• Prologue
    Sometime during the eighteenth century

    “We have to stop her! I told you it was a bad idea to take the sister! Now she will wreak havoc and hell over us! We were supposed to kill them together!” exclaimed Dr. Wright. Running down the halls of the institution from their doom, Dr. Wright and Dr. Alesander were closing off doors and running to the lab. “If she should catch us… or release any of the others… I think that we will have more problems!” Dr. Alesander shouted between breaths. The ground shook violently as they reached the lab and both scientists fell to the ground. Dr. Wright struggled to stand and ran to the cage of ‘EXPERIMENT 5’ and checked her stats. “Dammit! She’s waking up! She is going to lure her sister here! We have to—“ As Dr. Wright shouted, the wall to the right crumbled down. “No! No! No!” The voices of the doctors echoed through the rooms of the building. Their pleas for mercy meant nothing to the enraged experiment. She had no control over her body as she vanquished all of the scientists that stood in her way. She tore open the cage doors and released all of the experiments.
    As the experiments ran out to freedom, a giant noise flowed through the air. Many of the experiments fled from the scene, others fought. With her sister barely conscious, the girl was forced to withdraw. With hatred and bloodlust still running through her, she converted it to a positive energy and replenished her sister’s consciousness and transported her somewhere across the land or sea. Darkness took her into his wings, and all she heard was the screams of her comrades and thought of her sister’s safety. The cold of the rain and heat of her blood were proof enough that she was still alive.
    Chapter 1

    “Risika! No! You have to stay here, they aren’t going to keep their promise! Risika- aaugh!” I turned quickly to see the man behind me impaled with a spear. “No, Michael! Michael!” I reached the man named Michael and looked at the wound. I had no control and new that I wasn’t about to let him die. I shouted, “Hold on, this is going to hurt!” He looked at me, his face became more and more pale. I ripped the spear from him and hurled it at the oncoming guard. I looked frantically at the man beside me then to the building. I knew that something was there. Suddenly there was a great pain across my back and I was flying through the air. The attacker stood over me, laughed maniacally. I saw into the barrel of the shotgun and as he pulled the trigger-