• It's funny.

    It's funny how life could be so beautiful in one moment, and it'd turn around to stab you in the back in the next.

    "It's just not working anymore babe."

    I reread the text that he sent over and over again. How is that possible? Just two months back, we were at my house, on the bed, with his eyes locked into mine. Genuinely smiling at me, he told me that he loved me.

    He loved me.

    If that was love, then where did it went to? If that was love, then was it supposed to hurt this bad?

    Oh don't get me wrong, I don't want to sound like some teenage hopeless romantic, but I really did thought that this relationship would be different.

    We all thought that those sweet moments would last forever, didn't we?

    So this is love.

    Why didn't anyone warn us of it? I don't ever remember hearing mummy saying

    "Oh love is dangerous, don't ever go near it, okay?"

    All I get is bits and pieces of 'Don't talk to strangers or you'd end up like Lil' Red Riding hood', 'Alice was silly to have followed that damn rabbit down the hole', and 'Darling, there's no happily ever after if you marry a beast'.

    Why wasn't there any warning, why does this word 'love', seem like it was being forced down our throats?

    It tastes like bile now.

    This aching feeling in my heart makes me sick. It makes me feel like I'm weak and defenseless, it makes me feel so damn empty.

    I wish someone told me.

    Told me of how it would hurt so bad that I'd cry myself to sleep, and the slightest glance at the pictures that we had taken together would simply threaten to tear me apart.

    But then, the world is cruel, isn't it?

    Red Riding Hood talked to the wolf, but she didn't get eaten by that wolf that needed some serious work with his Grandma-imitation-skills in the end, didn't she?

    Who the hell actually says 'All the better to eat you with my dear'?

    Alice was told to not venture too far before she got into that goddamn hole, but she made it out all pretty and that blond she is, didn't she?

    Belle trades her life for her father's, and falls in love with a beast which gets turned into a prince?

    And I, I fall in love, and I fall out of it painfully. The end.


    I guess, I never had a choice anyway. Anyone can open a book and write its chapters, so anyone else can end the story abruptly, right?

    He was going to end our story, our fairy tale, just the way he wanted it, just like how all of the other guys wanted it.

    But no. Not this time.

    This time, I'd do him the favour, and close the book myself.

    "The End."

    I typed, and replied his text.