• The breeze was nice. A cool gust of wind gently brushed my curls against my cheek and the exhilarating smell of freshness lingered in the air. Yes, this is how it was out to sea. Daddy was the captain of this ship and he was elated to have me go on this cruise with him. Normally, i would have twiddled my thumbs during his "oversea adventures", but it was summer! How i longed to escape the retched heat of home and experience first hand vacation.
    "Enjoying yourself sweetie?" a voice behind me asked.
    "Yes, Daddy" I giggled and kissed his cheek.
    "How's the photography going?" Daddy asked.
    Mother never approved of my career. She thought my photos were cliche lacked any real meaning. But just the idea of capturing something so powerful with a little tap of the fingers was so amazing in so many ways.
    "The photos are great!" I replied, "I got a great view of the harbor and the city!"
    "Glad to hear it." Daddy said and returned to the wheel.
    Daddy was often busy, so I had a lot of time to explore the cruise ship. I recognized several people over the week and got friendly with some of them, especially old Mrs. Josephine, she was really sweet. But i couldn't help noticing a certain someone in the library. He was always there from one to three. When I actually did find a book to read, I would catch him sneaking glances at me through my peripheral vision. Whenever I peeked back at him, his eyes would dart away. I couldn't quite place how old he was. Maybe 25 or 26, somewhere around my age. I had really hoped he would walk up to me for a friendly greeting, but that would have been awkward.
    "Dolphins, dolphins!" I heard someone scream.
    I rushed to my room, grabbed my camera and retreated back. Sure enough, there were four lovable dolphins splashing with the waves. In the distance, was our first destination, a lovely tropical island. Lots of people gathered along the sides of the ship to see such a wonderful sight. I raised my camera take a magnificent shot of two of the dolphins in midair when my clumsy fingers suddenly slipped and dropped the camera into the sea below! Or so I thought.
    I panicked until we reached the island. As the people piled off the ship, I stayed by the edge, leaning over to see if my camera had somehow floated ashore. Just then I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and a calming voice said,
    "I've been looking for you."
    I turned around and found myself face to face with Him , the person from the library! My breath suddenly caught in my throat and i was unable to do anything but stare and gawk.
    "Your camera," he said, "You dropped it on the level below. I don't think it's broken."
    He handed me the camera, smiled, and said,
    "I see you a lot at the library, do you like books?"
    "Y-Yes, I love them, especially ones on photography." I replied.
    "Yes, I can tell," he said, "I hope you don't mind, but I looked through some pictures. The one you took of the harbor was exquisite."
    I turned my head slightly and blushed. What a flatterer!
    "Thank you," I said, "you're very kind."
    He took my hand, gently lifted it to his lips, and softly kissed it.
    "I'm Nathaniel." He said.
    " My name's Catherine" I whispered.