• This place was the genesis of his joy. The long and lean grass curled delicately around him, welcoming him. A polite yet devilish smile graced his face as he sat, poised among the wilted lavenders and the over-hanging bare branches. His silky black hair, as dark as the deepest of shadows, flickered with the cool whispery autumn breeze. The freezing air bite his exposed neck and nose, his cheeks alight with an incomparable heat.

    "Don't worry; I'll come back after my operation!"

    He stared smiling into shocked molten brown eyes though their separation caused pain to radiate in his chest, drowning him in a profound ocean of affliction. A grain of hope, as absurd as it seemed, stayed afloat within his self. It promised him that, one day, there would be happiness for him with the other. The boy laid his hand on his blond friend's cold one, reassuring him with his affectionate warmth.

    "Trust me..."

    Months drifted by in weary silence, seasons passing meaninglessly, as the blond child waited for his dark haired angel. The latter came back yesterday. Today, an icy stone stands lonely in a garden of crushed flowers, desperate wails echoing through a lonely forest.