• "Aiden?"

    "What is it Ai?" the older of the two teens groggily asked as he pushed himself up from his bed.

    "C-can I come sleep with you?" Aisuru asked shyly from the door, pulling on the hem of her shirt as she waited for her brother's answer.

    A small smile crossed Aiden's face before replying softly, "Of course Ai, what kind of twin would I be if I wasn't here when you needed me?"

    Aisuru smiled back at him in the dark and shuffled over to his bed. Aiden moved over for her and she crawled under the covers with him and cuddled close shaking slightly.

    "Wanna tell your big brother what's wrong Ai?" Aiden asked his twin softly as he ran his fingers through her hair trying to calm her down.

    "Idontwannatalkaboutit," Aisuru quickly mumbled back as she buried her face in his chest.

    "Ai... I'm worried about you," He frowned slightly and carefully wrapped his arms around his twin and started to hum quietly to her.

    "Just go back to sleep Ai, I promise I'll be here when you wake up," he whispered when he didn't get an answer from her, taking a guess on what was wrong with his twin, almost positive it was another nightmare. He kissed the top of her head lightly and pulled the covers up further around them, trying to lull his sister back to sleep, his arms wrapped protectively around her. Once he was sure she was asleep again he pulled back from her slightly so he could sit up in bed.

    "I wish you'd tell me what's wrong Aisuru, this is the third night this week you've come to sleep with me," Aiden whispered. Aisuru rolled over in her sleep to rest her head in Aiden's lap and wrap one of her arms around his waist. Aiden frowned once more as he started to run his fingers through his sister's hair again.