Chapter I

    “Yah!” I screamed as I attacked my sister, Lei. We sparred often to practice for our training. We’re identical in nearly every way; including our fighting techniques. There would be times either of us would win, but most of the time the match ended in a draw. I was not about to give an inch for Lei to win. Lei jumped for her next attack and I immediately strategized three possible moves, all lead to us both coming to a draw, there was no winning to this fight. Roll to the side and meet each other, side kick and we both end up holding a powerful stance, or render her move useless? Which one? I chose the last one. Performing the actions I chose, I reminded myself to keep a fluid motion. As we both landed and performed a new stance, the bell rang. “Draw. Bow to each other and go to Master Iwakazaki. You both have done well.”
    I bowed to my sister and then to the referee. Lysa and her sister laughed and discussed the fight. “Your jump attack is getting better, but your balance is still a little off.” Lei looked at her and replied with a smile, “Your reaction time is still a little slow, you think a little too much. But I have to admit, the power in your hits are getting more concentrated.” A short scream and a sudden crash interrupted them. They raced ahead only to find that Miku had dropped several too many books to carry. “Miku, master said that it would be best if when you studied that you only carry as many books as you can carry. He said you’re gonna hurt yourself if you keep this up.” Lysa instructed her classmate. Both of the twins helped her with her books, “Come back for these in a bit or have someone help you, okay?” Lei asked. Miku nodded.
    Miku always believes that she isn’t pretty, but she is. Her hair is a natural brown with golden ends, its cut short so that the curls near the ends are more manageable, eyes the color of pure hazel. Miku’s only down side was that she would read so much or get caught up in her class activities, that she wouldn’t eat much which makes her skinnier than Lysa and Lei. She is a very generous person. Lysa remembered the first time she met Miku. It was funny that they were in a similar situation; Miku had dropped all of the small wooden artifacts. She complimented the twins on how they looked. That night they all had hung out with one another and talked about the school activities and classes. Lysa smiled at the memory. Lysa and Lei waved at Miku and continued to their master’s room. “Miku is definitely a being of her own. I actually envy her. She is able to go from here whenever and makes such high grades.” Lei sighed. The twins envied Miku because she was fifteen and was able to leave the premises, same with the other students, without a chaperone. The twins were eighteen and had to have fellow classmates from the dojo or an adult to go with them.