• I sat there with my back against the cold tree with my eyes wide open. Every little sound in the night making me jump. The leaves rustle and I aim the barrel of my gun at the wind. A twig snaps and my gun points to nothing. I know something is out there. They're always out there. Ever since the power went out they've been showing up everywhere. There was a thud and my trigger finger twitched. I give a sigh and lower my weapon. I try to relax and stay calm. To find something to relax me. She lays before me so still that she could have been one of them. Her skin pale, eyes with dark bags from stress and lack of sleep, dirty nails, and her clothes covered in blood. But, she's different, she's like me.

    A yawn pushes through my mouth to remind me that I should sleep. I try. I hug my gun to my chest and close my eyes. I feel the soothing pull of sleep on my conscious mind and I welcome it with open arms. At the very least I try to welcome it. A hissing sound catches my ear and I am up on my feet. I hold out my gun and spin around looking for them. The sound grew closer and it was joined by moans. I quickly run over to the girl and shake her awake, silencing her with my hand before she could complain. I stand up and listen for any more noise.

    "s**t!" I pull the trigger as two of those things stumble over to us. One hits the ground with a sickening thud while the other picks up speed while dragging a broken leg. Another shot rings out into the night and it falls to the ground limp, blood pouring out of a large wound in its neck.

    I slowly lowered my gun. "We need to go." Something about that statement makes me happy. We need to go. More of those things may come here because of the noise.

    We walk through the night and into the next day. The girl began to complain about needing rest and I can really careless. I am wide awake and as sharp as a tack right now. "I'm not stopping." I tell her. Stopping meant that my body would try to relax and start to realize that I've been awake for three days. If I fall asleep now nothing will wake me up.

    "Fine! I'll be fine on my own." She stops in the empty road and uses her bag like a pillow. Idiot. Who falls asleep in such an open spot. I glance back at her. A wave of something washes over me making my eyes lower a bit. I just turn and with the wave of a hand I continue on my journey for a safe and secure place to sleep.

    After walking the long empty road for sometime a pain in my leg began to form. I stop and look down. "What?" My leg is bleeding and the pain is only getting worse. The sound of moans and grunts reach my ears and I try to run. I'm so close to an old farm house that I could taste it. I stumbled the best that I could but my vision just grew more blurry. It must be from my leg. Yeah, that's it.

    A pain shoots through my right arm and I clutch it. When I pull my hand away I see blood, "What's happening to me?" Tears from the pain begin to run down my face. I make it to the farm house and see no sign of those things. I quickly load my gun and find a nice place to hide. I round a corner and feel something rip. My leg goes numb and the grunting gets louder. I lean against a wall for a moment and close my eyes when they open I'm laying on the ground looking up into the midday sun. I felt something pulling on my arm and thigh and I turn my head to see the milky eyes of the one causing me so much pain. Her mouth is covered in my blood and half of her scalp is missing. I let out a scream as I try to pull away from the dead creature.

    I try to think of a way out but my mind keeps going back to how hungry I am. I was so hungry. I want anything I can find. I let out a groan from the only pain that I can still feel.

    "I'll feed you." The girl from earlier was standing over me with a gun in her hand. She smiles down at me and I reach up to her. She smells delicious. I only want a taste. That's all.

    She points the gun at my head as I hold onto her leg with my free hand. "Goodbye." The gun didn't shoot but everything still went black.