• A/N: Hello! I came up with this story on the spot a few moments ago! I am very intent on making it a series! A short one, maybe, but a COMPLETE one. I am such a procrastinator! lllOTZ Anyhow, this is boyxboy romance. Yes. Nothing bad, of course. Just cute, I suppose. WITH A CLICHE PLOT. But I hope I can make it as interesting as possible!


    Prologue: Deals for Meals

    The boy's winter blue eyes lit up, as if someone had sparked a flame within those wide lanterns. "That is all?" he asked cautiously, despite it all. It sounded too good to be true, yet how he wanted it to be the truth. This was easy, too easy, and he couldn't help himself. "Is that all?" he repeated once more.


    The young man was sitting still, frozen at the edge of the red sofa with fingers gripping the fabric as if wanting them to tear. His knuckles were becoming white, the boy realized, and he tensely relaxed his grip. Deep breath: in and out and repeat.

    "Can I have time to think?" he asked.


    A puzzled stare, followed by the not-so-explicative explanation from the other man: "Decide now. No time."

    "Then..." the peanut-butter haired boy sighed out, "I accept."

    "Sign here. And here."

    Hand slightly trembling, he held the pen. The boy disliked using ink. First of all, it stained, and second of all, he couldn't erase his mistakes. Much like life. Scoffing at himself for his pathetic comparison, he concentrated on the hard task of writing his own name. Stoke by painful stroke, he could see himself being printed out on the overly white documents.

    A gulp, and the boy handed over the papers... and in a way, himself. A week, only a week. He would only be that guy's possession for a week. Pretend, that was all he had to do to earn the money he was promised. He could go to sleep without a nauseating, empty stomach, and all he had to do was act. No catch, that was why the guy said.

    Yeah... and the boy was good at acting! He had done it a lot. It wasn't too hard to deceive people, since all it took was to be what they wanted to believe him to be. Whether it be a poor, pitiful begging child or a competent, cool, thieving gangster: he could pull it off. This time, he would take up a rather easy role. And only for a week! Seven days, exactly a hundred sixty eight hours.

    For twenty thousand dollars.

    Jackpot. That was more than a hundred an hour!

    "You will start tomorrow. You will wear this tomorrow. I have taken care of the rest. Expect me at 7:30 sharp."

    "Yes, sir!"

    "Call me Kazu."


    The man turned his back to the boy, and the brunet had to remark that his back was wide. The child shuddered, wondering how really easy it was to crush him: a malnourished and fragile thing. Well, not fragile, not mentally at least: the boy knew that wits were on his side if ever he were to face a beast like the man in front of him.

    "And remember... if they do not believe it, then the deal is off."

    "Yes si- Kazu."

    "Good day."

    The boy was escorted out of the mansion by an elderly butler, white hair and black suit and all. Apparently, his name was Walter... how typical. Being half-pushed onto the concrete outside the midnight steel gates, the boy stumbled onto the pavement and glared up at the old man. Businessmen, they take everything literally. The boy couldn't wait until tomorrow to be able to order the oldie around. Hah. Take that.

    Pushing himself up and dusting his sandy khaki shorts from the little stones of the asphalt, the brunet walked down the street with a huge Cheshire-Cat grin that couldn't be wiped from his face, not even from the butler's rudeness. He remembered the other's words of course: if they didn't believe him, then no cash.

    But this was like stealing a lollipop from a big fat baby! He could do it! All he had to do was pretend to be some weirdo's boyfriend for a week, a WEEK! And in comes the money, baby! And then, he wouldn't have anything to do with the spoiled rich kid's world anymore.

    What could possibly go wrong?