• Character list:
    Torri: A teenage girl, her parents are divorcing and she is hardly at home. She dyed her blond hair black and cut it short with her own pair of scissors. She has reserved steel gray eyes, and wears fingerless gloves up to her elbow. Most of the time she has no coat but wears a large thick baggy sweater, and boy’s pants.

    Luke Green: Goes to the same school as Torri, but hardly even knows her. He lives in an upper middle class family in a comfortable apartment. He has thick brown hair, blue eyes and plays the violin.

    Mrs. Green: Luke’s mother, a warm welcoming woman who loves baking cookies and sweets for Luke and his siblings. She is a lawyer but always finds time for family.

    Mr. Green: A generous man he is also a successful lawyer and owns his own law firm. Loves to meet new people and enjoys chess.

    Sarah: Luke’s younger sister, a chirpy girl who likes Torri, even with all the other girls’ anger. She enjoys volunteering at charities during break.

    Nighttime at the city, Christmas lights glow in every window, store and corner. It is eight, still early for last minute shoppers and pedestrians heading home. The streets are still moderately busy, but not heavy. Torri walks quietly kicking at the ground, she has a overly large sweater on, and baggy pants. She wears boots that are scuffed up from many uses and a cap on her head. Her hands are curled up at her sides, and she looks down.
    From the opposite direction Luke walks with his violin in hand. He has obviously just come from practice, and heading home. His thoughts were elsewhere, not on where he was going. As Torri and Luke approach a truck can be heard some distance off, and several cars drive slowly. Just as they are about to pass, the truck begins to skid on the ice. The Driver cannot regain control of the vehicle. Torri freezes in panic and it is Luke who is able to react. As the truck comes barreling towards them, Luke jumps forward with the intent of pushing Torri out of the way, but it is to late. The truck hits them at full speed. Just as they are hit, a white light engulfs them both, and a voice begins to speak

    Voice: Two have died, only one was meant to pass on to the other side.

    Torri: So what? Who are you?

    Luke: What is going on? Where are we?

    Voice: I am God; I am the creator, the ruler of the universe.

    Torri: and I’m the President of the United States! Get real!

    Voice: Do you presume to know everything? Do you presume to know who is who in this world? I am the creator, therefore I am God.

    Torri: Like hell you are, I don't believe in any God.

    Luke: Do insult everyone you meet?

    Torri: Is it any of your business?

    Luke: No, but don't think you'll get any friends with your attitude.

    Torri: So? I don't need friends.

    Luke is silent for a momet

    Voice: Why do you question my decisions? Why do you judge me without judging yourself or humanity? Do you have a right to judge others when you yourself contemplated a grave sin? Are you God?

    Torri: No! Nor do I want to be!

    Luke: Stop it, Can't you behave yourself?

    Torri: Yes, I can! You don’t know me, do you? I don't let anyone bully me.

    Voice: Enough! I have a proposition to make; only one was meant to die, and two died instead. So I will give you one week, one week to decide who lives and who dies. You will share a life – neither of you may leave the other and both must carry the burden of the others emotions. When one week passes one of you must return, to this spot. The other will live while one will die. Choose wisely.

    Luke: Huh? We have to live together for one week? How is that even possible? We have two different lives!

    Torri: So are you planning on giving up and dieing? I think we should accept the offer.

    Luke: What! You can't decide without my consent.

    Torri: Well hell, then it looks like you want to die?

    Luke: Huh? Who said anything about deing?

    Torri: You just argued that I can't make any decisions without your consent, so I assumed you wanted to die.

    Luke: I don't want to die, I'm to young to die.

    Torri: That's what they all say.

    Luke: I don't think everyone says that.

    Torri: Probably not, but most people don't want to die.

    Luke: Do you? Want to die that is.

    Torri: That's off subject right now, we need to focus right now.

    Luke: Focus on what?

    Torri: On the fact that I'll be crashing at your house for the next year.

    Luke: What? Don't just invite yourself over.

    Torri: Why not?

    Luke: Because it's rude, don't you have any manners?

    Torri: Nope.

    Luke: (Sighing) Fine, I'll figure it all out.

    Torri: Good

    Luke: Do you have any clothes you need from home?

    Torri: No, these are all I really have. Mom’s too busy to buy new clothes for me.

    Luke: I’ll lend you some, My sister is about your size. She will let you borrow some if I ask her too.

    Torri: Are you sure?

    Luke: It's not a problem, the problem we have now is making up an excuse for you to stay at our apartment for a week.

    Torri: Well, just tell them something. What's your name by the way?

    Luke: Luke, What's your name?

    Torri: Torri

    As they talk the back ground changes back into being the city street, they begin to walk to Luke’s house. Torri's face is an unreadable mask.

    Luke: So, Torri, what were you doing out here at this hour?

    Torri doesn’t say anything for a minute, she stares at the ground.

    Torri: Just walking. (A wave of guilt washes over her, Luke can feel it.)

    Luke: (ignoring the guilt he tries to have a conversation) Oh, late Christmas shopping? My mom is like that too, she forgets about the presents until last minute and has to go out frantically to find things.

    Torri remains silent, Luke is nusure as to why.

    Luke: I do my shopping early in October, that way I get everything I need. Do you know that last year the store ran out of Christmas lights? We had to go without tree lights. Then my dog, Pepper, ate the Christmas Yule log cake and was sick for weeks afterwards. This year we bought them before anyone else, of course it would have helped if mom bought presents then too, and not last minute.

    Torri: Jeez, you talk to much! do you always talk a lot?

    Luke: Yes- I mean No! I was just trying to break the ice!

    Torri: You know some people prefer silence.

    Luke: Can’t you be nice? Are you always so hateful?

    Torri: What do you care? You're the selfish one, you haven't even thought that maybe I don't want to talk?

    Luke: Why can’t you be nice?

    Torri: Because I’m a b***h.

    The scene ends with the camera trained on Luke’s shocked face; he can’t believe she just said that.
    The next scene shows the two at Luke’s apartment, Torri is dressed in female pajamas, a long sleeved shirt, pants, and her cap. Pair of thick socks are on her feet, and she has just washed up- her hair is wet. She looked cleaner, and a slight glow entered her cheeks. Luke sits in the kitchen with his parents as Torri enters. Mrs. Green gives her a bright smile, full of warmth as she hands her a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

    Mrs. Green: Hello, dear, Luke just told me that you need a place to stay for a week. You’re welcome to stay here; Sarah has invited you to sleep in her room with her. The two of you are similar size even if she is a year younger. Please feel free to ask for anything you need.

    Torri: Thank you, Miss. Green. I won't cause any problems.

    Luke: Well, tomorrow marks the begining of Christmas break.

    Mr. Green: I still have work on Monday, but you may use the TV or any of the electronics in the house.

    Torri: You have a TV?

    Luke: What do you think, we stare at a blank wall?

    Torri: (She has a half smile on her face) Well, well it looks like your not a lost cause yet.

    Mrs. Green: Alright, (She is smiling a little, as she interrupts before it turns into a fight) you two, why don't you two go into the TV room? I'll bring you two some food. Why don't you ask Sarah to join you?

    Luke: Thanks mom, I’ll show Torri the way. I'll ask Sarah if she wants to join us.

    Torri: Thank you, Mrs. Green.

    The camera watches the two walk down a small hallway and they take a left into a small room. The walls have couches pushed up against them, a flat screen TV hangs from the wall and speakers are hidden throughout the small space. A glass coffee table stands low to the ground at the center of the room. Torri sits down on a seat, and Luke sits across from her.

    Torri: So what do you have, Mama's boy?

    Luke: We have a fairly large variety.

    Torri: Anything that’s good? Why don't you tell me what I am missing?

    Luke: Well, how about comedy? We have The Producers, Arsenic and Old Lace, Harold, some other random ones.

    Torri: Comedy is for people who don’t like to use their brains, how about some where we acrually have to use our brains?

    Luke: Hum, I think I can find something you might like.

    He walks up to the DVD case and begins to ruffle through the movies

    Torri: So what do your parents do for a living?

    Luke: They are Lawyers.

    Torri: Huh, let me guess they like to take on the private cases that earn them the big bucks.

    Luke: No, they do all kinds of cases, but mostly criminal cases. My mother still found time for me and my sister. We always came home to cookies and milk after school.

    Torri: Huh, My mother was certainly not like that. What is your father like?

    Luke: Pretty much like my mother – minus the cooking. He loves chess and board games like Risk.

    Torri: Better than my family. Hey how are those DVDs going? Found anything yet?

    Luke: Yeap, Want to watch one?

    Torri sits quietly for a moment. Although she is beginning to like Luke she is still defensive and hostile.

    Torri: So how much do your parents earn to afford all of this?

    Luke: They earn a little over a 100k each.

    Torri: (raises one eyebrow.) Really?

    Luke: What is it now, Torri?

    Torri: Nothing.

    Luke: I don't think it's nothing, I can tell something is bothering you.

    Torri: (laughing bitterly.) Don't act like you care, Luke. I don't need your pity.

    Luke: I'm not giving you any pity, I don't think you'd even know what pity is even if it slapped you in the face.

    Torri: I've had more experience with it than you have.

    Mrs. Green begins to walk in the room, she hasn’t heard their full conversation, just the end, she keeps quiet about it though.

    Mrs. Green: Here you go, Luke, Torri. Remember that I still have work tomorrow morning, so don't stay up to late.

    Luke: We won’t stay up too late, mom. Torri and I will go up when the movie finishes.

    Torri: I may go to sleep sooner though, depends on how interesting the movie is.

    Luke: You’ll enjoy it. It has the kind of mind-boggling you seem to like.

    Torri: I don't think you understand what mind-boggling means.

    Mrs. Green: Well I’ll leave you two alone for a while. See you later, Luke, Torri.

    Mrs. Green exits the room; the camera watches her until she turns the corner. Torri looks back at Luke, her face reserved.

    Torri: Well, she’s…different.

    Luke: What do you mean?

    Torri: Non of your business.

    Luke: Whatever. You know, Torri, that's why you have no friends. You push everyone away from you.

    The camera fades slowly, the last you see of them is Luke setting up for the movie and Torri sitting on the couch.