• The year is 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. This is where our story begins with a 16 year old girl Kuroichi Beindegan.

    Kuroichi was sitting down on the couch in the front room with her laptop on her lap. She was typing away like crazy to a friend of her's on the website Gaia online.com. She then started to laugh at the message she was sent. Her friend then sent her a message.

    LOL S1245: "Hey Kuro have you heard about the Gaia disappearances that have been happening lately?"
    Kuroichi: "No what are they about?"
    LOL S1245: "People have been disappearing when ever they have been chosen by this guy called 'The Desired'. They then get an message from him and if they read it they disappear. Well there avatar does. It also shows that they are on all day and night."
    Kuroichi: "Wow. That sounds cool."
    LOL S1245: "HOW CAN THAT BE COOL!? My boyfriends avatar disappeared and he has disappeared in real life to."
    Kuroichi: "XD"
    LOL S1245: "ITS'S NOT FUNNY!!!!!"
    Kuroichi: "Sorry. It's funny to me."
    LOL S1245: "Your so mean."
    Kuroichi: "lol"
    LOL S1245: "We'll hey I have to go now. I need to get some sleep now. See ya later."
    Kuroichi: "Alright. See ya."

    LOL S1245 then logged off. Kuroichi then put her earphone on and then started to listen to some rock music. She then started to play Zomg to get some more money. She had met up with some friends and made a group and they all played for five hours and in those five hours Kuroichi had made about 100k. She then looked at the clock and it was six in the morning. She then yawned and looked at the the calender and saw it was Wednesday. She then sat up and then put the laptop down and went to take a shower to get ready for school.

    Kuroichi was at school when her teacher woke her up. "Kuroichi can you tell me what I was just talking about?" Kuroichi than looked up at the bored and said. "We have to do an assignment on our family history." "Hm. So you were awake then." The teacher than went back up to the bored and started to talk again. She then yawned and then went back to sleep. When she woke up again it was time to go home now. "Here Kuro." She looked at the notes her friend Dave gave her. "Thanks Dave for your notes." "No problem Kuro." They then got onto the bus and started to talk a bit. "Oh yeah Dave you can come over today. Parents are out of town for the next two weeks." "PARTY!!!" Dave yelled it so loud that everyone stopped talking and looked at us. She then hit her head on the back of the seat. "Really Dave, really?" "Sorry couldn't help it." "Of course you couldn't help it." Dave and Kuroichi got off the bus and walked off to Kuro's house. Kuroichi then heard music playing in the house and went to the room it was coming from and it was coming from her laptop. It was coming from the gaiaonline website. "That's weird. Gaia never has played this type of music before." She then turned the speakers off and then called Dave and told him to be quiet for a little while.

    Kuroichi then picked up her cell and called her parents. "Hi dad I have a question for you guys." "Yeah what is it dear?" "What is our family's history? Its for a homework assignment." He didn't answer back. "Hello? Dad you still there?" There were than whispers like they were worried. "Hello?" "Yeah sorry dear. Uh here your mother will tell you." There was more whispers. "Yes hello honey what was your question?" "Whats our family history its an assignment for school." "Oh. Uh. Dear your adopted." Kuroichi was then silent. She then dropped her cell on the floor. "Hello? Kuro are you still there?" She then picked up the phone. "Uh yeah mom." "Sorry honey for not telling you earlier." "It's ok. Well I have to go now bye." "Wait Kuroic....." She then hanged up on them and dropped her phone on her bed and walked out to Dave. "I guess I can speak now." He then turned around and saw that she wasn't looking so well. "Kuro are you ok." "I just found out I'm adopted." "Wow that's wer....." Music then came blasting from the laptop. "What the ******** wrong with that laptop?" She then got up and then went to the laptop. "Hey Kuro." She stopped and turned around and looked at him. "Yeah Dave." "I have to go now." "Alright see ya." "Bye now." He then left the house.

    A few hours had went by now after finding out she was adopted. Her parents had called her back and told her where everything was to prove it. She then sat up and looked at the papers that showed she was adopted speared across the coffee table. She picked one stack up and saw that she was born with the name Kuroichi Lee but the last name was like faded away enough so that she wouldn't be able to even read the name. She saw that she was adopted on her birthday but 2 years after her birth. She looked threw the whole thing and there were a ton of things that confused her and they were the faded things that she couldn't read at all. She couldn't read where she was born, parents names, address, phone number which was blank, even country was blank. She was so confused about this that she had ran her fingers threw her hair. She then held her head as she was looking down at the floor. "I don't understand any of this at all. Why doesn't this even show the most important things. It's like there trying to hide it from me. What are they hiding from me?" She then heard some one talking in her room. She then went to her room to investigate the noise.

    She then looked at her laptop since it was the only thing on in her room besides the lights. She then saw a guy looking over at something and he was talking to someone that she couldn't see. That was when she noticed that it wasn't an video chat which then scared her a bit. "How can this be?" The dude turned to look at her and he scream in fright and then he had disappeared and then that was when she heard a crash. "The ******** what broke now?" She then got up and looked all around her house. Nothing had broke anywhere in her house then she realized it came from her laptop. "It can't be." She than rushed to her laptop and she then had a feeling to touch the screen. She resisted the feeling so that she can get a better look at the dude but then She started to move her hand towards the screen. Her hand went threw the screen and when she saw that she gasped and pulled her hand out quickly. She then collected her thoughts and then decided to go in. She then went and put her hand back threw the screen. She then was in a room that looked like a boys room. She then turned around and saw that she came threw a mirror. "That figures." She then heard the door opened and she saw the boy with what looked like

    ----------------------------------------------UNDER CONSTRUCTION-------------------------------------------

    Kuroichi was sitting down on the wet grass in the rain about a hundred miles away from the DLNA headquarters. She had changed a lot during the past two years and I mean changed and she had done something pretty bad to her friend Yusuke. She then heard a noise coming from behind her and then stood up and turned around and saw him with blood dripping down over his right eye. She then looked away from him as a dark shadowy figure had appeared. The unknown figure had then put a hand on her shoulder. The figure than looked at Yusuke and it spoke in a deep raspy voice to Yusuke. "She is no longer the girl you knew two years ago little lycan." She then heard Yusuke speak but couldn't hear what he said because she and the figure had disappeared.

    1 year earlier

    Kuroichi was walking around the DLNA headquarters and she wasn't herself. She started to say something in a deep demonic voice. She then started to get mad and then when she stopped she then noticed that she was outside of the headquarters and was standing in the rain. She then looked around and saw nothing but trees around her. She was in a forest all alone. She then just turned around and started to go the way she thinks that she came but she was going deeper and deeper into the forest. The light was starting to disappear and then she was just surrounded by darkness. She then stopped walking. She felt a pair of eyes on her. She then had turned around and saw glowing red eyes looking at her and they were getting closer to her. She tried to move but she couldn't. It was like she was frozen in place by the eyes.