• She looked around the room and saw that her sister was crying, her step father had an expression she couldn’t figure out, her little brother looked like he didn’t know what was going on and her cat was licking at his leg.

    “Why are you here?” She asked in a shaky voice.

    “…” her step mother didn’t say anything.

    “Sweetie, come and sit down” her mother said in an almost desperately cooing voice.

    “Wha-what happened?!” she didn’t know if what she was thinking was right but, she knew she didn’t want it to be real.

    “…well your father-“Her step mother said while her eyes averted towards the floor.

    “-He is okay and he is coming home right?” she asked in a cracked whisper.

    “Come and sit down.” Her mother said again.

    Everything seemed like usual; she just didn’t like the aura that surrounded the room and everyone in it.

    She dropped her bags and walked towards a chair, when she sat down she let her step mother and her mother do the talking.

    “Well, when I got home, I got a call from the military that there is possible chance your father might be…” she didn’t even want to finish her sentence.

    “…” no one seemed to want to say anything.

    “Is he dead?”

    The room stayed silent

    “Is he dead?!” she asked in a louder voice.

    “…” silence is all she got.

    “Is my father dead?!?!?!” she got up from her seat and yelled”

    Her step mother cracked a sob and managed to choke out a yes. “Y-yes… your father might be dead.”

    She felt like her ears were numb. First she couldn’t hear anything and hen her body went numb and her arms fell to her sides like weights. Her legs went out after and she dropped to her knees. After she had time to soak up what she had been given, she cried. It wasn’t a loud cry, it was a desperate, quiet sob that wrenched her heart. Her vision blurred and she got up. She only wanted to do one thing, get the hell out of this dream, this place she didn’t want to call reality. She got up and didn’t even try to pick up her phone. She ran down the stairs and ran out of the house, not knowing where her feet would take her.