• Adelie ran through the woods, branches from dead trees clawing at her. “You can’t run from us forever! Adelie Montgomery we know you! We know everything about you!” a voice shouted behind her. Her brown hair flew behind her streaks of red and blond throughout it. Her grey eyes searched frantically for a tree to swing onto. “Just give up!” A man dropped down from a tree and started toward her. She backed up. “Never.” She cried. “I hate you, all of you. For what you did to my brother!”
    The man smiled, his cold black eyes showing no pity. His head was bald with strange tattoos covering it. “How do you know he didn’t deserve it?” He asked showing his fangs. Adelie’s eyes flew open and searched for an exit once more. She felt hands grab her shoulders from behind her. “This wont be easy will it?” a cold voice asked.Adelie smacked her head back and felt the sweet second of release and sprinted to the left away from her enemies. She felt tears stinging her eyes. “you can run but we can find you!” The bald man shouted.
    The bald man, known as Raiso closed his eyes, when he opened them they were completely black. Adelie screamed as pain bloomed throughout her skull. Her vision blurred. Raiso walked in front of Adelie and knelt down. “what is it that you fight for?” he asked. “nothing. I don’t fight for anything. I just fight for what I want to.” Adelie spat. Raiso licked his lips. “Yea. Sure you do. Sleep tight.” He said as his eyes turned black. Adelie screamed louder then ever as she could feel her skull nearly crack in half.
    Daniel Keras aged 19 stopped dead in his driveway his brother Zoltero staring at him. “Daniel!” Zoltero snapped. Daniel just fell on the driveway on his knees his green eyes fading to grey. Zoltero sighed. “fight it. Ignore her! She left you! Remember?!” He asked. Daniel shook his head. “ You don’t get it…. I promised her I would help her. And now….she just vanished off my radar…” he said. He stood up his eyes changing back. “She broke yours!” Zoltero shouted. “and I can’t! I can’t just turn away knowing she’ll die! I Can’t do that! I swore on the stone!” Daniel shouted back shaking.

    Zoltero just stared at Daniel. “You are just digging yourself deeper and deeper into this s**t.” He said. Daniel shook his head. “I am her guardian, Z. I can’t just walk away.” He said. Zoltero nodded. “Yes you can. You aren’t sworn to her anymore. I am sorry, brother, but if you are going to get distracted by Adelie. I cannot keep traveling with you, You are going to get us both killed.” He whispered.
    “Then GO! Just go!” Daniel shouted. Zoltero shook his head and vanished with a clap. Daniel stood there on the driveway staring at where Zoltero stood, trembling. Daniel closed his eyes and tried to feel for the bond and got bits and pieces of it
    Adelie layed on a bed, drugged in a dark room at Raiso’s lab. She felt sick. “s**t…” she whimpered, hot tears spilling down her face. She tried to sit up and the room spun and she bent over and vomited heavily on the floor. She coughed hard and stared at her hands. She felt her sanity come back to her and looked at the inside of her wrist to see the tattoo was heavily faded. Her guardian tattoo which linked her to her guardian had faded out, meaning that her guardian can not see her actions, feel her pain, or hear her thoughts, because they either died or they were switched to a new pupil to guard.