• Tom looks over the barren field below, trying to figure out which hit worse; the nuclear bombs or the mutants that followed.

    It has been almost a year since the skies were ablaze with fire, painting the surface a reddish orange glow. The glow lasted for a few weeks, the mutants showed themselves shortly after the glow left. The mutants will kill anything that moves. Anything could have become a mutant; there are mutant dogs, cats, ants, and anything else. The worse mutants are the human mutants. They still have some intelligence in their hollow head, which usually is without hair, and a papery thin skin tinted brown. Their bodies are thin skeleton like forms, but they have strength that surpasses any non-mutant human. Their brown skin helps them bend in the background, as most of the world is nothing more than a barren wasteland.

    Tom when the skies caught fire.

    Tom, who recently turned 20, walked slowly down the road, not really heading anywhere just trying to kill some time in the cool afternoon. He made his way down the country road towards his house. Nobody else lived there and most didn’t come out his way, which he liked. His only companion was a large black lab that he raised from a pup. In about another minute he would be back at his house. The road ahead of him suddenly turned a reddish orange color, matching the color of the many fires Tom has seen. He is taken aback by this and looks up to the sky, and what he sees he will never forget. The beautiful pure blue sky was replaced by a horror filled sky that could only be described as flames burning through the sky and engulfing all the blue and the clouds to make it look like the sky form hell.

    Tom stared at the nightmarish sky, froze in place by the horror of it. He finally pulled his eyes off the sky and took off running towards his house, his mind racing a mile a minute. His thoughts fill with questions; What happen? Who did this? What will happen?