• many people depended on their parents. Some parents depended on your grandparents.And if your grandparents parents are still alive, they depend on your great grandparents.And since your great great grandparents are probably done with life, your may be alive great grandparents
    depended on a source of energy in the middle of the earth.And no, we dont depend on lava.we depend on energy. an electric source that looks like lightning jammed together. many people from other planets, well i dont exactly know why we call them "people". ok, they try to take our source, we win, they leave empty, blah here, blah there."ma-ax!" I looked up from my book. i was reading eragon, and eragon just walked out of the butchers shop with meat, wich he hadden't exactly bought himself. someone else bought it."MAX!" my mother screamed.
    i got up and went downstairs." max, can you help me cook?" my mother said."hell n- i mean im sick." i fake coughed.my mom look at me funny."max, you and i know thats getting old." mom, remember when i burn that turkey and cobra almost threw up?" i flash-backed. "yes, but that was at the age of 13. your now 18 max. you have to learn how to cook soon.who will cook before you get married?" my mom mentioned.when i was 10 i planned i would get rich now, and eat out until i get married.now i think thats a stupid idea. "how about i live with you-"
    "no. since your to lazy, ill kick you out of the house." mom sounded strict. "litterally! please mom, please!" cobra apeared at the door way." i may," my mom said.i was out! when cobra came, i thought he was a distraction and left.i went back to eragon.