• Them! It's always about them, its all the news ever seems to talk about nowadays. Them this, them that. Dont they know that showing that...that garbage only depressess people. Ugh, watching that crap makes me sick to my stomach. Maybe if the anchor man and the news crew decided to do something besides talk about it, our situatation could be better. But no that's all they want to do. Hmph! Good for nothing inbred scum.

    Oh, and now there are riots going around. Well, when a government decides to "Handle" the situation, it's not hard to see why the people are rioting. First those things show up and now the government is wiping entire cities off the face of the earth! New York may have been bad, but it didn't deserve to be nuked.

    Sigh, all this anger isn't doing me any good, I need to walk it off...or hunt it off. Before I head out I need to make sure everything is locked, bolted and barricaded. As I walk around "securing" the house, my mind begins to wander, as it so often does when I'm about to...hunt. After making sure my home is secure, I head to the gun cabinet and grab my hunting shotgun and hunting revolver, along with some bullets and shells. I head for the door grab the handle, walk out and lock it behind me.

    Living out here in the waste, away from "civilization" has taught me many things, for instance how to hunt, how to track, how to grow, how to disinfect the water, how to improvise...pretty much how to become self sufficient. I know the others inside the protection of the walls see me as a wild man, as a savage. Everytime I enter inside their little "community" I get stared at, whispered behind my back. They whisper on how foolish it was to leave the safty of the walls, on how my family got what they DESERVED!!!! But they just whisper never to my face, never looking into my eyes. But then how could they? They didn't see what I did, they didn't experience it. Sure everyone lost loved ones, but how many of them had to kill them? How many of them have looked into the doomed eyes of their father? Their mother? Their kid brother and sister promising that everything is going to be okay, all the while having a .357 on their head with fiendish groans and howls filling the background.

    That night still haunts me everytime I try to sleep. We weren't foolish for leaving the so called saftey of the walls. If a government is ready to sacrifice their own people to stop a plague that has already spread across more than half the country then they're worse then these abominations. For what its worth, that desicion must have been a hard one to pull through with. Most of the US is in ruins, what's left of it and it's people is just a shadow of it's former glory. Most cities are...lifeless, abandonded, devoid of all life. All the live citizens have been replace with...dead ones. Only a few have chosen to stay in them, to live their away from everyone else; to live like me, like a pariah, like an outcast. Occasionally tales of their exploits are heard, usually how they help a survivor or two or how they took on so many zom..infected.

    Almost every major city has it's own pariah, I guess I'm this city's pariah. I often chance upon a survivor about to be torn alive, only for me to come in and do a dues ex machina, like in the movies when the heros about to die but then suddenly someone or something saves him. Most are gratefull enough to share some of their belongings with me, it's usually food or water, sometimes clothing. Like the other day, I saved some chick who was looking for her father, she gave me some medical supplies and food. Night was coming upon us quickly and I offerd her to crash at my place, she seemed a little reluctant, but came anyway. She stayed for a couple of days, it was...nice to have another human being around who didn't judge me or my family. We got along fine and we got to know each other better; I found out her father is in New York. She was nice, often helping me around the house with my chores and later scavenging for supplies.

    When she left, I told her to head up to the compound and ask around their for information on her father, I couldn't bring my self to look her in the eyes. She must have sensed this for she said her goodbye and we parted ways. I hope she's doing fine. My thinking is suddenly interrupted by slow heavy shuffling, and labored moaning. I look up to see a group of...them not 30 yards away. Judging by how they are clusted they must have caught someone. My vision suddenly gets blurry as I'm teleported to that night 2 months ago, but I quickly shake my head as anger starts to cloud my vision instead. I had let someone down, someone who was maybe looking for their family or friend, someone who was breathing, eating...living. Without thinking I quickly charge them, while simultaneously pulling out my shotgun.

    I blast the first two before they can even look up, I hit the next one hard enough to shatter his skull and let his brains fall out. Before the others can get up up I pull up my revolver and empty my chamber into them, saving but one bullet. Now that they have spotted new prey they quickly get up and give chase, but just as quickly they are met by lead shells. Having thinned the mob down to two, I throw my shotgun down and pull out my bowie knife, a gift from my grandfather. We stood looking at each other before we charged. I side stepped one, and stabbed the other in the skull, instant kill. Quickly turned around and shoved my blade into the mouth of the other. It was closer than I liked, but it had to be done. I went over to where they had gathered and looked. It turned out to be just a bloody tire.

    Exhausted but strangly satisfied, I headed back home. I may not have saved someone today, but at least this place is somewhat safer...uh-oh! I can hear their groans and moans. I'm going to be busy tonight.