• I was only 1ft tall yes I was a skinny plastic doll just like any other doll. Sometimes I wonder if other dolls can think and talk like me. But it became obvious they couldn’t. My first master or owner who created me was a 15 year old girl whose face was as ripe and fresh as the morning sun. But her face a bit smudged, blocking part of her face but still fresh. She greeted me warmly and happily will not really. “I’m so happy I have myself a doll now YAY!!!” she screamed in excitement. I was surprised by how loud her voice can be, and how funny she was. “see I can make my own doll so easy…will anyways I don’t play with dolls anymore maybe I should sell her?” she thought.
    “sell me?” I asked in a low voice.
    She jumped back in shock surprised. “WHO SAID THAT?!” she yelled, looking from left to right up an down in bewilderment. It looked like she was about to run off from fright but she didn’t instead she stood up and just looked down at me, hands under her chin. “Ugh…Its probably just my imagination…why did I even make a doll for? Whatever she looks pretty I should just keep her for a bit hmm what should I name her…?”
    “What about spark?” I said in reply.
    “For a girl name?, nah how about Ashleen?” she said
    “Sounds great” I said with a smile. I think I was smiling
    She shook her head in surprise instead of jumping back in shock. “Did I just saw your mouth moving?- no wait it must be my imagination again.” Her face blank as white as the blank sheets of papers she drew on with pencils setting across from me on a chalk board.
    “Its not” I said with a chuckle.
    Her eyes were bulging but at the same time she frozed as still as a statue her face still blank. She leaned in closer her eyes looking so big and wide I swear they might have been the size of my head. Then I saw my reflection I thought I did looked pretty like what she said I was. But my hair seemed to be poking all over the place. Why did I even care about my looks for? I thought, because I know it wasn’t really important. What’s important is what will she do to me now that I’m hear, alive, now on her work table. I also had many questions of how I ended up here in this world called Earth.