• Touhou - the Gensokyo Dalek invasion

    Chapter 17 - Flight of the Hakurei

    *At the bamboo forest of the lost, there was the place of Eientei, where people of both the human and youkai community were getting check ups. But they werent too busy at the moment. All of a sudden, John allong with Alice, Marisa, Sanae, Chen, Ran, Cirno, Mystia, Tokiko, Daiyousei, Rumia, and Wriggle brought in the injured Melancholy Medicine and Elly, carrying them in their arms.*

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    Eirin= John! I been wanting to see you.

    John= Sorry to worry you but..... we got trouble.

    Alice= Daleks attacked Tohno. And look, we brought Melancholy and Elly. They been attacked.

    Ran= It was Yuuka. She's gone beserk. She turned on us and attacked us all. Yukari tried to stop her but she hadn't come back.

    Eirin= Tewi! Reisen! Attend to them! Get a medic team over to Tohno immediately! I need to deal with John.

    John= You needed to see me?

    Eirin= Yes. You haven't seen your companions lately?

    John= They were at the Myouren temple helping the residense clean it up.

    Eirin= I wanted to talk to you about that capsule you brought to me from the Dalek fortress in hell. I did more research and I came up with something that may help fight them. Follow me.

    John= You guys take care ok? I need to talk to Eirin.

    Cirno= I wanna come with you.

    Alice= No Cirno. Let him go for now.

    *Later..... in Eirin's lab....*

    Eirin= I done more research. These Daleks you warned us about are based on artifical intelligence and mutations. And you say you dealt with them before? Are you awae of this?

    John= Yes I am. Daleks come from another world and they been created from toxic chemicles and severe mutations.

    Eirin= I came up with a sollution on how to make Daleks sick. I studied this capsule more and learned how they revived the earth fever with it. They planned to create softning tactics and tried to make this illness stronger and have it spread all over Gensokyo. It appeared that this capsule had some sort of recorded data inside. We can use this tactic against them and create an organic and natural compund that exclusively attack Daleks.

    John= The last alien race who created something like that were robotic beings called the "Movellans", who made a specal virus that attacks only Daleks.

    Eirin= What the heck is a Movellan?

    John= Android people. Beings who fought the Daleks way before me. Even before my time. This data was found by Kaolla when she search the databanks of the ship that we have. The alien ship called, the TARDIS. I can call Kaolla up if you like?

    Eirin= Good. You call her. Tell her I would like to talk to her.

    John= Ok. I'll get out my cellphone.

    *John dialed his cellphone to the TARDIS number and got Kaolla on the phone.*

    Kaolla (phone)= Haloo!

    John= Kaolla. It's me, John. I need to talk to you. It's about the Daleks. They struck again. They hit Tohno. I need you to come see us immeiately, Im at Eientei. And Eirin wants to talk to you.

    *Later..... the Tardis materialized at Eientei, and Kaolla, Shinobu and Nyamo met up with Eirin and talked about her research of the capsule recovered from the underworld.*

    Nyamo= You mean John found this capsule from that base in the underworld?

    Eirin= Yes. He and Mokou were together at the time when they found it. I did further research on the capsule and it's possible to make a sickness of our own to attack Daleks. All I need is a tissue sample.

    Kaolla= We got one dead Dalek left. We disposed the rest in the underworld. We saw the wreckage with our own eyes.

    Eirin= I see. Now, I need some help making some compunds and formulas to work on a virus of our own. Something that will do lots more good than those Dalek repelling paper charms.

    *Suddenly, Kaguya entered the lab.*

    Kaguya= Eirin, there's this blue box outside and...... huh? You guys.

    Kaolla= Hey Kaguya. How's it going. Remember me?

    Kaguya= Hehehe, I remember you Kaolla.

    Shinobu= It's been a good while hasn't it?

    Nyamo= Well met m'lady.

    Kaguya= Nice to see you again. I enjoyed the food you prepaired durring the festival. It was the best I had. And You know I stuck my neck out for John am I right John? You owe me now.

    John= Yep. I wanted to train more in danmaku so I could help fight the Daleks.

    Kaguya= I see. Eirin, im going to take John for awhile.

    Eirin= Well, alright. But don't take too long.

    *Later..... Kaguya took John to the palace grounds and with her curiousness, she got John to show her what he learned.*

    Kaguya= So you learned how to make Shikigami pacts from Kanako.

    John= I can't do the chant thing on my own. Been too busy to study that. But I can bring them forward.

    Kaguya= How are you with a sword now? You should be getting better with a sword since that IS the legendary tengu sword.

    John= I can do some moves, especally shoot pacification bullets.

    Kaguya= There is another way to use that. Follow me.

    *Kaguya takes John to a chamber where books are stored and scrolls are kept. Kaguya reviewd a few with John and these were similar to the spell card enchantments John and Patchouli reviewed together.*

    John= This is similar to..... I seen these before. Patchouli got me to read these before. She helped me make spell cards with this.

    Kaguya= I can help you too. Now, let's go over this with a swords tome. Now repeat after me.

    *John and Kaguya repeated the chants over a blank spell card and repeating the sword tome words and with several tries, a new spell card was created, Tengu treasure "Sword of Tengu".*

    John= A new spell card. I see.

    Kaguya= You know, Marisa has something called a mini-Hakkero. The hexagon thing she carries, you have seen it have you not?

    John= I have. She uses it to fire that huge laser.

    Kaguya= That's her famous "Master spark", a laser attack she learned from Yuuka long ago. I want you to picture that in your mind and try this chanting again. Now, follow me as I chant.

    *John and Kagua began to chant the words from the scrolls and over a blank spell card. This went a bit slow this time but when the chant was complete, John saw the card's picture appear and the new spell card was formed, Love sighn "Semi-master spark".*

    John= Woah? Semi-Master spark?

    Kaguya= Since your new to that one, I suggest you try to be careful when you use that. And before you go, I want you to take this tome with you. It's for the move I use when I use my katana. It's called "Lunitic cage".

    John= Thanks. I would like to give you a spell card in return.

    Kaguya= Don't. It's ok. I use my specal items, I don't use many spell cards that often.

    John= Who's that calling?

    Kaguya= Eirin. Better get going.

    John= Thanks Kaguya. Im sorry I didn't have anything to give you in return.

    Kaguya= Let's just say, beating those Daleks is good enough.

    *Later......John met back with Kaolla at the Tardis. After all the meeting time, John boarded the Tardis allong with Marisa, Alice, Sanae, and the rest of the youkai and fairies that were with him when they were at Tohno.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Kaolla= Where were you John?

    John= Talking with Kaguya.

    Marisa= About?.......

    John= Danmaku stuff. Stuff that can help my training a bit. Oh, Marisa, about that box you carry. Is it called a Hakkero?

    Marisa= Yeah, what about it?

    John= I think this tengu sword can be used like it, if I can figure out how. Oh, I wanted to ask you something. Have you seen Reimu lately?

    Marisa= No. What about you?

    John= I hope she's ok. I haven't seen her in a good while. Not since the incident at the Myouren temple. And I like to know who is this Yuuka is?

    Marisa= I met her long ago. Her name is "Yuuka Kazami". She lived in her manson near Mugenkan. It's between the sunny fields and the great fissure. She was supposed to have been a friend to Yukari, but she was last seen wearing a cheezy thing on her head. Looks like some sort of toy crown you get from a shop except it was metal. I have never seen her wear a tacky accessory before.

    Cirno= I seen amny strong youkai but Yuuka is a real pain bringer.

    Mystia= I never want to cross her path, even to dare try and play in her sunflower patch.

    Wriggle= She's abandoning her posts? If she does that, her sunflowers will wither without her care.

    John= Im gonna go look for her.

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    Marisa= Are you crazy!? She's not like the others you battled, she IS way out of your leaque!

    John= Perhaps. Because you know the Daleks attempted to take over the Myouren temple and Hell's blazing fires by turning it into breeding facilities and science labs. We got them licked twice in a row. They must be getting desparate now. They must have abducted Yuuka and put that thing on her head. I believe their using mind control on her. Let's just hope it's not permanent otherwise we may have to put her out of her missery.

    Marisa= What do you mean?

    Rumia= What are you talking about?

    John= Daleks behave on both rashonality and logic. They don't feel remorse or pitty like we do. And they don't care who or what they profane, as long as they get results. I believe they used a slave crown. If Yuuka were to become a roboman, her danmaku would be useless. And if she were to be converted into a Dalek herself, her magic would be gone. The Daleks may need her with her powers intact. So they can't use any permanent sollution. They probably haven't gotten that far yet.

    Tokiko= Why don't you and Marisa go together?

    John= I should go first. The Daleks want me the most so they would send Yuuka after me. If they see me and Marisa together, they might get suspicous. I think it's also a good idea not to travel by TARDIS to look for them. They know TARDIS's and it's compatability for carrying large ammount of pasangers. We need an airship! Something that looks inferior to them. Something they will not hesitate to attack.

    Marisa= An airship? What about the Palanquin?

    John= No. We put that ship in enough danger already. That's Murasa's ship. We need to have one built. If we come flying in an airship there not familiar with, they won't suspect any traps.

    Kaolla= That sounds like a good idea. I can contact Rikako and see if we can get an airship built.

    Shinobu= Sounds like a good plan. We shouldn't look for Yuuka until we get that ship built.

    Nyamo= I agree. If you were to fly arround in that broom, Yuuka may try to ambush you by any angle.

    Alice= It's best not to try to engage her allone. She may be slow, but she's too strong for you John. You gotten much better now, but it's still too soon to take on Yuuka by yourself.

    John= Ok, but neither you or Marisa are going too either. We don't know what else the Dalek's did to her. It's best we sit this out completely for now. Kaolla, find Rikako's lab and materialize.

    Kaolla= Aye Aye, sir!

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *When the TARDIS arrived at the small human village with Rikako's lab, John, Kaolla, and everyone else on board met Rikako and told her about the situation and about what happened to the two girls who were attacked by their own master and friend. Rikako had an old ship dock where she could start her construction of an airship and Kaolla pulled out some blueprints and desighns of an airship she found long ago. Everyone pitched in and helped with the construction, including Kaolla's own machines that saved allot of hard backwork. After a few hours, the ship was complete. The airship had both rocket thrusters, cannons, power engines, ropes and other desighns you would see on both shrines and pagoda temples. The ship was also big enough to hold allot of people and supplies and Kaolla also installed an extrapalator shield in the engine room and even installed a computer defense system plus other components you would see in a high tech car.*

    Rikako= Finished. Now to give this ship a name.

    Marisa= Hmm... this is an airship? We managed to get a ship and a big blimp and put it together, I have no idea what to name it.

    Alice= It resembles a shrine does it not? Similar to the Hakurei shrine do you think?

    John= Let's name it, the "Hakurei". We can name it after the Hakurei shrine then. But a few of us should stay behind and guard the TARDIS while we give this ship a test flight.

    Shinobu= I can stay and guard the TARDIS. Me Nyamo, and Tokiko can manage the TARDIS and transport incase of emergencey.

    Kaolla= Great. I need to stay with John for awhile since he's new to the ship.

    *Later...... all preperations were made and John, Kaolla, Marisa, Cirno, Mystia, Wriggle, Rumia, Daiyousei, Sanae, & Alice boarded the Hakurei and were ready for lift-off.*

    Rikako= As I would love to come with you, I am still needed here. Be careful out there ok?

    John= We sure will! Everyone ready!?

    Kaolla= I will start the engines and opperate all the below deck controls. John, you will be doing the flying.

    Marisa= What about the rest of us?

    John= The rest of you can opperate the cannons incase we run into trouble.

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    *The ship's engines fired up and the ship began to levitate and raise up into the sky and finally it took off and began to fly with a fast pace. The flight was a sucsess and the controls seem to function correctly.*

    John= This is great! Now we need to see if we can find Reimu and get her to join us.

    Marisa= I hope we can find her soon. Let's circle the area and see if we can find any traces. We can circle from the Hakurei shrine to the youkai mountains and do a speed check.

    Sanae= What do we do if we can't find Reimu?

    John= We can use Kaolla's radar. She's installed a computer defense system so we can be prepaired for anything.

    Marisa= What? This ship has computers in it?

    John= By the way, what ever happened to Suika and those fairies?

    Marisa= Probably freeloading the shrine as usuall. There's anti Dalek paper charms that cover the area all over that place so they should be ok.

    John= Let's hope so.

    Marisa= You worry too much. Let's keep searching for Reimu for awhile. Then we can go on and find Yuuka.

    *As the airship "Hakurei" flown from the lands of the shrine to the youkai mountain and after circling the areas of Eientei and crossing the Sanzu river and flown arround the land of Higan. They completed their circling of the areas but Reimu was nowhere to be found.*

    John= s**t! We can't find her.

    Alice= We need to do something about Yuuka. Let's fly to the sunny fields. That's where her manson is located. Maybe we can find some answers there.

    Marisa= Sounds like a good idea. Go for it! Head to the sunny fields. It's right across the forest of magic.

    John= Sure thing. Here we go!

    *The airship turned and headed in high speed and flown past the forest of magic and headed to the sunny fields. Across the sienic view from the airship, you could see a huge landscape filled with flowers. Further hahead was a bunch of fields filled with sunflowers.*

    Cirno= Look! The sunflower fields. This is definently the place.

    Alice= Were in Yuuka's terrorory now. Best to stay allert. Ran said this was the spot where she was attacked by her.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Mistya= LOOK! Over there!

    *Everyone ran to the edge of the ship and starred at the direction of Yuuka's manson and there was a metalic devise on top of it. Yuuka was sighted there too and it looked like she was opperating the devise.*

    John= Kaolla, set the engines to silent mode. Im gonna use the telescope.

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    *The woman with the white blouse and red plaided dress and vest was none other than Yuuka Kazumi. She had red eyes and green hair and the wierd thing she was wearing on her head was just like what Ran described. John knew for sure it was a slave crown on her head. A devise from another world modified for Dalek use and now it was contolling Yuuka. The metalic machine she was opperating was definently a Dalek macde devise. Suddenly, the devise began to levitate and lift high into the air and emit a dark smoke like cloud that was now expanding and ready to cover the sunny fields with darkness.*

    Wriggle= NO! What is she doing!?

    John= It's not her fault. The Daleks are controlling her. That's another one of those things I seen at the Myouren temple when I seen it covered in a cloud like barrier. It's another Miasma generator, this time it looks like an advanced prototype and much bigger than the others.

    Alice= Without the sunlight, those flowers will die out.

    John= Im not going to allow this! Using an innocent youkai to do their bidding!

    *The miasma generator was generating more and more smokey darkness and now blocked out the sun in the sunny fields completely. Then the clouds began to emmit lightning and thunder that sounded like metal beams clashing, knowing that the electric storms were artifical.*

    Mystia= What's gonna happen if more of these storms spread? We will have no more day. Is that bad?

    Rumia= It may not be so bad for us, but what about nature!? Nature needs both day and night, am I right?

    Marisa= Yes, INDEED!

    Alice= This will throw off the balance in nature. Without propper day and night, plants, forests, crops, and solar pannels will not have any sun. They will wither and die, and so will the animals and people who depend on them.

    John= Exactly! That must be the Daleks next objectives are. This is another Dalek softning tactic, to block out the sun that helps maintain lifes ballance, and their acting through Yuuka. I got to get that slave crown off her now and shut that thing down now!

    *John took off in his broom and darted out of the airship and headed towards Yuuka's manson. John approached the manor's roof top and was a bit of a distance from Yuka herself.*

    Yuuka= ......,

    John= Yuuka! Please listen to me! That thing on your head, take it off! Your not feeling like yourself, your being controled.

    *John pulled out his sonic screwdriver and tried to use it from a distance to disable the slave crown but it didn't work.*


    Yuuka= ...... I obey.

    John= Yuuka! NO!!


    *Yuuka now turned to John and gave off her sinister grin and levitated higher in the air, and John flown up higher to confront her.*

    John= So it begins.

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    *Yuuka released a barrage of bullets that looked like sunflowers and they all bolted straight to John, John manovered the pattern spread and used his legendary tengo sword to fire his pacifying bullets at her. John continued to manover her and began to continue using his pacifying firepower to disable her. Yuuka didn't hesitate to dart at John and try to hit him with her umbrella, John was too fast for it. But whenever she got close enough, John tried to point his sonic screwdriver at her head and tried to disable the slave crown controlling her. It was still no good. The slave crown had an anti-sonic barrier built in, blocking the effect.*

    John= Damn Daleks! Guahhh!!

    *Yuuka tried another swing at him with her umbrella, but John still manovered out of her way. Then Yuuka flew backwards and from a far distance and used her spell card, Flower Sign "The Reflowering of Gensokyo". then a huge swarm of flower danmaku began to spread and attempted to pummel John with it's tremendous travel patterns, but John swung his tengu sword and blocked a bunch of them, but they still kept comming at him. Then, John used his new spell card, Tengu treasure "Sword of Tengu". Then his bullet pattern of swords began to fire arround the area (although similar to some of Sakuya's spell card effects) began to counter Yuuka's barrage and a few of the long bullets hit her directly and she began to weaken greatly.*

    John= What's wrong with her? I thought she was supposed to be a strong youkai? It must be the dark and the miasma weakening her. I need to tire her out before I can get that thing off of her.

    *Yuuka grew tired quicker than John expected and she used another spell card of hers, Phantasm "The Beauty of Nature", and a seriously large numbered ammount of danmaku bullets began to spread all over the area, beautifully yet they were hard to manover and John got caught in a few of the barrages. John tried to focus and attempted to ease out of the way before swinging the tengu sword but some hit him directly. John wasn't hurt too badly due to Yuuka being weakened by the miasma. John got to a safe spot and used one of Sanae's spell cards she gave him, Wonder "Daytime Guest Stars", and star shaped danmaku began to fire from John and spread all over bombing out the bullets from yuuka and another star shapped bullets and patterns hit Yuuka and then, she began to grow angry and tried her light blast attack, but due to her serious lack of energy, she was only able to shoot a small beam and a few small blasts. They were useless against John, and John finnaly finished the battle off by casting (Sleep) on her, and she fell into a deep sleep. John flown to her and manually removed the slave crown and stuck it inside his time lord bag.*

    John= Finally.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *Marisa and Alice flew quickly towards John after they watched the battle and came to him on top of Yuuka's manson roof top.*

    Marisa= John!? Are you alright?

    John= Never better. That went well. Oh, take Yuuka and get her to Eirin. Ill deal with this miasma generator. Ill meet with you later ok?

    *Alice and John helped Marisa to mount Yuuka on her broom and Marisa and Alice carried Yuuka off towards the direction of Eientei while John remained behind and flown to the direction of the miasma generator, but it was too dangerous to approach it directly. John had no choice but to use another of his new spell cards.*

    John= Hmmmm..... let's see. This one should work, Love sighn "Semi-master spark" huh? All I need to do is think posotive and it should do the trick. Kaguya told me this sword works like Marisa's Hakkero. Let's try it.

    *John focused on the blade and pointed at the direction of the miasma generator a far distance from him and used the spell card, Love sighn "Semi-master spark". And sudenly, a silver ray of light with star shapped blasts (similar to Marisa's) shot at the flying generator and suddenly, with a direct hit, there was a light covered explosion and John thought at a moment that it worked but.....*

    John= WHAT!?

    *The generator was still fully functional. Not even a scratch was put on the generator and it still emitted the miasma. John flown back to the airship.*

    Cirno= What is it? Did you get it?

    (Music playing - Stage 5~ Wickedness/ R Delta type)Download

    John= This isn't like the generators from Hijiri's temple. These are different, and larger. The Daleks must have wisened up.

    Mystia= I like the dark, but this is rediculous.

    John= The Daleks must really be pissed now. I just don't get it. That generator should have been blown out of the sky!

    Wriggle= Let's fly this ship closer and use the cannons then.

    Kaolla (intercom)= No way Wriggle! I made an anylisis on the generator and it's an advanced prototype. This has more than a myrr tree root, and there's something else in it too. The generator has advanced shielding too.

    John= Don't tell me the Daleks got extrapalator shields now do they?

    Kaolla (intercom)= No. This is different. It seems to absorb magic, including danmaku. It even has the firce fields used in galactic federation flagships.

    John= You got to be kidding me. So there's nothing we can do now?

    Kaolla (intercom)= Right. We need to leave it be for now.

    Wriggle= We can't just leave now! What about Yuuka's flowers? With that damn thing up there making that cloud, those flowers will have no light!

    John= Kaolla, do you have anything we can use to aid Yuuka's flowers?

    Kaolla (intercom)= Well..... we could place construction lamps arround the area, but their back in the TARDIS.

    John= Radio Rikako and get her to send a squad of people over here to the sunny fields. Notify Shinobu and let them into the TARDIS so they can pick them up. Tell them why and make sure they do it as soon as possible.

    Kaolla (intercom)= Construction lamp rush delivery? You got it! Im contacting them right now.

    Rumia= Are we just gonna leave this place as it is?

    Daiyousei= So your just gonna let someone else do your work?

    John= We got other things to do. We need to find the Dalek's next hideout plus find out where Reimu and Yukari are. They haven't been seen for awhile. I nned to go back to the shrine and check up on things.

    Wriggle= What about Marisa and Alice?

    John= I told them I would meet up with them later. Were going back to the Hakurei shrine and check up on things there. It will be a short trip, then we can go to the human village and recruit a crew. And go to the Youkai mountain and see if we can get any Tengu, Kappa, or Oni to aid us. Let's get out of this nasty clouded place.

    Cirno= I hope those other fairies are ok?

    *The airship "Hakurei" began to turn arround and headed out of the inky shrouded area which was once beautiful sunny fields now filled with a horrific artifical cloud like the Myouren shrine was once cloaked by the Daleks.*

    (Music changes to - Sensitive heart~ Maiden''s capriccio~ Dream battle/ Artist unknown)Download

    John= Whew.... Good to get out of that mess. Now to see if Suika is alright.

    *The airship headed at full speed to the Hakurei shrine and slowly began to decend near the shrine and John mounted on his broom and soared off. Cirno followed John as soon as he flew a few inches away from the deck.*

    Cirno= Im going to find my fairy friends. I'll meet back with you here.

    John= Don't take too long. We leave soon. This is a short stop.

    *John checked arround the Hakure shrine, the place was cleaned and well maitananced but when John entered the cabin, Suika was there being as lazy as usuall. She was dressed in Reimu's outfit drinking her sake and there were also empty red whine bottles stacked on the table.*

    Suika= John! *hic* It's been awhile hasn't it?

    John= Suika, have you seen Reimu lately? Has she came back?

    Suika= I haven't seen her since she took off after when she took that card away from you. She went to Hakugyokurou with Youmu to probably schold Yuyuko about the card she gave you. I haven't seen her since.

    John= What about Yukari? Have you seen her?

    Suika= Nope. She didn't show up either.

    John= Well, I met Ran and Chen at Tohno and they told me about what happened to Yuuka and her friends. There being treated at Eirin's and ....

    Suika= What's that shadow outside? Hey! What's that thing up there!?

    John= It's an airship. I had Rikako to help build it.

    Suika= What about your blue box?

    John= The TARDIS? That will draw too much suspision to the Daleks. Better keep it somewhere safe. I need you to keep watching this shrine till I can get Reimu back. And please.... go a bit easy on the liqour till then ok?

    Suika= Well...ok. But Ruukoto's been really keeping the place in top shape ever since she's been reactivated.

    John= You help her out too. Don't let Ruukoto do all the work for you alright?

    (Music dies down slowly)

    ?????= My my..... What do we have here? A human man dressed as a tengu when Reimu is nowhere to be found with her oni friend slacking off.

    John= Yukari? Is that you?

    (Music playing - Evening Sky/ Touhou SWR)Download

    ?????= Yukari? *scoffs* Don't be silly. I been keeping my eyes on her and that Yukari for this time even I haven't been able to introduce myself. And I used to have so much fun haunting this shrine.

    John= Who are you? Can you show yourself please? Im running on a tight shedual.

    *Suddenly, a shadow moved about like a fast snake with star patterns and it drew close to John, and a tall woman appeared. She had dark green eyes with long green hair. She had a white blouse and a blue top and dress and a cone hat to match with a yellow neck ribbon and a white ribbon on her hat and she had a ghost tail instead of legs. She carried a staff that had a large moon crest on it and she had a black cape. It was none other than Mima.*

    Mima= I am Mima. I known Reimu since she was just a little girl. I known Marisa when she was little too. She was once my minion and I been training her ever since then. You may have not noticed but as soon as the day you first arrived here, i been watching you in my sleep. You sure helped put up a hell of a festival this year. And you had some friends with you too when you came, have you not?

    John= Yes, I came with 3 other girls. One is in the airship above us. Would you like to come allong?

    Mima= You are somewhat new, and you bring magic that's not from this land too. I want to see you in action. Of course I can tag allong. I want you to teach me this magic of yours. Magic you have shown to others here.

    John= Im sort'a learning the magic of THIS land too. I was kind'a lame at first but im getting used to it.......I think?

    Mima= You don't have to master danmaku now, not yet. You have ways to go. So, let's see this ship of yours.

    John= Im waiting for Cirno to show up so .....

    *Suddenly, Cirno arrived with Lunar Child, Sunny Milk, and Star Sapphire. The 3 mischiefous fairies seemed to have missed John as much to tackle him on sight and hug him on the ground. Lunar Child also reached up and kissed John in the mouth.*

    Lunar Child= Sempai....

    Sunny Milk= Hey! Lunar, what do you think your doing?

    Star Sapphire= C'mon! Your hogging him!

    Lunar Child= Are not!

    Star Sapphire= Your the one trying to make out with him, I saw you.

    Sunny Milk= Sisters! One at a time!

    Mima= Good grief. *laughs*

    John= Don't laugh. You don't want to know how we got together.

    Mima= Im afraid I already know.

    *Mima began to bellow loudly and couldn't help but to laugh at John. Cirno gave out the same hardy laugh and Suika followed allong too.*

    John= Alright, better get ready to leave. Hey, fairies. Listen up. This trip might be dangerous so you better get on board. I need to stop at a few places and get ready before we go Dalek hunting.

    *Mima, Cirno, Sunny Milk, & Star Sapphire flew all the way to the airship. Lunar Child stood beside John and helh his hand when John said his last words to Suika.*

    Suika= So your leaving now?

    John= I have too. Take care of this shrine ok?

    *John and Lunar Child flew back on board the ship together and took off to the next destination.*

    (Music dies down slowly)

    Kaolla (intercom)= Next stop, the human village.

    John= Slight change of plans. Were going to stop at Yuyuko's next. I need to see if they seen Yukari or Reimu. I need to find out answers.

    Kaolla (intercom)= Ok, next stop, Hakugyokurou.

    *Later..... at Hakugyokurou, the airship hovered near the palace and John flew down oo his broom to the Saigyouji palace grounds.*

    (Music playing - Dark palace of waterfalls/ Castlevenia, Lament of innocence)Download

    Youmu= John? What is that above us?

    John= Airship. I need to know, when was the last time you seen Reimu or Yukari?

    Youmu= Have they not checked back with you?

    John= No. I did manage to meet Ran and Chen at Tohno. They haven't seen Yukari in awhile either.

    Youmu= Now I see the worry in you eyes.

    John= I don't know what I will do if something were to happen to them.

    *Suddenly, Yuyuko appeared and she came towards John quickly and hugged him tight.*

    Yuyuko= John, I am so sorry about what happened.

    Youmu= Mistress.... that's not appropriate.

    Yuyuko= I put you in danger and im ashamed of myself.

    John= But something tells me that the card you lended me saved us and stopped a huge number of Daleks. Im glad you gave me that card afterall.

    Youmu= Don't yu dare encourage her. Reimu was furrious.

    John= Im not asking for it again. Yuyuko, please forgive me to hear me say that I don't want to try to use that card again.

    Yuyuko= it's .... ok. I want to do something for you to amend for the danger I put you in. I will give you a spell card of mine. It's my strongest one I have in my dueling deck.

    *Yuyuko gave John a spell card of hers, Cherry Blossom Sign "Saigyou Cherry Blossom Blizzard". This was her strongest danmaku spell card and she put it on John's card satchel.*

    John= This..... is your strongest.

    Youmu= You didn't have to give him that one.

    Yuyuko= It's.... my own punishment for endangering him. It's quite alright. If you need to leave then you may do so, but remember this John.

    John= Yes?

    Yuyuko= You are welcome to come and leave the palace grounds as you please. Your also welcome to move in permanently incase you manage to die.

    John= I ... appreciate it. Thank you.

    Youmu= ......, John..... Mind if I have a word with you?

    John= Sure.

    Youmu= I think it's best you hurry allong. I will look after the place. Lady Yuyuko get's careless sometimes. Please forgive her. Although she seems to have taken a liking to you, even she will not be the last to think of you as such. Be sure to find Reimu and Yukari ok?

    John= I sure will. Thanks Youmu.

    (Music dies down slowly)

    *John takes off on his broom and back to the airship. The airship took off to the human village, and once the ship flew and found a place in the outskirts to land and John and Kaolla got off by the door ramp built on the ship and the rest of the crew stayed on board.*

    Kaolla= Now we need to look for Keinie and let her know about the ship.

    John= Right. We need to recruit a human crew.

    *Suddenly, Keinie appeared and curriously saw the shrine like airship. She imediately ran towards John and Kaolla.*

    Keinie= What on Earth is that!?

    John= Our airship. We plan to search for the Dalek's hideout with this.

    Kaolla= Would you like to join our crew? Were gonna try and find more people to help us. We need a big crew so we can be ready for anything.

    Keinie= I think it be a great idea to recruit some villagers, but as for myself..... im sort'a needed.

    John= It's alright. You don't have to do it now if you don't want too.

    Kaolla= Were gonna go look for people to recruit. Were also going to find some Oni, Kappa, and Tengu to recruit too.

    Keinie= Well, I'll go help by finding those men who helped you at the Myouren temple.

    *Suddenly, the 5 men appeared, this time they brough more of their friends and Kisume appeared as well.*

    Man 1= Hey! John! Long time no see! Remember us?

    John= Sure do.

    Man 3= We helped Kaolla repair the Myuoren temple and help clean up the garbage those Daleks left behind.

    Man 4= We can't wait to help you guys out again.

    Kaolla= What luck. We have an airship now. Your free to board when you are all ready!

    Man 2= That ship looks like the Hakurei shrine except it has something from a blimp, and wings and stuff.

    Man 5= We brought some of our other friends to help you out.

    Man 6= Great to meet you.

    Kisume= Hey! What about me? Which one of you is the "John" guy?

    Man 4= He's over there.

    Kisume= So your John huh? You sent Aya to find me when the underworld youkai went mad. You show allot of kindness to us youkai. I want to join your crew!

    Kaolla= Then come on board.

    Kisume= Thank you!

    *Kisume seemed to be sitting in her bucket most of the time and she levitated and flown in the doorway of the ship, and the 8 men followed allong and John and Kaolla prepaired to lift off and headed towards the direction of Youkai mountain. Who else will join the Hakurei ship crew? Find out next time.*

    To be continued.......