the only person i ever trust.