• "So here we go. We go in together.....we come out together." These were the words spoken by a Damian Gorsal. He turned his head to look at the friends, who were standing on the deck of the ship, supporting their friends adventure. All were within the ranges of 30 to 50 years old, but wore the look of experienced adventurers. All eyes were on Damian, waiting for his word to unboard the ship.. His hands held within them a large map of the world, and on it were several arrows which ran perpendicular to one another. Finding this location had taken several years, and just had cost up to nearly half a million dollars in travel expenses alone. However, Damian was certain that this location would prove to be the one they were searching for."It seems that this might be the place Kallen." He said, to the ship's captain, as he came to look over his shoulder. At the bottom of the map was an a green X. An island had been rumored to be in these waters, but Damian had thought up until now that it was just simply that a rumor. Sitting before their very eyes was a small island, almost the width of about two football fields. It was covered with a lot of trees, and the high grass seemed to make many of them lazy to the thought of slowly hacking their way through. However, there seemed to be no other way.
    "I wouldn't mind having a vacation here. Would you?" Kallen chimed in through Damian's thoughts. The captain had a sort of relaxed look on his face, as he popped a cigarette into his mouth, and lit it."After all these years.....we're finally gonna be rich. Well we're already rich...so I guess we'll be richer." He walked over to the side of the deck, and stared down into the shallow water. It looked amazing. His eyes then scanned the rest of the area, imagining the thought of turning this island into a resort. Happy thought were flowing through his head as he scanned the beach. However, his mood changed when a dark figure was seen moving out of his peripheral vision, and darting into the collection of trees. The captain quickly turned his head, but whatever had been there was long gone."Well Damian my friend, I wish you luck in there. I'll be on the ship as always." Damian noted the slight nervousness in his voice, but chose to ignore it.
    "Alright people. The tech team will set up on the beach. Michael and I will lead two separate groups. Mine will search the east side of the island. Michael your group will search the west side. Check in by every hour....we will return here by nightfall. Any questions?" Everyone in the crew remained silent, looking between one another in attempt to find someone that had a question. There were none."Very well, Todd, Lucy, and Fin are with me. See you tonight." Damian watched as those he called came to his side, standing by him. This wasn't the normal team which he traveled with. Each person he'd called were actually the children of his last mentor. They were all in their thirties, but then again their father was closing in on his eighties. Damian had noticed their interest in following in the foot steps of their father, and decided to allow them the chance to join him on this adventure. It was extremely simply, and probably wouldn't be very dangerous at all. A good place to start for any beginner.
    Before heading out, everyone equipped themselves with a walkie-talkie, two pairs of flash lights, water, and a fixed meal that had been hand prepared by Kallen himself. The captain was once a part-time chef, and had learned how to fix up a few decent meals. At least ones small enough that could be carried around at least. As the an alarm clock gave warning to it being 30 minutes until 1:00 pm, the tech team sprung into the action. Several tents had been set up, each of them with two more people monitoring several computers. There job was simply to monitor any action which happened on the camera, that would soon be attached to the explorers. Next to that, they would keep constant radio, in order to make sure everyone was safe. As the clock finally turned on 1:00 pm, an alarm went off to signal that it was time for the teams to set out.
    "Time to headout!" Damian said, but everyone was already on their way to the designated points. His eyes wandered over to Michael's group, smirking at the sight of seeing him already hacking his way into the forest. His old friend was always the type of guy to compete with him. Their competitions went all the way back to their days in the military. Always seeing who would be the first to fall out during P.T. It was nearly even every time, but days earlier when this location was discovered, the two bet $15,000 for whoever's team found the treasure first."Alright, let's get a move on you rookies." He said as he approached his team, taking a machete from Todd's hand.
    Almost five hours into the exploration, Damian decided it was time to rest. He was in his late forties, and often times found it hard to continue through such strenuous activities as he used to for long periods of time. He took a seat in the middle of Lucy and Todd, allowing the machete to rest between his legs. Both Lucy and Todd had notified Damian on the way to the island that they were twins, and their birthday was on the date the expedition was expected to be over."You guys should go on ahead and eat your meals. Get your energy back up." His eyes then went to Fin, seeing that the male couldn't wait to get back to exploring. A smile touched his face. It made Damian excited to see someone so eager to get back to work."You too Fin. We have a lot of road to cover after this." The malee nodded, and took a seat across from them. He was a lot more built than his brother, and seemed as if he was an active person. Where as, Todd and Lucy looked almost as if they hadn't played a sport in their lives. Not to say that they looked bad. Lucy was a well built woman, with long brown hair, and curves that would make anyone jealous. Todd shared almost the same looks and hair as his sister, but a fairly skinny male. However, one thing that each of them shared was the defined chin of their father.
    All eyes were now one Damian's wrist, as his watched suddenly went off. He quickly shut it off, before picking up his walkie-talkie. Hehad his watch set to go off with every hour. Not only did it help him keep track of the hours, but told him whenever it was time to check in with the tech team, or base camp as they were often called."Team one to base camp." He spoke into his walkie-talkie, and sat to wait for a reply. Silence came over the radio."Team one to base camp." He repeated, but there was still no answer. His eyes looked around, quickly identifying the curious look on their faces. "Just great....they're probably playing around again. Someone should head back." Damian himself might've volunteered, but he would have to be the one to lead the team.
    "I'll go." Fin stood up from his seat, the expression on his face showing that he was ready to move around. Well it couldn't hurt to let him go check. Damian had more faith him in being able to find his way back, than any of the other two.
    "Alright. Make sure to check in when you get there." Fin nodded and walked off, disappearing within the trees in a matter of seconds. Damian looked at the two, and motioned for them that is time to continue. He tried ase camp once more as they started to head out, but there was still no answer. Whatever they were doing, it had better be fun. This was coming out of their pay. After hacking their way through the forest for about another hour, they had come to a temple of some sort. It was made out of what seemed to be metal that had been scavenge by some sort of ship. Clearly, technology that he'd yet to see."This is completely out of place. I guess there use to be a civilization here many years ago." He said to Todd and Lucy, who seemed to be stricken with awe at the site of the metal temple. There was a staircase that lead all the way to the top, which was obviously the entrance. Damian tested its strength, before giving the sign that it was alright to proceed.
    "Damian you've got t-" The radio connection stopped short, before Fin could finish his sentence. Damian held his walkie-talkie to his mouth, trying to see if he could reach him again. However, there only seemed to be static."Guess we have to hurry back to camp after this. It's getting dark...I would rather not have to find my way back in the dark." Their pace quickened, as they rushed to make it to the entrance of the temple. The treasure was finally in their grasp. However, as they closed in on the door, a powerful noise caused the entire temple to shake. Damian was forced back, accidentally knocking Lucy over the side of the stairs. She quickly grabbed hold of the ledge, screaming for her life as she tried to pull herself up. Todd immediately went for his sister, but had was forced down the stairs by the staggering Damian. Just as the two finally stopped falling, they looked up to see that thankfully, Lucy had gotten up on her own. She turned to face them, smiling triumphantly. Seconds later, a red light formed behind her, firing down the stairs as if it were the ultimate weapon.
    Fin stood on the beach, his hands squeezing the railing at the bow of the ship, covering it with blood. The entire camp site was empty of people, but trails of blood could be seen traveling in all directions into the forest. Even Kallen was missing. The male discovered that his body had been forecefully ripped from his chair on the deck, and then dragged off the boat. The only thing left behind was his platinum wedding ring."Come on guys. Hurry up." Fin lost connection with Damian five minutes ago, but trusted they would be back soon. It was getting dark, and he trusted that nothing had happened to the. Fin started to make his way to the back of the ship, but was staggered to the floor when the boat was suddenly rocked. A deafening noise was coming from the far side of the island."What is that?" He scrambled to his feet, and what he saw next shocked him. His face lit up in shock, as a massive red light about as wide as the boat shot up into the air. It ripped through the sky, and continued on for what seemed like ever. Now fearing for the worst, Fin started up the boat and set out. This island was Hell itself.