• Noble

    - of an exalted moral or mental character or excellence; lofty: noble thought.


    The music pounded in his ears, his head bobbing to the tune's beat.

    He never left home without music blasting from the massive headphones covering his ears.

    He loved music.

    It left him with the feeling of escaping reality, of entering his own little world, far from everything and everyone else.

    Music was his world. As he listened, he made up stories and skits and scenes in his head; wondrous things, sad things, scary things. All his attention and focus on the tunes and lyrics, so lovely and loud against his ears.

    Perhaps if he hadn't been so focused on his own world, he would've seen the car speeding towards him.

    He felt something crash into his back, sending him hurling a bit forwards before he fell onto the ground face first, knocking his headphones off his head.

    Behind him, he heard screaming.

    A scream of such anguish and sorrow that it hurt his ears and caused his eyes to sting of unshed tears.

    He turned slowly around, his eyes taking in the chaos before him.

    A woman approached him. He couldn't do anything but listen to what she said. He couldn't take his eyes off the young woman who had fallen to the ground in front of a young man, a young man who was bleeing terribly, his body bent in all sorts of horrible ways. She was screaming, crying and begging for this all to be a dream.

    The man, only in his mid-thirties and pushed him out of the road, away from the car that was about to crash into him.

    Instead, it had crashed into his noble savior.

    The woman crying was probably his wife.

    Hours later, he would be standing on a bridge, his hands gripping at the ledge, tears streaming down his face, his entire body shaking in shock.

    He would lean over, and throw up all the contents in his stomach.

    Before he left, a pair of huge headphones would fall into the water below.

    Time to live in reality and acknowledge the noble people that lived therein.